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  1. Congrats!
    Pearldrop reacted to KCgirl061 in Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!   
    Push up bra or like get on the floor and exercise?!?

    Any way here are my swim suits for this season. No bikinis. Just not my style. I love the black one but my butt squooshes out. Probably not noticeable to anyone but me though.

  2. Congrats!
    Pearldrop reacted to logicwand in Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!   
    Got this black push up bikini with tummy control at Target!
  3. Congrats!
  4. Congrats!
    Pearldrop reacted to Naughty Glitter Goddess in Bikini Shopping Midway Progress Pics – POST YOURS!   
    In an effort to embrace reality and with a healthy dose of encouragement from “Shrill”, I decided I’m wearing a bikini this summer. stretch marks, scars, loose skin and all. All of these bathing suits are at Target. I bought the red one in a smaller size.
    STATS: I’m 202lbs. I’m 7 months post gastric bypass and I’ve lost 119 lbs. My goal weight is 145. Yes, I plan to have plastic surgery down the road but that won’t fix my brain so I’ve been working on that for now.

  5. Haha
    Pearldrop got a reaction from Mrs. Hayes in TMI - Pooping at work   
    As a sleever I’m not suffering with the too stinky poo.....yet, it may be a gift later down the track as I’m only week 3, but my gas is bad.
    Its loud, not overly smelly, and I can’t hold them in. It’s worse when I’m walking fast. So embarrassing in the office!!
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from IBSavn in Need help from sleeve vets   
    Could it be linked to your cycle? Prior to having a hysterectomy my weight would fluctuate around 5 pounds a week before and the week of my period. Mostly due to bloating and Fluid retention, and a little bit cravings.
  7. Congrats!
    Pearldrop reacted to Lynnlovesthebeach in "Just Overweight!"   
    I'm so excited today! I am no longer "Obese." I weighed this morning and am officially "overweight!" My highest recorded weight about 3 yrs ago was 242 lbs. That equals a BMI of 48.9 and is Class 3 Morbid obesity. I had a BMI of 46.2 when I started my bariatric journey last June. Today, at 147 lbs, my BMI is 29.7! I am finally just "overweight!"
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    Pearldrop reacted to notmyname in OK, so now what??!!   
    I just want to cry. Scratch that, i have cried. Today is 4 months since surgery (sort of, since I had surgery 10/29). I had a great first two months. Felt good, everything was going smoothly. Then the acid reflux started. A bit at first, then worse, even on 2 Nexium a day. OK, I could handle that. Then, about a month ago, the nausea started. I just can't deal with it. Seems to be getting worse every day. I feel worse now than I ever did before surgery. I can eat less now than when I started on solid foods. This is the first time I haven't been able to hit my Protein goals since day 3 after surgery. I even have trouble getting in all of my liquids because I can't drink for forever after eating (maybe 1.5-2 hours). And I have to eat All.The.Time because I can eat so little at a time now. I'm doing my best, but the nurse is starting to worry they need to put in a PICC line to get fluids/nutrition in (luckily, she told me today she doesn't think that is necessary yet.
    Had an upper GI. They found a hernia, but saw no GERD. I got a hold of my doc's nurse. She'd talked to my doc. They don't really know what is causing it. She said they could do an endoscopy, but that he thinks he won't really find anything new. And he doesn't want to repair the hernia (again) until I lose more weight. Doc apparently wants to revise to bypass. But, for a number of reasons, I don't. Particularly since they don't really know what's wrong and can't tell me the bypass will help. I mean, I can barely eat now - and if bypass doesn't fix it I'll be even more malnourished than I am now. So, for now, he's prescribed a different reflux med, given me anti-nausea meds, and OK'ed me to lower my protein goals (protein supplements REALLY make me sick).
    my nurse keeps telling me that this isn't the rest of my life and they'll figure it out. But, I'm still worried and frustrated and sick as a dog. I'm not really looking for suggestions, or reasons I'm wrong not to want the bypass. My two close friends are having family emergencies and I don't want to burden them now. So I just need a space to let it out. Thanks.

    And really glad I have an appointment with my therapist on Tuesday.
  9. Congrats!
    Pearldrop reacted to Naughty Glitter Goddess in Rant about a friend   
    Thanks for your thoughts guys. To update, I spoke with her today and was gently honest with her about my feelings. I said I understood if she couldn't be part of my support system in this but that I really needed her to not be overtly negative about my body or my choices. She responded by saying that I was being frivolous with my money considering that I'd probably need a bunch of plastic surgery to fix all the "hanging skin" I'm going to end up with. She must've been holding on to that one for a while.
    I'm making the healthy choice not to contact her. Turns out that for my own self preservation I can't support her through whatever she's going through mentally right now. I hope things change for her down the road and I'm leaving the door open for our friendship to heal if it can.
    I didn't say this so thanks for letting me say it here:
    But do you know what just pisses me OFF?!?! Frivolous with money?? Guess who decides that? Me and the person I'm married to FFS. Also, for her information my husband, who has lost 75lbs and looks sexy AF, is pretty on board with my decision to get new boobs down the road! And she is the epitome of a money waster. Spent the inheritance from her mother (25K!) to get necessary training and certification for a new career/starting her own business. And guess who's not working right now because she's decided, 9mo later, that it's not really her "thing" Now THAT is frivolous. I saved my own life with my money thanks very much, *insert immature name-calling here*

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    Pearldrop reacted to Naughty Glitter Goddess in Rant about a friend   
    I'm really frustrated with my best friend and I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about it so I came here to rant into the abyss.
    She said some hurtful things that I'm having a hard time letting go of. Every time we speak she comments about needing to get on track with her diet so that I don't pass her up. It sucks! I didn't realize that my role in our friendship was being the fat one and I guess it's important to her that it stay that way. She is also overweight but has never been morbidly obese. My current weight is probably about where her highest weight has been but she is less right now. Every time we speak she asks me how I'm doing with my weight loss and asks a lot of detailed questions most of which I'm happy to answer as we've been friends for 10 years. Then 2 weeks ago, she sent me a text saying that she doesn't want to talk to me right now because watching me lose weight and looking better is upsetting to her. She said it is triggering her eating disorder of which I was unaware. I responded compassionately even though I was upset and told her it was ok for her to be honest with me about her feelings.
    I expected to give her some time and space and see how things go but she texts me almost every day with something sad and horrible about missing her mom or depression or anxiety or her wife or her son's behavior problems and it feels like she's leaning really heavily on me. This might just be a season in our friendship were she needs more support than I do right now. But it's hard for me to hang in there when she says unsupportive things to me and then expects me to just keep responding to 2am texts. Luckily for both of us she lives in another state so she never has to see the look on my face when she makes those comments.
    I only told 5 people about my surgery: my mom, my 2 sisters, my husband and my best friend. She lives in another state and we probably only talk about once a month these days. I was counting on her as part of my support system.
    She is going through a lot, like all of us. She suffers from depression, struggles with money, has some family issues and lost her mom a year ago. I love her and I worry about her. It makes me sad that I feel like our friendship is not healthy for me.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Rant/FOMO   
    I have a birthday booking 4 weeks post my surgery at my favourite restaurant. I know I won’t be able to indulge like I used to, but I also won’t look like a split sausage in my jumpsuit either! It’s going to be really tough as they serve the best oysters and I doubt I’ll be able to eat even one at that stage. I am mourning that loss.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Hair loss   
    I’m 6 months out and so far so good with zero Hair loss. I have been extremely lucky in being able to drink a lot of Water from the start, maybe that helped??
    I keep up my Protein and Vitamins as well, but haven’t done anything special. I suspect it’s genetics at play.
    I did purchase a wig just in case, will leave it another 6 months and will resell it if I don’t end up needing it.
    i hope you are as lucky
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from FluffyChix in Almost 9 months out, I think I fucked up.   
    Not sure what the post care service is for you, but I’d go back to the tea and seek some help and referrals.
    prior to my surgery I did hypothearpy, this was helpful for me. I also keep a diary of my moods and what I eat. This helps with the emotional eating, although I do still have some old habits, that I’m continuing to work on. My other thing is to brush my teeth after I’ve eaten and sip on Water til my next meal time.
    i wish you well, let me know how you go
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    Pearldrop reacted to sideeye in Non Scale Victories   
    Thanks everyone! The most common reaction was a sort of bemused hug for a first greeting, only for them to circle back 15 minutes later for a much warmer hug and a very delighted “you look amazing” or “that dress is killer”, etc. Like they had to process it for 15 minutes to settle on their actual reaction. Women MUCH quicker on the uptake than men and they usually didn’t need the extra 15 mins. And I still suspect people are hugging me so much to check for industrial scaffolding or optical illusions.
    The ones who thought I was a wife were mostly junior firm members who SHOULD know who I am but don’t have a lot of exposure to me. Interesting to hear who they were marrying me off to, though!
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    Pearldrop reacted to sideeye in Non Scale Victories   
    I forgot to take full body shots at the event, but here's the initial "should I buy this?" dressing room image. Ignore bra straps visible in photo, wore a strapless bra on the night. And I wore MUCH better shoes, and unbelievably, they didn't hurt even after four hours of mingling - these were spike heels. And did I mention that freakishly, my shoe size went down .5? This entire experience is bizarre.
    Some of my colleagues didn't recognize me and apparently asked whose wife I was.

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    Pearldrop reacted to kata0683 in Non Scale Victories   
    Yesterday i had to go buy some pants for work sincr the old ones didn't fit. I was going to order them online but some how rnded up going to the store. So i start with a size 18 some 16's and i finally got some 14's. So i head to the dressing room. And to my great suprise and amazement i didnt even try on the 18s it fir just right in the 14s. I havent been 14 since jr high high school. Even with my 2 week stall my body is changing but my mind and mirror are not there. I still feel bigger than i am. Loving it!!!

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    Pearldrop reacted to deltagirl93 in Non Scale Victories   
    Recently took a flight that had to be rebooked due to weather conditions in the northeast. The only available seats were middle seats. I was completely freaking out and just knew that I was going to be miserable the entire flight.

    To my surprise, I was completely comfortable and did not encroach on anyone’s space. Even though I’ve lost over 100lbs and down to 188, I’m still “big” in my head until proven otherwise. 🤪
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    Pearldrop reacted to BeanieSprouts in Non Scale Victories   
    Yesterday I fit an ENTIRE TOWEL around myself. EXCUSE ME?????!!!! Unheard of. Fake. Unrealistic.
  19. Thanks
    Pearldrop reacted to alwtg in Non Scale Victories   
    I’m quite a long way out but these things still happen - jumped on a packed commuter train this morning and siddled on through to the empty centre seat in a bank of three and sat down with no thought, concern or hesitation. It’s weird how every so often these things still surprise 😁
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    Pearldrop reacted to Jazzy1125 in Please help me, I have terrible regret RNY   
    Think about this.. in all aspects of life.. the only people you see say something for the most part, are those that have issues. Whether it be with surgery, restaurant experiences,shopping online issues.. customer service issues, any issues.. 10 bad to 1 good as the good have no reason to complain, they rarely will say anything.. There is a lot of good out there. This is your journey, not those of others. I saw a post on fb the other day where somebody said.. i have had no issues, am i the only one.. It was nice to see over 100 comments of the same thing.
    I for one have had no issues, yes i had the sleeve, but still no issues. No pain issues since awakening in the hospital, no food issues (besides the occasional eating too fast). no Water intake issues.. so there is good out there.. Stop reading what everybody else is going through and focus on what you can do for you. There is so much information on the boards of what happens to others, but that is others, and doesn't necessarily mean you. What you can do with the information is be prepared in case something does happen to you and you will be armed with how to tolerate or handle it which will then make your transition a lot easier.

    Good Luck and feel better!
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    Pearldrop reacted to pinksparkle1965 in Please help me, I have terrible regret RNY   
    I've had my surgery in 18th with a surprise hiatal hernia repair..I finally broke down and told my oldest daughter after a melt down..I asked her to promise she would not tell a soul.. I feel so betrayed I think she told people..I have no support from my husband he has always made fun of my weight..since I started packing on weight. After 9th child age 41. I PRAYING I heal within this 3 weeks so I can go back to work.. but as of now I'm still moving around slow. Vsg was okay it's the hernia deal that's killing me

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    Pearldrop reacted to Lucyelle in Single DUE to surgery   
    This happened to me as well ... I was in a long term relationship (5yrs) with an apparent narcissist- he stole my money, my self esteem and left me while I was going through presurg approvals.
    He held my belongings hostage- still has my furniture some from my first marriage in his new apartment. My surg is 12/26 and I cannot focus on what he did - I filed a police report- he was violent when he left- but other than that I turned my focus toward not letting him derail me from this. Hoping for some empowerment and energy like you all have mentioned once I recover and begin to see progress .....then I can go after my $$ and possessions! I was completely blindsided btw. Turns out he wanted a nice place to live and then he wanted my $$. It was what I am now told “classic” behavior: idolize at the start... then they devalue you.... then they discard. It has been one of the most painful experiences of my life... turns out he has done it to other women before me.
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    Pearldrop reacted to AshMarie794 in Single DUE to surgery   
    Well 7 pm night before my surgery my fiancé pretty much told me to go F&&^% myself and I was selfish for doing it. And that I had to find a ride the next morning to surgery.

    Fast forward to now that I am loosing and feeling GREAT. He doesn't get it and is so negative and controlling. I am finally seeing changes in myself and he pulls the rug out from underneath me and I am left feeling worse than before surgery.

    And he is overweight and unhealthy. Doesn't care what he eats or drinks. HATES veggies. Eats out all the time. BUT yet he will go to the gym with me........ to control that situation I am sure.

    Just UGH at the point and very stressed out. I hope I don't put myself in an plateau due to stress.
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    Pearldrop reacted to sideeye in Do you tell a new partner about loose skin?   
    Nah, don't tell them. It's on the same level as worrying if someone approves of your landscaping or a hidden tattoo or whatever. If they've been hugging you and didn't realize that there's probably some slack going on in there, then that's on them.
    But honestly I think by the time all your loose skin is on show, whoever your partner is is into it enough that it's not really going to matter. And if it does? Ditch 'em. Life's too short to worry about someone eyeballing your bingo wings when they're supposed to be VERY FOCUSED on entirely different areas.
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    Pearldrop reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Do you tell a new partner about loose skin?   
    Men never admit they have small penises up front or say anything about their shortcomings when naked. Why should I handicap myself when men don't.
    I've never had a man be like oh girl let me warn you, I don't have a 6 pack!
    I don't disclose anything about loose skin and no one has ever commented on it once. I don't hide the fact I have lost weight, but men I date don't even ask me about it or care. They know I'm active.
    I've lost a lot of weight. Even though I look good in clothes, you can look at me and tell I used to be fat. The arms are a dead give away. They already know what they are getting into before I take my clothes off.