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    deb2571 reacted to highfunctioningfatman in You might be a WLS patient when...   
    When you butt is boney and your feet are cold!
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    deb2571 reacted to CherCare in I'm freaking starving.   
    Ok. This settles it for me. There is too much drama, rudeness and thinskinnedness (if that's a word) around here. It was very helpful before surgery. Just about every question I had about the surgery, healing, and life after surgery had already been covered. I learned so much and felt like I really knew what I was getting into. For that I thank you all. Now, I just don't feel the support. I might as well be at a family dinner where the subject of politics comes up. No fun. I have found a couple of good groups on fb. Some are private, some aren't. I've seen a few of you on those sites. I think that will work better for me. But I think it's important for all of us that we find support and accountability in the 'real' face to face world. I will be seeing a psychologist and attending the local support group. I've noticed thst people I know who have gained weight back have not done that. They have not addressed their relationship with food. I think that will be critical for me. I wish you all the best. Find what works for you, and be self aware. You know when you're BSing yourself, or looking for unwarranted justification. But that's an area of real need. If you truly have not had struggles through your journey, that's pretty amazing. Most of us have resorted to this step because of our inability to lose weight and eat reasonably by sheer determination alone. The patterns and improper relationship with food are deeply ingrained. Socongratulations on your success and thank you for the encouragement. Be well, be determined, and for goodness sake, be kind.
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    deb2571 reacted to Greensleevie in STARTING FROM ZERO ... TODAY   
    I'm a little confused... are those your before pictures? Or pics from a time when you were not obese? You don't look overweight enough to have the sleeve surgery if these are current. What is your current weight/BMI?
    The relative short time I've been on this forum, I've noticed there have been quite a few people posting just trying to start trouble. I apologize if you aren't one of them.
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    deb2571 reacted to Lhogan876 in October bypass down 53   
    I had gastric bypass on October 13.
    SW 299
    DS 291
    CW 246

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    deb2571 got a reaction from Alex Brecher in Did You Get Holiday Food Gifts This Year?   
    I Gave it to my family.
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    deb2571 reacted to Alex Brecher in Happy Holidays from BariatricPal! - December 2016   
    style="margin:0;padding:0;background-color:#d8dde8;color:#5a5a5a;font:normal 13px helvetica, arial, sans-serif;position:relative;">

    Hey BariatricPal Members!
    Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukah to our Jewish friends! Season’s Greetings for those of you who are not celebrating a holiday now – it’s still a festive time when everyone can enjoy the uplifting spirit around town. As we near the end of a long season of tempting food, you may need a little help getting back on track or staying on track. Here are our offerings.

    Weight Loss on Christmas? A Personal Challenge Breaking the Slump: Make a Healthy Choice Now! The Holidays, Your Family, and Weight Loss Surgery
    Hopefully this newsletter can help you keep your weight loss goals in mind and give you a little push to inch closer to hitting them. After reading the newsletter and spending some quality time with your loved ones, don’t forget to head on over to the BariatricPal Forums so you can share your tips and ideas with all of the BariatricPal members! Merry Christmas!

    Alex Brecher
    Founder, BariatricPal

    Weight Loss on Christmas? A Personal Challenge
    The weight loss surgery journey itself is a bumpy road, and recent weeks may have been even tougher as the holiday spirit has taken over. High-calorie, fatty, sugary foods have been everywhere, and gift shopping, family obligations, and holiday parties may have been eating into the time you might otherwise have spent exercising or planning healthy meals.

    So, what do you say to a challenge to lose weight this Christmas? The idea may sound crazy, but it is actually possible if you try hard. Here are our suggestions for a weight loss Christmas Day.

    Christmas dinner the WLS Way
    The totals for a full-blown Christmas dinner can be somewhere between staggering and horrifying. You yourself may have indulged in a few such dinners in the past. Between the ham or turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, casseroles, and Desserts, plus some alcohol and a bit of nibbling on appetizers and nuts, you can have 5,000 or more calories on this single day. Yuck – that’s 1.5 pounds of fat!

    Here is a more reasonable Christmas Day scenario to consider.

    Festive Protein pancakes with 1 cup sliced strawberries (150 calories)
    Meet ‘n’ Greet Appetizers
    1 cup fresh cut vegetables with yogurt-based dip (100 calories) Red, white, and green Christmas skewers with cherries, peeled apples or pears, and green grapes. (100 calories) chocolate Coated Protein Puffs Soy Snacks (150 calories)
    Christmas Dinner
    3 ounces of ham or skinless turkey or duck breast with mustard (150 calories) Green bean frittata – a high-protein, low-calorie substitute for green bean casserole (100 calories) Green salad with Light Dressing ½ cup pureed sweet potatoes sprinkled lightly with crushed pecans and sugar (or honey or low-calorie sugar substitute) (200 calories) 1 medium baked apple with cinnamon, served with light or sugar-free whipped topping (150 calories)
    Later Snacks
    Protein Cocoa or Mocha (100 calories) 1/2 ounce mixed nuts (100 calories)
    (Don’t forget to use coupon code BPNEWSLETTER10 for a 10% discount of your first order!)

    Savor Your Treat
    Don’t forget to leave room for a treat. That’s right, even WLS patients deserve a treat. Just make sure:

    It’s one that you really, really want. You can tolerate it (some treats are too sugary or fatty for your post-op digestive system, and even a small serving can make you feel sick). You take only a small amount and count the calories.
    In the sample Christmas Day menu shown above, there is room for another 200 to 400 calories from your treat while still staying under 1,500 to 1,800 for the day. Those calories can get you any two of the following:

    A half-cup of mashed potatoes with gravy. A half-cup of bread or rice-based stuffing. A 1-inch sliver of pecan, pumpkin, or another kind of pie. A small square of fudge. A small dinner roll with a pat of butter. A half-cup of eggnog.
    Get Moving, for So Many Reasons
    It’s a busy day, but surely you can find a few minutes to get in a short walk or workout. There are so many reasons to get moving in the morning or during the day.

    Burn calories and boost metabolism. Keep yourself motivated as you notice how good it feels to get moving rather than eat. Take time away from the food because when you are walking, you are not eating. Bond with your children, nieces, or nephews; with your out of town relatives; or with your significant other.
    Breaking the Slump: Make a Healthy Choice Now!
    One bad day of eating does not make a habit, but a six-week period does. A skipped workout or two doesn’t get you out of shape, but a month of inactivity makes you sluggish. A single bad weigh-in is no cause for alarm, but a few weeks of climbing numbers is reason to take heed.

    The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas can put you in a weight loss slump. Over time, your can get weaker and those poor decisions can get easier. While a bite of a cookie might have made you feel guilty in early November, the whole cookie and a second one may be par for the course now.

    Snap out of it! It is time to get out your slump. If the thought of reversing all those bad habits at once is too much, take heart. You can put yourself on the right path with a single decision. One good decision can increase your confidence and lead to more good decisions. You could:

    Make your own 200-calorie Breakfast sandwich with Protein Pancakes, a fat-free slice of cheese, and egg whites instead of hitting the drive-through for a 500-calorie breakfast biscuit. Schedule a short walk with a neighbor – no backing out! Log your food for a day, no matter how bad you know the numbers will be. Step on the scale if you’ve been avoiding it.
    How will you break your slump?

    The Holidays, Your Family, and Weight Loss Surgery
    As hard as the food and lifestyle around the holidays may be for you as a weight loss surgery patient, your family can make things even harder. You can prevent them from knocking you off your game by being prepared for what to expect and how to handle it.

    Problem: Pressure to Go Off Your Diet
    Saying no is just one of those things you have to learn how to do in life. Refusing your relatives’ offer of freshly baked Christmas bread or Christmas Cookies made “just for you” is difficult. They may feel that you are rejecting them. Practicing ahead of time can help.

    A simple, “No, thanks” can do wonders, and it leaves no room for argument. You could elaborate with variations such as “No, thanks, I’m not hungry,” “No, thanks, my doctor says I can’t eat that anymore,” or, “Not right now, thanks. It’s already great to get to see you!”

    Problem: Unwanted Comments on Your Weight or Weight Loss
    If you got your WLS in the past year, you may have dropped several pounds since relatives from out of town saw you. They may be overly reactive to your weight loss. Or, they could have the opposite reaction and say something discouraging about how they expected you to lose more weight by now. Whatever they say, do not let them throw you off your game.

    Problem: Lack of Acceptance of Your WLS
    They are not living your life, and they do not know exactly what you have gone through. A lack of understanding about what WLS is and how a WLS lives can inspire negative comments. You can choose to ignore them, or try to explain your WLS to them. You can also try to include them in your routine, such as inviting them on a walk or asking for their help in your kitchen while they’re in town. You can grow closer and develop a better understanding.

    Again, Happy Holidays! Enjoy this special time with family and friends, and make it a safe and healthy time for yourself and your loved ones. Thanks for spending some time with the newsletter, and we look forward to seeing you on the forums!

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    deb2571 reacted to courtwe8636 in 8 weeks out   
    Thanks hun I just don't like the judgemental be of this site Sent from my 0PM92 using the BariatricPal App
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    deb2571 reacted to newmein2017 in 8 weeks out   
    I agree. Pretty disappointed at some of the comments I've seen here. It's not you, some people can't help themselves.
    About your question... I'm only 5 days out so take it for what it is. If you're making if yourself I recently found low carb high Protein tortillas at my local grocery store. Had them a few weeks ago. They weren't bad. You can always eat the Protein out of the dish first then if you have room take a few bites of the tortilla and see how it works for you.
    Merry Xmas.
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    deb2571 reacted to Seagull in Can I lie - hernia op?   
    Just say you had surgery
    And follow up immediately with "it was the alternative to dying"
    It usually stops it right there
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    deb2571 reacted to Er1n in Can I lie - hernia op?   
    My 2 cents...I had this concern too. Ultimately I decided I wasn't comfortable lying, omitting, or altering the truth. I felt like the lifetime diet change and weight loss would make a liar out of me so I went with the truth. I was open at work and with family.
    As far as friends, if the asked I was honest. Truth be told I'm very happy with my decision. I have gotten more support and positive responses than I could have even expected. I was so surprised by people reaction and encouragement.
    But it boils down to you and your comfort super personal decision. Just sharing mine because I went with a less comfortable decision and I feel blessed from doing that.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from hayleyf3706 in Can I lie - hernia op?   
    Be honest. Lies have a way of catching up with you. You'll feel better just telling the truth.
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    deb2571 reacted to DillThePill in Did anyone cheat on preop   
    Yes, it would be completely unreasonable to tell a drug addict to "stop it" and then send them home with some instructions and a pamphlet for a support group. And they do use prescribed drugs to help addicts wean off of the dangerous, illegal ones.
    Yes, it's not reasonable to expect a good outcome if you do nothing more than tell a drunk driver to stop. That's why the penalities for drunk driving always include some form of education and monitoring.
    Yes, it is unreasonable to tell a tobacco addict to stop without giving them the tools to help them.
    You sound like someone who would argue against bariatric surgery because I should be able to "ACT like an adult" and just eat less. Do you like it when people tell you that?
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    deb2571 reacted to LittleBill in Busy day today   
    Well, yeah! The chocolate doesn't have to stop to change color!
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    deb2571 reacted to Djmohr in Busy day today   
    I am now 25 months post op. There are some things that you get it in your head that you have to try. I have tried many things that I used to eat prior to surgery and some of them, yum......
    For some reason, and I think I know why. I have suddenly developed dumping syndrome. Never had it early on post surgery so at first I honestly did not even recognize it the first few times it has happened.
    Ice cream of any kind makes me absolutely sick. We have a great frozen custard place here in Milwaukee that is known for their fabulous custard. It is one of those treats you had as a young kid that you would beg for.
    Prior to surgery Ice Cream was my favorite treat to eat so we would go there at least once per week, sometimes more.
    When i was probably about 6 months post op the family went there and yes, I had a few bites of hubbies and oh it made me so happy. I felt fine and life was good.
    Since then, I have tried it a few more times getting the smallest of dishes and asking them to only really put one scoop in. Then I would take it home and eat half one day and half another. No problem.....other than I would have to stop myself from eating the other half right away. LOL.
    Now, 25 months post op. I had some of that same custard during the summer when granddaughter was in town. All of a sudden my heart begins to race, I get sweaty, my stomach feels as if I swallowed a bowl full of lead and I am on the verge of vomiting.
    I did not realize this was coming from the ice cream because I had it quite a few times and it never bother me.
    It only took me 1 or 2 more times with different sweet foods to realize that suddenly I have dumping. And.....even though it is probably a mild version of dumping, it sucks! In my opinion this is a good thing. It keeps me away from most of the bad stuff.
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    deb2571 reacted to highfunctioningfatman in NSV of sorts   
    I haven't seen my ex fiance in about 10 years. She used to always wear a size 7 to 8 pants and a medium top. She was actually pretty darn attractive. I ran into her sister at Walmart. I stopped and said hi to her sister and asked how she was doing. It turns out she was standing right next to her sister and was probably close to 300 pounds. Needless to say my ex yelled at me and called me lots of colorful names. She then stormed off into Walmart and her sister turned to me and said you look damn good. Boy am I glad I got rid of her! I could care less about her physical appearance but her lovely attitude certainly isn't missed!
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    deb2571 reacted to maebme in Who is choosing to keep surgery a secret?   
    I tell everyone and they have all been very supportive. No negativity at all.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Who'sThere in The Struggle is REAL   
    Here's a thought to cheer you up...this time next year you will be slim, sexy and HEALTHY ! You may even have a new man in your life too!
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    deb2571 reacted to highfunctioningfatman in NSV Christmas baking..   
    Freaking awesome girl! I decided that I would allow myself one goodie a day during the season. So far I think that I've had 5 small pieces of something. I see nothing wrong with enjoying in moderation as long as someone can control their eating. Keep up the cookie training e.g. "no cookie, no! I won't eat you!". Of course you have to picture this with a whip in one hand and a chair in the other like you are dealing with a lion.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Who'sThere in The Struggle is REAL   
    Here's a thought to cheer you up...this time next year you will be slim, sexy and HEALTHY ! You may even have a new man in your life too!
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    deb2571 reacted to KWeilbrenner09 in Can I lie - hernia op?   
    I told everyone at my work the truth, that I was having weight loss surgery. I'm not ashamed of getting the surgery and I don't want there to be a stigma with it.
    Most of my coworkers were extremely supportive and interested in helping me pre-op and post-op.
    When I told my supervisor, it turns out she has had the bypass and is now one of my biggest mentors.
    There is no shame in weight loss surgery. Go ahead tell the world?
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    deb2571 got a reaction from Redmaxx in 12-15 surgery question   
    Totally normal. It will get better each day. Just keep trying to reach your Fluid goals then Protein. Remember it's only been about a week for you. You'll get there.
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    deb2571 reacted to Tootsietoes in Why is weight loss a one size fits all scenario here? Different goals call for different approach   
    @LipstickLady. I didn't say it was ok to eat anything 3-5 days post. I would find it hard to believe anyone a couple weeks after surgery could eat a lot of things and not get sick and puke, I tried many foods and learned as I went of what I could and could not get away with, again, I did not get the surgery to go on a diet.I sucked on a chip and miraculously did not die, I am doing very well thank you. The day after surgery, I ate a Gummy Vitamin though, would not suggest at all. Surgery is long past, and I went about it my way. I feel the need we should be kind to everyone, and if they method is not a strict diet of high protein/no carb...then how about another approach. Does it bother you that someone could choose to get the surgery based on the idea that Portion Control, not food, is what makes you fat?
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    deb2571 got a reaction from thenewdanni78 in How often do you weigh yourself?   
    Once a week
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    deb2571 got a reaction from melisssssa in Anyone in here have surgery at AAMC in Annapolis Md?   
    I haven't had any problems, no regrets. Doing well 73lb. Lost in 4 months.
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    deb2571 got a reaction from hayleyf3706 in Can I lie - hernia op?   
    Be honest. Lies have a way of catching up with you. You'll feel better just telling the truth.
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