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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Bastian in Keto post op diet   
    I'm a certified Keto coach and after bari surgery, the rules are a bit different.
    You need Protein to be your focus so may be eating more often than we recommend for the average Joe and you do NOT want your diet to be 75% fat, you want minimal fat, at a later date you may be able to increase the fat a bit as your carbs are below 20g/day to be properly keto so you need energy from somewhere.
    In the early days post op you just want to focus on your protein and fluids, which will put you into ketosis anyway.
    Loads of different ways to do keto, there is dirty keto, lazy keto, strict keto, so while you are recovering and on low carbs anyway research lots and find a way to do it that will fit in with your lifestyle.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Soon2BMiniMommy in How Far Out Can You Get A Leak?   
    See, that's why it's so hard - so many different opinions My doctor said if there is a leak from the surgery, it will most likely happen in the first one to two days (and you'll know!). Then, if you damage your staple line, up to six to eight weeks later (which is why our diet is so strict). I specifically asked him about months down the line (as some have had leaks months later) and he said it's pretty impossible to get a leak after two-three months....those that have are most likely tiny, undetectable leaks the patient had from the beginning but didn't get found till later due to the stomach acid and contents slowly eroding the leak point, and/or build up and abcess down the line.
    That was my biggest fear, too....
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    Erika Madrigal got a reaction from bg9249 in Baritastic Phone App   
    That's awesome, I'll try it!!! Thank you
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to sandisleeve in Snack ideas?   
    Like many others my mini meals are pretty much Snacks too ???????? I eat every 1-2 hours something very small and I try to keep it Protein packed:
    My sleeve doesn't like Jerky which makes me sad, I loved it prior to wls ????
    pumpkin seeds raw or sunflower or pistachios
    Honey roasted almond slices from trader joes
    Laughing cow cheese wedges in light
    Greek yogurt low fat with flax meal - I ❤️chobani: pumpkin spice, apple cinnamon, oats, black cherry, apricot
    Dried apricot, dried apples
    Lean seafood, chicken, turkey, pork, beef ---- chewed super slowly in small portions
    "food should taste good" tortilla chips in sweet potato (I'm on a hunt for the pumpkin flavored ones ????)
    Oven baked ruffles
    Protein bars: think thin in creamy (not chunky) Peanut Butter, Premier Protein crisp, balance bar in mint, Power Crunch
    Lenny & Larry Vegan protein Cookies from Vitamin shoppe ???????????????? very addictive high carb but good protein (double chocolate & lemon poppy????)
    Yasso frozen Greek yogurt bars
    Protein shakes: Premier Protein chocolate mixed with unsweetened almond milk and powdered Peanut Butter
    Sauteed roasted or steamed veggies
    Soups and stews
    Drinks: Water, all types of teas ...green, white, oolong, chai, black, flavored non flavored , herbal ????☺️????(I never drink soda or juice and alcohol, rarely have coffee)
    Guilty pleasure:
    Pumpkin spice & peanut butter Oreos ????????????"hello, my name is sandi and I'm a Cookie Monster"
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Amurillo04 in OK, not trying to be mean, but there actually are stupid questions lol   
    That's exactly what I do, I've never commented on a persons post that I thought they were asking a silly question because I don't want/have too, I leave that to the veterans on the forum who may have better input. But I am totally allowed to respond to the person on this post who I agree with. Never have i bullied anyone here but just as I don't comment on people's post I don't agree with neither should you. And it's the Internet your sometimes gonna here stuff you don't want to hear and if your gonna take it to heart and feel bullied by people who you disagree with then that's on you.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to blueeyez in OK, not trying to be mean, but there actually are stupid questions lol   
    and if someone wants to ask about something that you deem as "common sense" you can just scroll right past the post and ignore it !!(imagine that LOL)not start an entire post about how "stupid" someones question is GEEZE and sorry but bullies come in all shapes sizes and AGES. so YES adults are some of the worst bullies out there not just children!! like I said before this is supposed to be a support group for people that are just out of or contemplating surgery and myself being new here, am not seeing a lot of support going on but a lot of judgement.
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    Erika Madrigal got a reaction from shelbys mom in 6 weeks post op, feeling a little discouraged   
    I'm 11 weeks / 3 months post op and I can say that at this point I've tried everything I've craved. I do track every bite. I don't dare to try bread, Pasta, tortillas or rice. I just feel it will be very heavy for me and I'd rather pass. I'm not a alcohol drinker so that's no biggy for me. I feel very normal with family and friends just takes me longer to eat a tiny plate/bites (I've adapted very well to my sleeve) loving the results.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Red_lips_and_confidence in Laffy taffy - skittles -starburst   
    Thanks for being rude. I am newly sleeved hence Bwhy I am asking if anyone was able to eat candy in the future. But thanks for making me feel stupid for asking!
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Barry W in How do some people lose so darn fast?   
    I don't think that anyone really understands all the complexities of this process. It's not an explanation, but the first thing I think you need to accept is that every person is different, and that you also can't control everything, so you need to relax a little. One thing that *is* clear is that the more overweight that people are, the faster that they lose weight - so someone starting at BMI=50 will normally lose a lot faster than someone starting at BMI=40.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to atontor in Snacks   
    Don't think it's a diet, it's a change in eating habits. We're suppose to learn how to eat in moderation going forward.
    I was sleeved 5/29/15. I just made my 1 year yesterday. I added a pic just in case you were curious how those Snacks have helped along with a lot of high Protein homemade chili in the beginning stages .
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Valentina in Need prayers please.   
    Hello, Friend,
    How are YOU?
    Have your circumstances changed any since your last post?
    I am just reading your post today, but I wanted to share a few thoughts with you:
    I know your pain.
    I've been lost in the same fog of confusion as you.
    I understand how your heart is bleeding while your brain is screaming.
    I know that some of the posters just don't understand--as well meaning as they are.
    I feel that you aren't in a place where you want/can hear what some members are saying--right or wrong.
    I want you to know that "I get it".
    I need you to know that I am here and I am listening.
    I'm on my knees for YOU. (I know that you will take care of your children and probably your husband). I am sending my prayers for YOU, dear friend. You, for now feel lost, right?
    Hopefully, HE will guide you and heal your heart and calm your mind.
    God Bless.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Lemm61 in Need prayers please.   
    See if you can talk him into some Couples Counseling.
    My Husband walked out of our 25 year Marriage with many of the same "symptoms or reasons". I encouraged him to get Marriage Counseling with me. He refused. So I uprooted my life. Bought a new house, changed my job schedule accommodate my Daughter's school needs, starting working OT to get some more savings stashed. I let him go. About 8 months later, he wanted to get back together but by then I had realized that I was happier without him. If we had done counseling in the beginning, who knows what might have happened.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Bufflehead in I'm wondering if my sleeve is small enough?   
    If I were in your situation I'd be a lot more worried about my commitment to making healthy and proper decisions, and about the potential damage I did myself, than about the size of my sleeved stomach.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to FrankyG in I'm wondering if my sleeve is small enough?   
    Did your doctor's dietary plan allow for eating pizza less than 2 weeks out? I am like 99% sure they didn't, because that is crazy. Most folks on here will tell you that was insane to try to do. Solid foods are usually not allowed until around 4 weeks, and eating something fatty and carby like pizza even before 6 months is VERY VERY bad.
    Your stomach is not going to be fully healed for months. You will not be able to feel real hunger pains and especially not be able to tell fullness feelings very well because it is still very traumatized and swollen. Introducing foods you should not be eating that early is dangerous and you could cause damage or get small particles (like seeds if you ate pizza with any spices on it) embedded in the staple line and cause major complications and even surgery to remove the invasive objects.
    Do not screw around and try to test your sleeve. You may be lucky and have no issues, but you are taking major risks with your health doing this.
    And you're throwing away all the months of work and planning by not sticking to your doctor's plans and sabotaging your ability to retrain yourself to eat good, healthy food from the start. You need to get your head straight and do this the right way.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to OutsideMatchInside in I'm wondering if my sleeve is small enough?   
    You are willing to risk a leak for pizza?
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Inner Surfer Girl in I'm at a major stall!   
    None of us lose at a constant or steady rate. We all experience stalls and slow downs/fluctuations. Almost everyone experiences their first stall about three weeks after surgery.
    Right after surgery your body is recovering from major surgery, is swollen, and healing.
    I highly recommend that you stay off the scale, especially early out, and certainly until you are able to eat more. Try just weighing at your doctors appointments if you are going to allow the numbers on the scale influence your emotions.
    Just follow your program.
    Make sure you are getting at least 64 oz of Fluid.
    Make sure you are reaching your Protein target.
    Take your Vitamins and supplements as directed.
    Exercise when cleared.
    Stay off the scale.
    And, Embrace the Stall
    Your primary focus is on healing right now.
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    Erika Madrigal got a reaction from vita428 in Nail polish/Acrylic nails   
    I had my surgery 4/25 and asked the same question to my doctor and his team. He said I could keep my acrylic/gel set on.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Nail polish/Acrylic nails   
    If you don't care about them, don't post. There is really no reason for you to be so condescending and rude.
    You are purposely coming in here to belittle people.
    When I had my cardiac cath, I kept my Polish on and they said it worked fine with polish. It is really personal choice of the staff and mainly BS. It isn't as dramatic as people are making it like if you have on nail Polish you are going to end up brain dead. Good lord.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to japeters in Sigh. I can't "go" and it's getting to be a problem. Please Help.   
    Most importantly talk to your doctor or Bariatric team! At this early stage you should not take anything without speaking to them first.
    I was very constipated until I was several weeks into the solid food stage and had to take a dulcolax stool softener (not a laxative) every day and it really helped, but I only had a bowel movement every few days.
    Your body is adjusting to quite a bit but according to my surgeon, it's very important not to become extremely backed up, so please call them asap.
    It won't be like this forever, hang in there!
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Kindle in Nail polish/Acrylic nails   
    Do not go with the advice you get on here. You need to contact your surgical team directly since every anesthesiologist has different preferences. I absolutely could not keep my acrylics on for my VSG but I could for my gall bladder removal (different surgeon/anesthesiologist/hospital)
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Inner Surfer Girl in Carbs-How many do YOU eat each day?   
    I don't count carbs per se.
    I choose to avoid starches and added sugars and look at the carb/sugar content for individual foods and try to keep that number low.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to More than this in Carbs-How many do YOU eat each day?   
    Just about everything has some carbs....unless you eat nothing but meat, chicken, o r fish....even veggies have carbs....I try to stay below 45 gm a day.
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to Barry W in 3 days post op HUNGRY   
    There is really no need to be insulting.
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    Erika Madrigal got a reaction from Pasha in Did you eat on the 2week liquid diet?   
    I'm set for Monday 4/25 and my doctor put on a 1200 daily calorie diet am with one meal being a Protein shake.... No deep fried foods, starchie foods, salt, sodium etc etc... Two days prior to surgery I do have to do a full liquid diet tho ... I see different diet plans, different doctors.... I'm 230 5"4 BMI 39.5
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    Erika Madrigal reacted to jane13 in Today is the day [emoji51] ! Any tips guys ?!   
    @@Erika Madrigal - Inner Surfer Girl told you the truth - follow your teams plans and walk asap!
    I have your seat saved here on the losers bench