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    OHHLALA got a reaction from Adeline Ronado in I know most people or carb crazy but will I ever be able to eat a sandwich again?   
    Endless 80
    I know how you feel I was sleeve two weeks ago and I have to say I am a carb addict. There are people who just downright don't want to eat carbs ever again. I too have sandwich dreams and I also love Italian food. I have these crazy cravings which are crazy but alas I am not able to indulge and I'm grateful for that. But at the same time I'm frustrated, I want to eat and have hope for the future tone able to go out to dinner and do that eat but know my limit.
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    OHHLALA reacted to maxcimax in 5 weeks from my one year anniverssary. Have 35lbs to go   
    Increase your calories. Has your doctor had you on 800 calories? My doctor upped me from 800 to 1000 at my 6 week appt. I see her next week & will probably increase me to 1200 calories for the rest of the time I'm on this diet. Be careful to not raise your carbs at the same. Good luck getting rid of the rest of your pounds.
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    OHHLALA reacted to LessofApril in Practically bald please desperate for advice   
    @@OHHLALA I'm so sorry that this happening to you! I've been using the Biotin and it has been helping. Like @@Madam Reverie I've also been taking Iron everyday and while that I have significant hair loss, I feel like it's manageable. A girlfriend of mine who was loosing hair because of Lupus has been taking http://www.hairfinity.com/ She SWEARS by it. I will say that her hair looks fuller to me. I'm thinking that once I finish with my giant bottle of Biotin, I'll try the Hairfinity. Now, the reason for her Hair loss is different than the reason for our hair loss, so that might make a difference in the results.
    Hope something thing works for you soon!
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    OHHLALA reacted to Bufflehead in Practically bald please desperate for advice   
    I second the recommendation for the powder/fiber stuff that fills in thinning hair. I had to use that stuff starting WAY before surgery due to bad genetics.
    But it really does work well! My favorite brands were Toppik and Nanogen. My advice is if you are going to buy it, buy one canister in a shade you think will match your hair and another canister in the next lighter shade, just to be sure.
    I eventually had to go to getting what they call a bonded topper, which is kind of like a toupee for women. Again, this isn't surgery-related, it just sucks to have my bad genes when it comes to hair. But I love my "piece" and wouldn't be without it now.
    Since you are in New Jersey, you would want to go to Flora -- they are one of the best if not the best with toppers and other Hair loss solutions. This kind of thing is expensive but you may want to at least check it out. Mine has really changed my outlook and feeling about myself in an incredibly positive way.
    Lastly, you might want to consult a dermatologist if you haven't. They are the doctors with the most experience with hair loss IMO. You might specifically ask whether steroid shots in the scalp might be helpful in your situation. Good luck, believe me, I feel your pain!
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    OHHLALA reacted to mentalistfan in Practically bald please desperate for advice   
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    OHHLALA got a reaction from rbtnln in Practically bald please desperate for advice   
    Thank you everyone. I spoke to my doctor today he said my Iron was fine and so was thyroid. He said there is no reason why I'm losing my hair. I'm so desperate at this point. I know it could be worse, but I can't handle the stares and comments. Yesterday I was asked if I was going through chemo ????.
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    OHHLALA reacted to Dr-Patient in Happy Tears in dressing room: Size 22/24 -->16!   
    Hi, all. Quick note for now; I'll have to add to it later. But I simply must share:
    Yesterday I thought I was looking good when visiting with a friend. We went to a mall and she (walking slow and behind me sometimes) said, "Damn, girl. You need to go buy some pants!! Those are hanging off your butt, you look like you've got Depends on."
    Mind you, they were 'size 20' jeans--with zipper and button--that I could NOT wear 2 months ago.
    We went into 'J. Jill's' (which I'd never heard of). We pulled a size 16 pant and I said, "oh no. ain't no way I'm in a 16 pant."
    I actually had a moment of [fear? trepidation?], but a weird freak-out/fear moment before I reluctantly relented and agreed to try them on.
    What guess what!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo-hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They FIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I could button and zip them. They looked so good on my @$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We took pictures.
    She also took pictures of the back of the pants I was wearing. OMG. I cannot believe how BAGGY they are in the back. I could tell the thighs were loose, but the BUTT--was like empty sacks!!!!!!! I need to post the pictures. Even the sales lady said, "you need to not even wear those pants anywhere. You need new pants, I don't care if you get them from here or not, but do not leave this mall without some new pants...and wear them out of the mall!" My pants are sooooo baggy.
    Anyway, I just wanted to share, to just say...you know...this stuff--VSG--actually works. Thank God.
    OH!! I CRIED (right there in the dressing room) when I really looked at my thighs, hips and butt in those size 16s!! We then went to Chico's and I tried on a "size 3" pair of jeans. They fit too!!!!!!!!!! OMG. This is really happening. 3 months/ 45 pounds and counting.
    I'm rushing; excuse any typos, please. Just had to share!
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    OHHLALA reacted to Stacy_wls in Does anyone know why we dont sweat anymore? or it takes a long time to begin to sweat when working out ?   
    I noticed the same thing when I first started working out after surgery. I think there are a couple things going on .
    1). You are probably slightly dehydrated, so your body won't put out as much sweat.
    2). When you are out of. Shape your body doesn't react as quickly - you cooling system is out of shape, so you won't sweat as much.
    After about 4 weeks of exercising and getting my Water in, I have started sweating again like crazy during hard workouts.
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    OHHLALA reacted to Madam Reverie in Pros Is there a 4 month stall?   
    I'm 4 months out and I've been stalled for a good couple-three weeks. Moving again today though. All of a sudden - whoosh! Down a kilo! Yippppeee! Hang on in there
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    OHHLALA reacted to mrschildress2014 in Pros Is there a 4 month stall?   
    I find I stall for 2-3 weeks, lose for 1-2, stall again. It's irritating, but I'm still losing mad weight and the inches are moving the whole time. Your body needs time to adjust to all the changes. I'm at 8 months out and I find stalls to be 100% normal.
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    OHHLALA reacted to NewSetOfCurves in Pros Is there a 4 month stall?   
    Stalls are inevitable. It happens to pretty much everyone. Accept it now to save yourself from unnecessary frustration. As long as if you're doing everything right, you should be doing fine. Keep up your workouts at the gym. Get ALL your Water in. Calculate you calories, you might be getting too little in, especially with your 11/2 hour gym sessions. Too few calories causes your body to go into starvation mode and forces it to store calories. Training also causes Fluid build up in the muscles. There is also the possibility of monthly cycles and the water retention that comes with that. There are SO MANY factors. Like I said, I wouldn't fret if you're following all the rules!
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    OHHLALA reacted to sixbuttons in Pros Is there a 4 month stall?   
    I'm 4 months out and stalled. Its driving me nuts.
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    OHHLALA got a reaction from onedaycloser in I still struggle with....(fill in the blanks)   
    I struggle with :
    1. Staying off the scale ! I judge every ounce I don't lose. It's really a mental illness at this point. Lol
    2. Eating slowly. I just want to get it over with.
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    OHHLALA reacted to JillDisney in Just had my 4 month anniversary. Is this when the weighloss slows down ?   
    I don't know, since I haven't had it done yet, but 47 in 4 months is great! I hope that I can lose that much in 4 months! ????
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    OHHLALA reacted to planetheather in Just had my 4 month anniversary. Is this when the weighloss slows down ?   
    I'm 4 months out and my weight loss has steadily slowed each month. It is now almost entirely tied to my workouts. If I weren't exercising, I don't think I'd be losing much.
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    OHHLALA reacted to MichiganChic in Just had my 4 month anniversary. Is this when the weighloss slows down ?   
    It's unique to each of us. For some it doesn't slow and they just coast to goal, and for others, the closer they get to goal, the more it slows. There is no one answer on this one. Depends on our bodies combined with an entire host of external factors such as calorie intake, physical activity, stress level, and probably a lot of other things that science has yet to discover. One thing for sure though, the more you follow your plan the more likely you are to succeed.
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    OHHLALA reacted to Stephannie in First visit back home   
    First visit to Michigan to see ally family since I lost 127 lbs a year ago. What an awesome way to Celebrate my one-year.

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    OHHLALA reacted to LipstickLady in May 2013 Sleevers! What are your results this far..:)   
    264 to 164! Exactly 100 pounds lost since 5/16. I've been stuck here since NYE, but I'm thrilled. Size 20 to a loose size 10 at 5.3! I'd love to lose about 15-20 more which would but me in a 6?
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    OHHLALA reacted to gmanbat in Once post op, is it easy to control your weight? For example, can you choose to gain and lose at will?   
    Good question.
    I believe I can lose or gain easier now. I know what to do either way. I would say that, unlike before, it is a bit easier to lose it than to gain it.
    Why? To gain weight I would have to eat things I don't really like and often. I like Protein and low glycemic vegetables. I don't like sweets or empty carbs. I would also have to be somewhat sedentary.
    To lose it I just have to eat a bit less and move more.
    Easy, peasy.
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    OHHLALA reacted to McButterpants in how in the world?   
    The simple answer is "You didn't gain 5 pounds in one day." In order to gain 5 pounds (in any period of time), you would have had to consume 17,500 more calories than you consumed. Probably not possible with your new tiny tummy, right?
    You just had major surgery and your body is trying to figure out what you did to it. Your brain wants the scale to move, which it will, once your body figures things out.
    I have a couple of suggestions -
    1. don't weigh yourself every day. It will drive you crazy. My husband hides the scale and brings it out once per week. I've read some docs don't want you to weigh the first month.
    2. Stick to your plan - the plan provided by your doctor or NUT. They know best. There is no way you're not losing weight.
    3. Be patient - you didn't gain this weight in a month, you can't expect to lose it in a month.
    Hang in there, sweetie. This isn't a spring, it's a marathon.
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    OHHLALA reacted to mistysj in Can any vegetarians explain to me how you get your protein in ?   
    Depends what extent of vegetarianism. eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt if you are using dairy. Beans, nuts, lentils, soy, tofu, tempeh, quinoa, textured vegetable protein, sprouted wheat are all vegan. Some vegetables have some protein. You need to use a lot of sources because vegetable Proteins are not "complete" like vegetable proteins (they don't contain all the amino acids). They are missing different ones so you can get all the amino acids with variety.
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    OHHLALA got a reaction from nursekimberly89 in where's my period?   
    It happened to me also it's a combination of body trauma, and there's a lot of estrogen in fat so the fat is dissipating and the body is adjusting to hormone levels.
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    OHHLALA reacted to soocalchic in When i cough hard i throw up! lol   
    I get pukey too when I have lots of post nasal drip..
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    OHHLALA reacted to LipstickLady in When i cough hard i throw up! lol   
    Yup. Happens to me, too. It gets better. Try cutting your amount of food in half and then adding a bit back at a time. Sounds like you are swallowing a lot of air with a full tummy.
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    OHHLALA reacted to Laura V in Hot Sauce/vinegar?   
    Oh the age old conundrum. Soup what to do?? Solid or a liquid???
    Well shit it's both! The two things we aren't supposed to do together!!
    So I just eat my soup and pretend I'm not breaking the rules
    I think when you eat soup you just need to realize it might not stay with you as long as a piece of meat.
    A couple of weeks ago we went to pho after a hike. my plan was to eat mostly the meat out of it and not the noodles and broth.,
    But I was so freezing I ate all the broth instead and left to rest to bring home to my daughter (she will eat anything)