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  1. I am 5 weeks from my one year anniversary I have 35lbs to go that will not budge. I have been teetering in the low 150s for a month. It won't move ! I need any suggestions on jump starting the weight loss again I do workout 4 days a week at least 60 min. My calorie intake is at 800. Please please please I'm desperate to get into the 140s.
  2. Thank you everyone. I spoke to my doctor today he said my iron was fine and so was thyroid. He said there is no reason why I'm losing my hair. I'm so desperate at this point. I know it could be worse, but I can't handle the stares and comments. Yesterday I was asked if I was going through chemo ????.
  3. Had surgery September 2013 I started losing my hair in December. And it's not the small amount of hair loss described I have severe balding in the crown area I can't wen cover it up with parting my hair because threes no hair to cover it with. I drink my protein I take my vitamins. I was using biotin but it was not helping bit was growing hair everywhere else but my head. I'm so desperate right now everyone stares and ask questions. And people are so rude. I rally go home and cry. I asked my surgeon and she doesn't have answers for me my endocrinologist doesn't have answers for me. If anyone has any advice please share.

    Vitamin help please!

    I use Caltrate calcium gummies they are delicious a little sugary for me , but I'm not big on sweets. I also take vita fusion gummies love them but I will switching to pre natal vitamins because they have more benefits. My Doc and Nut suggested it. I'm also 7 months out.
  5. I sometimos throw up 2-3 times per week. Can I stretch my stomach by doing this.
  6. Sassy pants I do have a small sleeve the doc removed 90% of my stomach because I had tumor. I made an appt. for this Friday. Thanks guys.
  7. 4 months out and have lost 48 is there a stall at this point ? Haven't lost weight in two weeks even though I've been hitting the gym 3-4 a week for at least 90 minutes. what's up ?
  8. I'm 4 months out I started at 224 and today I'm at 175.8. I look at myself in the mirror and weigh my self incessantly. I know I've lost weight yes.however I still think I look the same I still have the same pants as before because my midsection is the biggest part of my body. So clothes are the same and mentally it's the same when that will change I don't know. I work out 3-4 times a week. Just happy to have lost what I have.
  9. I struggle with : 1. Staying off the scale ! I judge every ounce I don't lose. It's really a mental illness at this point. Lol 2. Eating slowly. I just want to get it over with.

    Before and after

  11. I haven't really worked out consistently but I keep,calories at 800 and ice lost 47lbs. At this point 4 months out does the weightless slow down ?

    Stretch marks HELP!

    There is no cure to get rid of stretch marks but to soften them just moisturizer A LOT !

    How many calories

    Yes about 500. I just had my 4 month anniversary I'm at 800 calories.

    Thoroughly unscientific poll

    My doctor wants me at 120-130. I want 105-110 but I'm 5'1 so I think it's right.
  15. My friends and I always end up at this Vietnamese restaurant after being out. I don't drink alcohol, but I am tempted by the late night eating. I haven't eaten yet but I want to. Does anyone ever eat out late ?
  16. I am very interested in finding out why the day to day protein intake and meals for vegetarians are ? I am considering becoming a vegetarian but I want to thoroughly educate myself. Thank you.
  17. Lol I wish I had that boob problem. As for the sleeping I have more blankets on the bed now than before and I do feel my hip bones but no discomfort.

    Throwing up

    I throw up all the time. I swallow. A lot of air when I eat, even if I eat slow.

    omg worst cravings..

    Oh yeah happened to me also. Protein protein protein. That is what really helps me stay on track. Days that I don't follow that uhh it gets sloppy.

    where's my period?

    It happened to me also it's a combination of body trauma, and there's a lot of estrogen in fat so the fat is dissipating and the body is adjusting to hormone levels.

    Ughh i gained 3 lbs !

    I really hope so I'm panicked here. Should I change something I'm doing I mean I know it's supposed to be calories in calories out. This may sound stupid but maybe the calories are adding up and catching up to me now. I don't know I'm just afraid I did this and I'm failing at it.