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  1. recipes... I put the chicken Parm Casserole from Emily Bites on top of the Ricotta bake...and I used canned chickes so it is good for soft foods stage....FREAKIN AMAZING...mmm..mmm...mmmm
  2. Has anyone found themselves turning to known slider foods just so that you can eat something that is easy?? I feel like i am playing with fire and I need some good advice or a kick in the behind here!
  3. girlrfriday

    The BIG O!

    Where do you get them?
  4. girlrfriday

    Pickle Juice

    I get it! I love pickle Juice!! and I did have some on clear liquids.. just be careful with the sodium in other places and drink lots of water to counteract it!!
  5. No Need to worry!! and you are not at all crazy! Unfortunately, the only good remedy is time. It will get better everyday I promise... do your best to get liquids in now and soon you'll be moving on to real food.... it does get better!
  6. girlrfriday

    Chicken Parm Ricotta Bake

    I left them on.. because my family loves the crunch.. I just left them big enough to pick out!
  7. girlrfriday

    Chicken Parm Ricotta Bake

    Shelly's Baked Ricotta 8 oz of ricotta cheese 1/2 cup grated Parmesan 1 large Egg, beaten 1 teaspoon Italian Seasoning salt & pepper to taste 1/2 cup Marinara Sauce 1/2 cup shredded Mozzarella Cheese Mix ricotta cheese, parmesan, beaten egg, seasonings together and place in a oven proof dish. Pour marinara on top and top with mozzarella cheese. bake it in the oven @ 450 for about 20-25 minutes. Boom!
  8. girlrfriday

    Favorite cookbooks?

    http://www.emilybites.com/p/recipe-index.html Here is another website I really like!! the Asian Lettuce wraps are my current favorite thing in the world!
  9. AS of today I am off all of my diabetes and Blood Pressure meds! WOOOOHOOOO... almost more exciting than the weight loss... i did this for health...and its working!
  10. girlrfriday


    I actually stalled in week two also... and it was two more weeks before I saw a loss... but I'm down 58 lbs total now... so don't worry another minute it will come off!
  11. girlrfriday

    Calling all Smoothies!

    Share your favorite protein smoothies!! I', terrible at breakfast and Smoothies seem to really work for me... just wondering if anyone has yummy recipes they would like to share!
  12. girlrfriday

    Incision Question

    I was sleeved April 22nd, and my big incision is STILL not healed... so I think that we are all different. but mine has been a pain in every way since surgery. BUT, it has been my only issue so I thank heavens for that!
  13. girlrfriday

    Is this normal? No weight loss

    TOTally Normal.... I stalled at 3 and 6 weeks.. just keep doing the right things and the scale will move..I PROMISE!
  14. GNC 100% Whey Protein.. was the best I found.. i have it in soup, hot creal, sauces...and I cant taste a thing
  15. Hey Y'all! I read a post a few weeks ago about some Pop chip Snacks...they looked kind of like a rice cake, but not! Real specific i know... they may have been called Kim's? HELP?
  16. girlrfriday

    Pop Chippy things?

    YYYYEEESSS!.. you guys are awesome!!! thank you
  17. girlrfriday

    Pop Chippy things?

    Yeah I have seen the pop chips in the store... but these were something you buy on-line and the were packaged in like a bagel bag!
  18. girlrfriday

    Soft foods

    My surgery was on April 22nd! I am down 29 lbs since day of surgery and 53 altogether! I really felt like my post op plan was very doable! The most important thing is to introduce new foods one at a time so you know what doesn't sit we'll! I am still having trouble with most solid proteins but I do a lot of shrimp, crab, and tuna
  19. girlrfriday

    Almost there......

    Funny you should ask! I just sat at the hospital this morning with my mom who was having a Nuclear Stress Test.. it sounds much scarier than it is...basically the will put in an IV and inject a very low amount of radiation into you.. then half an hour later they will take pictures of your heart ..then they will put you on a tread mill...get your heart rate up and then do one more injection and take pictures again! I'm not sure that yours will be exactly the same but I'm sure it will be very similar
  20. girlrfriday

    Soft foods

    For me I was on full Liquids (milk, soup, yogurt, pudding) right after surgery for two weeks, then two weeks soft food, then started introducing solids
  21. girlrfriday

    feeling guilty

    too funny!! IT's included for all!!! and I have to back pedal a little I do agree with Ms.Antiband..guilt can be a necessary evil to keep us on track..but I decided when I had this surgery that I was no longer going to beat myself up for mistakes...it turns in to seld sabbotage for me! so I accept the error and learn from it... let hope my resolve is as strong at 6 months as it is a 6 weeks!
  22. girlrfriday

    feeling guilty

    I don't know about you all... but I never imagined a time in my life that I would have felt guilty over 2 tablespoons of anything and 1 chicken finger. Isn't it funny how our perspective changes! Look life happens and we adapt and overcome. I chose this surgery because I wanted to be able to make my own choices still...and we will all have times when don't make the best choice...but we get to move on and do better next time.. I had them remove the guilt when they removed my stomach... stay on the path we will be great!!!!
  23. Has anyone else found themselves pushing food boundaries to see what they can and can not eat succesfully? It's gotten me in trouble... I have found a few sliders that I wish I didn't know about.
  24. girlrfriday

    Food porn!

    So fricken hilarious... I said that exact same thing to my husband!!!!!! HILARIOUS!
  25. girlrfriday

    sipping vs gulping

    Curios what the Dr. Said?

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