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  1. MizzouGirl


  2. I'm almost 1 year out and couldn't be happier. I did have some frustrations with some of the staff but Dr. Scott rocked my surgery and I've had 0 complications. Erika (Nutritionist) has been fantastic and the hospital staff was sooooo great. Dr. Minikin was on call after my surgery and he was great too. So glad I went with Dr. Scott. Down 100lbs and still losing. ????
  3. MizzouGirl

    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    FYI-I didn't receive your private message you indicated you were sending. Agree that some of the staff weren't too friendly or helpful but most were awesome. I think they recently hired more people so hopefully that helped as I think they are really busy.
  4. MizzouGirl

    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    Congrats and best wishes to you. Having this surgery was the best thing I've ever done!!! Dr. Minkin was not my surgeon but he was the doctor on duty the weekend after my surgery so I met with him a couple times while in the hospital and really liked him. I've heard lots of great things about him. If you have any questions about the experience in Des Peres hospital or questions in general let me know. Good luck!!!
  5. MizzouGirl

    **May 31st**

    I must confess that I rarely visit this site lately and haven't posted in a long time. Loving life 85 lbs lighter and realizing that the last 50-65 lbs aren't going to come off as easily as the first 85 did. I've slowed down to about 1-2 lbs a week but I'll take it! How is everyone else doing? I'm so glad I did this --- no regrets!!! :-)
  6. MizzouGirl

    One year.101lbs down!

    You look awesome and much younger. Congrats to you!!!
  7. MizzouGirl

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    Surgery Date: 5/31/2013 Highest Weight: 295 Date of Surgery: 286 Current Weight: 226 Total Loss: 69
  8. I too was wishing I only had the 1 scar (I have the larger one around my belly button on 3 other small ones). I'm 4.5 months post surgery and the 3 small ones are barely noticeable - the 1 around my belly button is still pretty noticeable but hoping it will fade more over time. I can honestly say that I'm ok with the other scars and now don't regret not doing the single incision surgery.
  9. MizzouGirl

    May sleevers! How much have you lost so far?

    You look fantastic. Congrats!!
  10. MizzouGirl

    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    I wasn't interested in the band because of all the complications I read about as well as the ongoing maintenance. Also, not all insurance may pay for the adjustments and addressing complications. So, if you change insurance companies when you have the band, this is a risk. I also didn't want something foreign inside me --- can't really rationalize this one but it was just the way I felt. I researched all of the options and felt the sleeve was by far the best option for me. I do think there are some surgeons in STL who are most comfortable with the band so they may push this option - not sure if this is what's happening to you. I think it's a personal decision so only you are going to be able to determine what is best for you. I can say I'm 100% happy with my sleeve, I've had no complications and I'm happy with my progress. Best wishes to you with whatever choice you make.
  11. HW: 295, Surgery Date: 5/31/2013, CW: 231 --- sooooooo happpppyyyyy!!!!! I'm just shy of 5'7".
  12. Wow - thanks for sharing your story and so glad the bad stuff appears to be behind you and you can start enjoying life again. :-)
  13. MizzouGirl

    8 months out down 122pounds down

    I think you look fantastic but in the end, you have to be happy with you. :-)
  14. MizzouGirl

    STL sleeve scheduled 9/25

    This is the first I'm hearing about the patch. I didn't have one and luckily had minimal problems with nausea and no dry heaves. Glad there is something like that available, though, for those who need it!! Hope you are doing well Skee - for me, each day was remarkably better.