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  1. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    The Basics Boot Camp

    Thanks for sharing your Boot Camp. I'm kind of in a rut, my first plateau. Which I shouldn't be upset about, I'm 6+months post op and have lost 100 lbs. I'm starting Boot Camp tomorrow!!!
  2. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    A little thinspiration

    Wow!! what an inspiration keep up the hard work, hope you make it to your goal soon!
  3. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Where Is Everyone From?

    ahlan wa sahlan Vicki! I'm in Lebanon
  4. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Where Is Everyone From?

    I don't know..............I live in Beirut Lebanon
  5. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Where Is Everyone From?

    [quote name=Heather86 )' timestamp='1357861303' post='628679] Born in Louisiana, raised in West Virginia and currently living in Maryland...lol. where in WV? I was born in Charleston, but grew up in Parkersburg
  6. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    hello every one!

    I had surgery the same day you are doing great! don't compare to others, everyone has their own story. important that you are losing and you are feeling better/healthier. I started out at a lot more than you, 314 and I have lost about 79 pounds.
  7. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Congrats on your weight loss Holly! I agree that it takes a huge weight loss to see a size change. It was kind of discouraging in the beginning........but I have finally thrown some clothes out!!
  8. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    October Sleevers! Announce Yourselves

    Hello October sleevers! My surgery date was October 22, 2012. I am down 68.5 pounds. I'm quite happy with my loss considering that I hate drinking water and I haven't been exercising. I am suffering with a bone spur on my left heel and can't walk and can't take most meds. Other than my heel, I am feeling great I would recommend it to anyone. (well, anyone that needs to lose a considerable amount of weight)
  9. I also had surgery on 10/22 and I have lost 56 lbs and maybe one pant size. I weigh 261 lbs now and there is NO way that I could get into a size 16, I'm still hovering between 24 and 26. I had hoped to lose more by now, and quite honestly thought that losing 56 lbs would have moved into a smaller pant size. Anyway, I should be very happy with my loss considering that I don't get enough water and I don't exercise.
  10. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    A few NSV, all in one day!

    Good for you! These little things can really give you a boost.
  11. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    13 weeks out down 102lbs

    Amazing! and back to school! You are well on your way to becoming a new woman
  12. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    My NSV

    good for you and my condolences for the loss of your friend
  13. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Sorry, may be a stupid question..

  14. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Am I really wearing these pants?

    Congrats!! what an awesome feeling. I'm the opposite, I wish I could lose in my bottom, I'm mainly losing up top :/ Not exactly where I want lol
  15. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    NSV-Its called a laptop for a reason...

    this week's NSV? making my bed so easily, I just had to pull the blanket up a little bit.....why? because I went to sleep and didn't move an inch. I used to toss and turn all night because of back pain, now I don't!!
  16. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    NSV-Its called a laptop for a reason...

    Me too! Well, when my cat will get off of my lap...I think even he has noticed that he has more room now!
  17. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Middle eastern sleevsters

    I'm in Nabatiyeh, Lebanon
  18. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Just wanted to share!

    Good for you!! congrats:)
  19. Catherine Shinn Habhab


    Give it time. I didn't check the scale until I went back to my doctor at 10 days. Good luck to you and don't get discouraged. We've all been there.
  20. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    3 months out and Losing Steam

    Hi Becky! It's amazing, were you just inside my head? I had surgery on Oct. 22. I've lost about 56 pounds. I also feel like I'm losing steam. However, yesterday I forgot my uniform at home and worked in my "normal" clothes. I got so many comments about my weight loss. That should keep me going. For some reason I am avoiding the scale. Last time I checked I had not lost anymore weight. It really discouraged me. I have my 3 month check up soon. I've decided that I don't want to get on the scale until then. I hope that I will have a pleasant surprise. Keep coming back, there is a lot of encouragement on this site.
  21. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    110 Lbs Gone In 5Mos :)

    what an inspiration! congrats to you!!
  22. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    One year out- 120 pounds gone

    welcome and congrats on your wonderful accomplishment!!
  23. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Clothes dont fit!

    seems like we lose last in places that we wish were the first to go!
  24. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    Middle eastern sleevsters

    SyrRose, Did you get this from your sleeve nutritionist? It seems like a normal diet. I haven't found one nutritionist that is too experienced with sleeve surgery here in Lebanon. You need more Protein and less carbohydrates. How far are you post surgery? Online read about a program by a Dr. Joseph Chebli, it gives you a good starting program. Just Google his name. Good luck
  25. Catherine Shinn Habhab

    300+ To Loose... Just Got My Surgery Date

    I agree with MDM, try a male doctor. I know a lot of ladies are shy and think that it is better to have a female doctor....but not necessarily. I had very irregular periods when I was younger. Went from one female GYN to another. One told me YOU ARE FAT, this is how it's going to be. I went to a male doc and told him that my last period was 14 days. He yelled, that's HALF of your life, we gotta do something, and he did. Give the guy docs a try. My prayers are with you.

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