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    a5paintball20 got a reaction from hgk2002 in Post Op Penis Size   
    I was sleeved on December 11th and ive lost total pre and post op 56 pounds and ive notice that my penis is a little longer and thicker, i mean i can hold it with one hand now as before i couldn't so i help that gives you some hope
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    a5paintball20 reacted to amytug in Best condom idea, ever!   
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    a5paintball20 reacted to deputy630 in Post Op Penis Size   
    Ok I'll put my .02 in. Started at 237 on march 19th now at 193 and its def longer. Hell it's kinda impressive!!! Plus fellas I'm on testosterone injections once a week and let me tell ya. The combination of weight loss and testosterone!!!
    Well lets just say...It gets so hard a cat couldn't scratch it!
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    a5paintball20 got a reaction from fyre_storm in Post Op Penis Size   
    Yep i love not being circumcised the pleasure you feel is so intense, but i have thought about getting circumcised just to be "normal". But it has been 28 years so I'll think ill pass
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    a5paintball20 got a reaction from hgk2002 in Post Op Penis Size   
    I was sleeved on December 11th and ive lost total pre and post op 56 pounds and ive notice that my penis is a little longer and thicker, i mean i can hold it with one hand now as before i couldn't so i help that gives you some hope
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    a5paintball20 reacted to mark! in Anyone members at planet fitness?   
    I did the first time. The 2nd time I was just asked to leave before I even got to lift because I looked intimidating according to the manager.
    It definitely is. It's a feel good place to harbor people who are afraid to branch out of their comfort zone. There are some folks there I'm sure who just use it because it's cheap, but I hate that place and all that it stands for. I've not met one person who trains there who would have a job any other place as a trainer. I even hold 24 hour fitness trainers above PF trainers.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to angelal1213 in How long to wait for sex   
    I had surgery on my stomach not my vagina lmao
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    a5paintball20 got a reaction from LaceSleeve in Sports and Working Out   
    I was told to work out and play sports 8 days after my surgery, so i guess it's up to you're doctor
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    a5paintball20 reacted to No game in Tonight...   
    Six weeks?? That's crazy talk! Girl if you feel it you can do it!
    Oh and what kind of man holds out?? Tell him it's time to take off his big boy panties
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    a5paintball20 reacted to makemyownluck in Post Op Penis Size   
    As a woman, I can say that I can't want to see penises growing bigger and longer after I start losing weight too!
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    a5paintball20 reacted to Butterthebean in Exercise questions   
    If you think the forum on BB.com is bad, don't read the forum on Myfitnesspal. Holy Christ. According to them, anyone who eats less than 1200 calories a day will be dead in a week.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to mattr2 in Golf-swing changes   
    It's way easier to control my swing now. When everything weighs less, I am finding I am able to make my misses less dramatic so I stay in play a lot more often. I lost a little distance, but that's simply because I have lost a lot of muscle too. I am certain the muscle will come back over time as the diet slowly increase back to a higher caloric level.
    I also had a bit of an over swing, now I can stop a parallel when I make a conscious effort. That may also explain the better control.
    I am still trying to find a downside to the sleeve but have to keep looking.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to Parker's Dad in Golf-swing changes   
    Good Morning,
    I lost a good bit of weight a few years ago. I had been playing for probably 5 years or so and had gotten fairly confident in my game. Not great by any means but I had learned what I could and couldn't do and when I felt comfortable hitting a shot. You have done it so you know what I am saying lol! The one thing that I noticed is that I was pulling the ball badly after the weight loss. I suppose it was do to clearing my upper body more easily and a faster rotation thru the shot. After a couple trips noticing this, it was off to the range. A couple buckets and a couple mental notes and things came back around to what I wanted. Like others have said, if you have a good understanding of your basic mechanics, which you probably do with playing that long, you shouldn't have any major issues. Good luck and let us know how it goes!
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    a5paintball20 reacted to lessofmeismore in Post Op Penis Size   
    Edit: No pictures
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    a5paintball20 reacted to stinker in post op for December 11th   
    I have lost 32 pounds as if today, surgery date of 12/06/12...I finally believe that I will not weigh over 200 pounds again, at 192.4!!!! We ate at a wonderful restaurant last night, and I ate a couple of bites of everything I wanted and loved it. The funny thing is, I was not even tempted by the hot bread they brought to the table...
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    a5paintball20 reacted to stacygrdnr in post op for December 11th   
    Hw 281
    Sw 250
    Cw 222
    Sleeved 12/11/12

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    a5paintball20 reacted to bigsleeve56 in Post Op Penis Size   
    I just need my wife to stop yelling the doctors name and thanking him.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to NDN_RN in Post Op Penis Size   
    Female perspective on this. i have lost 70 pounds. Needless to say, I had quite a cushion. Now, bottoming out is a common occurance. If it happens for us girls, its definitely going to impact the "usable length" on you guys.
    Done Did It!
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    a5paintball20 reacted to RickM in Post Op Penis Size   
    It most certainly does - my wife lost around 200lb from her WLS several years ago and that made a substantial difference (not least of which was the joy of being able to get my arms and legs around her!) and now with the deletion of my fatpad as well, we have hit bottom. Ah, the trials of life!
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    a5paintball20 got a reaction from The redhead in i want sex now now now   
    The real thing is always better
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    a5paintball20 reacted to Oregondaisy in Deeper Penetration   
    Yeah, that's what the powder room is for. Ladies need a place to be able to say anything they want and this is the place where we're free to post whatever we feel
    comfortable talking about.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to O.T.R. sleever in News Flash!   
    Ladies, if you put "ladies only", "TMI", "No men allowed" or anything of that nature in the title, you are assuring that every man on te forum will click on your thread FIRST.
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    a5paintball20 reacted to *Dean* in Post Op Penis Size   
    I don't just think it's length. With better circulation and cardio fitness it's harder. Harder means thicker. My motto now is "Longer, thicker, harder for longer"
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    a5paintball20 reacted to shayv123 in This May Be Inappropriate, Forgive Me :)   
    Lol!!! My husband enjoys those noises....ijs may not be a bad thing
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    a5paintball20 reacted to luvs2laff in Question fot the Ladies   
    Man-scaped is best especially if you're a deep diver, lol...

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