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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. I think I had it once but didnt know it till a few days later when I really thought about how bad I felt and reading a post about dumping, but other than that I dont have it wished I did sometimes cause like others have said on here you can eat anything its up to us to not eat certain items

  2. I have found that it is easy to find ways around the sleeve. I can eat anything I like in small portions. So like they say this is only a tool and what we do with it is up to us. As long as you follow your plan and learn to live a healthier lifestyle you will be fine.

  3. It really does gets better !!! take it slowly and sip sip sip!! the first month I was up like 24/7 just trying to get all the water in and some kind of protien I had to set an egg timer and sipped 1 oz every 10 or 15 minutes....

    also I totally hate the foamies!! yukkkkk that usually means for me that I took in too much on my stomach .... dont over do it and take it slow, you will be feeling better before you know it !!!

    I am 3.5 months out and down 80 lbs .... so well worth everything I have been through....

    started 338 now at 258 started at a size 26 now 16

  4. I told everyone, but that is just me... I really didnt have any negative comments , everyone has been super positve and supportive!!! I am 3 months out and feel great down 80 lbs from a 26 to a 16 !! starting the gym tomorrow with a personal trainer ....

    I say just do this for you and who cares what others think !!! Good luck with your up coming surgery let us know how it goes

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