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Unflavored Protein Powder.....



Now friends, I am an intelligent woman with a great job and education.....I'm saying this for a reason.


I was reading some posts and thinking how am I going to manage pureed food AND get the liquid and protein in that I need daily. It is amazing how we now think of food wisely instead of carelessly did prior to being sleeved.


Back to my being intelligent.....I read a post that talked about UNFLAVORED PROTEIN powder and how this fellow sleever put it into his/her soups and other items to ensure that s/he gets the protein needed per day without being overly concerned about filling up too quickly. This sleever puts it in his/her cream soups, puddings, and yogurts.


So what does this have to do with being intelligent? Not once had this approach crossed my mind!!! It seems so simple and common sense like. LOL. Just posting this and having fun with it - just in case anyone else has the same concern or is having an issue getting in protein while eating soft or pureed foods.....UNFLAVORED PROTEIN!!!


Thanks #1golfer, your post was right on time. Now I am going to take back this cookies and cream flavored powder and get an unflavored.


......the preceeding post was an "ah ha" moment that made my day!


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I use Unjury unflavored from time to time. it does come in handy when you jsut need that little bit of extra protien but really cant stomach another shake...... I love it in my SF chocolate pudding can not taste its evven there..... also great in making protien pancakes....

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Unflavored sounds like a good idea! I got the chicken flavored UNJURY protein today and am looking forward to trying it out .... Especially once I can start puréed/soft foods (Unjury has some suggestions - like mixing it into mashed potato mix). I only got my sleeve done on Monday, but have found that I can't stomach some of the sweet protein drinks .... Hope it works for you!

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I purchased the unjury soup but it said to use warm water not hot. I just can't stand warm soup, it has to be hot. All the packets have a certain temp to keep it at. Not sure I like this

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Update....I finally purchased the unflavored protein powder about a week ago and it has been GREAT. During my full liquid phase I added it to almost everything......I am hooked on the low fat cream of chicken and cream of potato soup. I started my soft foods today and added it to yogurt and pudding.....I could not tell a big difference at all. I bought the Isopure brand at my local vitamin shoppe....it was $42 and I was not happy about the price but now that I am using it, I am SO GLAD that I bought it. I even added it to my cottage cheese today....lol...hey - just upped the protein content!

Oh yeah - the nutribullet - turns out this is a great investment. I love to cook .... so every morning I make a nutriblend "smoothie" and get to enjoy cutting a cucumber or apple etc to add to my blend. My favorite blend so far is with spinach, a slice of jalapeno, cucumber, and frozen fruit with no added suger....oh and apple juice - gotta put in a liquid to make it a smoothie!

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