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  1. I am two years post op to the day. I lost 122 pounds total but found 13 since my 1 year post op appt. I am 1 pound away from an "obeses" BMI again. (which really sucks because I am 149 at 5'5") My biggest struggle right now is the munchies. I drive 100 miles to and from work (200 miles round trip) and especially on the way home all I think about it eating. I bring healthy Snacks with me for the way home but they don't last very long. I try to give myself landmarks of when I can eat the next snack but that doesn't' work too well. I listen to talk radio for the company to try and get my mind off food, got internet radio so I can listen to comedians and all I think about is food. I do my elliptical every other night which is a struggle because I absolutely hate to exercise (topic for another thread). Need suggestions, help, support on getting rid of these munchies. I absolutely can not let myself go back from where I came. My 'skinny' clothes are already not fitting right and I refuse to go out and buy new stuff again.
  2. Barisaxylady

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    I'm 5'5" and usually wear a size 6 pant, medium top. I do have some size 4s and smalls. ????
  3. Barisaxylady

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Plus 20 pre-op. hope the picture comes through.
  4. Barisaxylady

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Today is my one year surgi-versary! Down 122 pounds and trying to maintain at 135. (Even though I would secretly like to see 129 on the scale just once!) at my 1 year post op appointment I was told I've lost 98% of my excess weight. I'll take that!
  5. Barisaxylady

    September 25Th Sleevers!

    It's here! Hard to believe its been 1 year already! Happy surgi-versary everyone. I am down 122 total, including pre-op. Officially trying to maintain at 135 but secretly would like to see 129 on the scale just once!
  6. Barisaxylady

    August 2013

    These were taken on my 40th Birthday cruise in August 2013. I turned 40 in February 2013
  7. Barisaxylady

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    I want it "all done baby! ". But the wallet has other ideas. I have to have a hernia repaired eventually so hopefully can have that and a tummy tuck at the same time!
  8. Barisaxylady

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    That's my biggest fear. So many people say ow proud they are of me, I tell them this was the easy part and they can be proud when I'm this weight next year!
  9. Barisaxylady

    What will IT look like? Maybe be tmi for some...

    I couldn't believe when I got my first bikini wax that I had stretch marks on my mond. Didn't even consider that possible! Lol
  10. Barisaxylady

    September 25Th Sleevers!

    On time! Happy 11 months!
  11. Barisaxylady

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Wow, you look about 16 in the second picture,
  12. Barisaxylady

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    Where are you going to loose 20 lbs from? You look fabulous! Keep it up!
  13. Barisaxylady

    I Want To See Before & After Pics!

    121 pounds down in less than a year. Working on maintenance. And I really hate except isle but I need to work on toning. This after pose really hides my floppy arms, belly and thighs.
  14. Barisaxylady

    Post Op September Sleevers, Roll Call

    Hello all. Fortunately I've been maintaining but since my vacation my eating has been out of control. Haven't been on MFP in forever. I really need to get myself back on there. I am barisaxylady on there too if anyone wants to add me so we can keep each other honest. I also have a FitBit if anyone is on there and wants to add me.

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