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  1. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    People pointing the fingers need to look in the mirror.
  2. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    I'm a native too, and I have more than a Master's degree...so you really can't turn it around. I was not referring to the subject matter of education, rather the rest of of it. Really, learn to think, and leave me alone, because you really don't know what you are talking about.
  3. Angelmom

    Men: Telling "the Guys" About Your Surgery

    Sounds like you need some new friends, maybe?...especially when they cut to "demoting" you to being female for having the procedure.
  4. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    YOU are the people forgetting that I am entitled to my own feelings on whether or not I would want to go to Mexico or any other country besides the U.S. and why I think things are worth it or not, etc. I always stand on principal, and live with the consequences of what is happening to our nation every day. That is part of my life, and I am allowed to express my opinion anytime I want. That is the American way! It's too bad you are so offended...and that's another thing that is wrong with this country...too many people offended all the time...many of them illegal aliens and anchor babies or do-gooder liberals who are blinded by their college education. Grow up and stop the baggering.
  5. Thanks. Where do you buy it?
  6. Angelmom

    Dry Curly Hair

    I have very dry, super thin, curly/wavy hair, that falls out in a men's balding pattern. It really stinks! It's pretty long, so you can't tell all that much at first. Mine got thinner and stayed thinner because of the hundreds of pounds I have gained and lost over the years. First, I use Pert or Prell to wash out the oils that seem to pile up so much on my hair, and then I use Nioxin shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo can be used quite sparingly, and the conditioner, I largely put right in the front on the top of my head and spread it out from there onto the scalp. I massage a little, let it sit on top of my head and then use Herbal Essence pink bottle...color me simple I thin it is...on the ends of my hair and work to the top, and let it all sit while I do the rest of the shower. Sometimes, instead of that conditioner, I will use Pantene's conditioner that they have for Black women, or I will follow one up with the other, then rinse it. After that, especially now, I will use Ion's shine oil...just a teeny bit on the ends where it's really in need of care, and work it up...but not too much toward the scalp because it's an oil that will make me have to wash my hair again. I also use an Ion cream for curly hair...it's a white tube with green writing....and only a little...it isn't greasy and makes the curls pop more. Sometimes I spray my hair a little after the shower with Johnson and Johnson detangler after I put the Ion oil on the ends, and that helps too...especially after being layed up and not able to take as many showers...the hair gets knotted up a bit. I also bought a product called Foltene from a discount store. I don't know if it works, but it can't help and isn't greasy, so I use that too. I always wanted to try that Wen. However, Morroccan oil and Argon oil absolutely do nothing for my hair but grease it up. Your hair doesn't look too fine, so maybe it will work for you, but if it is fine, I'd buy a sample and try that before making the investment on a larger bottle.
  7. Hi Sherri: I also saw the acid prevention meds discussed. We have to take it daily, for three months, to prevent serious complications, such as, ulcers. I have to say that today, I really don't want those buscuits anymore...the desire dropped off. I know I should eat something and heated up a left over Amaretto Capuccino, and it's still sitting on my little table. I prefer my mind choosing what and when to eat, than my (whatever it is) telling me to eat, eat, EAT! I was so glad to hear other ladies are having similar problems! It helps to know we are not alone, and that we are normal. I liked the Prevacid capsules that have to be opened to let the little balls out. Those don't taste bad like these tablets that I have to cut in half, and I think they worked better. Problem is, they're expensive, and otc. I'm sucking up the bad taste of the tablet I have to cut in half and take, in order to save money. I wonder if, when we are further down the road, and more "normal" if we should take an acid reducer to stop hunger?...or, would that just cause the food we do eat to rot inside of us, like I know can happen. Cindi
  8. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    I'm not your sister, and you are wrong. I don't need your redeeming, and as I told you in the personal email I sent back to you in response to your scathingly inappropriately assumption filled message to me. The versuses you site are not relevant, and you need to keep it related to the topic.
  9. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    I understand. I heard about those places that are like a spa. I saw something about a woman who had some form of cancer who went to Pakistan or somewhere like that, and the place was like a vacation....unlike the treatment I got after my procedure. One of the rounds doctors tried to send me home the next day. I refused, and ended up there for four nights, and should have been there longer...or they were going to put me in a nursing home. Even if that was to be the case...I would never want to risk problems in another country no matter how spa-like it is. You're braver than me!...but wouldn't super nice treatment after surgery in this country be sweet!
  10. Hi, Tamara. Thank you for your reply, too. After I wrote on here, thinking my sleeve wasn't working anymore either...after just 4 weeks...I was worried and feeling a bit like a failur, but then I went and did a search. Some other women posted something similar a couple years ago...so now I don't feel the same as I did, either. I was also wondering if maybe I didn't take my acid prevention tablet early enough. I keep forgetting to take it and don't much enjoy the bitter taste of it...and as a result, I keep taking it about now, at night. I'm going to take it in the morning and see if that works. Best of luck to you, too!
  11. Anyone from NE Pa? I'd be interested in starting a little local group.
  12. Depending on what the reasons are, you can try and adjust your position with pillows, prop your legs up with pillows while raising them up on the recliner. I sleep with either a fan in the window, the ceiling fan, or a big fan on the floor blowing either on me or away from me...any one or a combination, to help me sleep. If I am hungry and cannot sleep, I eat something...even though it's late...getting my protein is the most important thing I have to do...same for you. Perhaps a nice shower, some lotion on your skin, comfy socks, and a hot chocolate...while sitting in front of the tv watching something you enjoy until you fall asleep will help. Try different things until you feel comfy...that should help.
  13. Angelmom

    Is It Worth It?!

    My surgery was exactly 28 days ago, and my care at Geisinger hospital in Danville, Pennsylvania was less than stellar! I thought I was going to die between the poor care, being left in supine position in the hallways for hours with semi-collapsed lungs, and the massive overwhelming pain that could not be controlled. My situation was so bad.....I still cry when I think about it, and I am in the process of writing a scathing letter to the hospital nursing coordinator...and maybe seeing a lawyer. I am still in pain and coughing crap up from that procedure...and the lack of care I got afterward. But...when I read your story, I feel fortunate. Personally, I would never go to Mexico to have any procedure...Mexico and Hispanics are tearing our country apart, and I would never want to give them money to continue to do so, or whatever else...and those are my feelings and beliefs on the situation regarding Mexico...but...I am going to have to agree with you 1000% about having someone with you at ALL times in case of poor care, as in my case, and as in the case of complications like you had. My daughter had to tell the nurses what to do, and she's just a child. I could go on and on about it...but you are so right! Is it worth it? I have lost 35 pounds in 28 days....and 34 of them were in about 20 days. The 35th pound fell today. Ask me in one year if it's worth it. At this point, even 35 pounds is NOT worth it. This procedure should be an absolute LAST resort. God bless and keep you, and all of us, as you/we recover.
  14. The last few days have been more energetic, and I have not taken naps, though I was tired and needed to sit and rest. I've been to the doctor, and he said the scab is normal...but I have to tell you... I don't think it was...I say was because it loosened again, and spun around, then clinged by a thread of connective tissue, and so I pulled on it to see if it hurt. It didn't so I finished taking it off....and then began the bleeding. I can only assume it was a capillary forming a connection....or losing it's connection. Since then, the wound has run clear fluid and gotten smaller, less red and raised on the edges and the middle has filled in a lot more. I think my body was trying to get that scab off! ...amazing what a body can do, how it thinks on it's own. I went to my first post-surgery support group, and it was interesting, to say the least. There was a loud woman there, who sat next to...you guessed it!...me! She interrupted everyone who was talking, including me, and afterward another woman and I got to hear her entire life story, fraught with contradictions, and the spit that sprayed across the sidewalk, onto my arm, as she reached up and moved a hair out of my face with her grody hand, while revealing that her girlfriend who was her fiance, died of cancer! Whoa! She wants to carpool with me! I don't think so! She wiggled her parts all over and showed us very visually how the plastic surgeon who visited held her vagina in his hand, and how she has been single for 8 years...but how she is married to a man now and divorcing after one year, and how this surgeon was getting her off...good grief! Everything she said had shock value to it, and was incredibly unproductive, irritating, and funny. I found myself wondering if I behave that way-if I annoy the bologny out of other people, and I hope to God, not! You never know who is going to show up to that meeting. Today, I am hungry, like all day, I've been hungry. I did lose another pound, today, but all I've wanted to do is eat...and yes, my belly has been physically hungry. Last night, my daughter made flaky buscuits. Once or twice a year I will let her bake them. Trouble is, that's all I've "wanted" to eat. Yesterday, what was left of a gallon bag of meatballs I made in preparation for the surgery was cooked slowly on the stove with sauce for the children....they ate all the others that were in the bag at other meals. I really wanted meatballs after the surgery, and couldn't get or really have any, anyway....so these, my delicious meatballs were smelling so good, and I'm allowed meat. So, I had one, and then the rest of the day, at the other four. I wanted more than what was left over, and wished I had more. Now, I'm wondering, why on Earth am I wanting those buscuits....and what's up with the meatballs?! I know I'm hungry, and haven't been able to eat more than about 500 calories, but today, I have been very hungry...and stuck to high quality protein, except for the bit of buscuit I allowed myself to have....but, I can't have those things in the house, anymore, and told my daughter that they won't be coming back because they are not healthy for any of us. What I don't want is to feel a drive to eat whatever it might be, ever again....whether my hunger is real or not. I need to figure out how to sort this out. On October 15, I have a meeting with the psychologist, and I'm going to talk with her about it. I walked at least a half mile today, and did two loads of laundry, as well as looked after my two little buddies who are both ill...daughter with headache, and son with stomach bug. He slept for twenty-four hours straight...hopefully, he can go to school in the morning. He is very upset about missing school...which is a welcome change from previous years. I prayed for them to be well, as they have prayed for mommy. I am now down 35lbs...and as I write this, I am wondering if PMS has anything to do with my increased hunger. I do get hungrier at that time, and have more pain in my back, as well. I wonder what other ladies go through regarding cravings and hunger post-sleeve, during PMS time...and how they handle it. I have had to take those buscuits and dump water on them, then put them in the trash. I had pain that made me think I was dying after my procedure...and one thing I never want to happen is that I'd forget that suffering and trade it in for a buscuit! And I reject my own rationalizations that lead to making it ok to have one...because that one does not satisfy...another one is always wanted. I want to be successful, and this is thee last resort, it's now or never! My skin has bee so dry that nothing helped. My skin would slough off after the shower when drying with the towel. I went on a search for lotions and remedies, and found a new lotion by Dial called NurtriSkin. I bought the extra dry with shea butter version and I like it. The lotion seeps into the skin and moisturizes for a long time. I also liked the Mango Aloe Vera lotion that Sally Beauty sells, but the Dial one works well enough. The scales on my elbows that were literally sticking off my skin have smoothed and healed, and the backs of my hands are improving, as well. The rosacea is also calming down, as my face has been incredibly red for weeks after surgery.
  15. Angelmom

    Afraid To Eat :)

    Yoplait Greek 100 calorie yogurt with less than 15 grams sugar is a good one. I like lime and cherry best...but the cherries are not to be eaten...I spit them out, or pick them out. I was told that you can have any Protein, really, as long as it is moist, and chewed down to nothing. I started with an egg cooked in a little butter--that's how I like it. Then, tuna fish with olive oil may. Tuna goes into my sleeve with no problems, and tastes good...but I still don't feel like eating. I have had chicken breast, and Healthy Ones smoked turkey breast, and a little bit of ham, too. Tonight, I'm going to try taco meat. As long as you chew it down to bits...as if it came from a blender, you'll be fine. Some people can have cream of wheat, I read, but I am not allowed that because it's a starch....I wouldn't recommend it, either, because it swells and can hurt your stomach. You need the protein.

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