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28 Days Post-Op, Interesting Support Group Meeting, Cravings



The last few days have been more energetic, and I have not taken naps, though I was tired and needed to sit and rest. I've been to the doctor, and he said the scab is normal...but I have to tell you... I don't think it was...I say was because it loosened again, and spun around, then clinged by a thread of connective tissue, and so I pulled on it to see if it hurt. It didn't so I finished taking it off....and then began the bleeding. I can only assume it was a capillary forming a connection....or losing it's connection. Since then, the wound has run clear fluid and gotten smaller, less red and raised on the edges and the middle has filled in a lot more. I think my body was trying to get that scab off! ...amazing what a body can do, how it thinks on it's own.


I went to my first post-surgery support group, and it was interesting, to say the least. There was a loud woman there, who sat next to...you guessed it!...me! She interrupted everyone who was talking, including me, and afterward another woman and I got to hear her entire life story, fraught with contradictions, and the spit that sprayed across the sidewalk, onto my arm, as she reached up and moved a hair out of my face with her grody hand, while revealing that her girlfriend who was her fiance, died of cancer! Whoa! She wants to carpool with me! I don't think so! She wiggled her parts all over and showed us very visually how the plastic surgeon who visited held her vagina in his hand, and how she has been single for 8 years...but how she is married to a man now and divorcing after one year, and how this surgeon was getting her off...good grief! Everything she said had shock value to it, and was incredibly unproductive, irritating, and funny. I found myself wondering if I behave that way-if I annoy the bologny out of other people, and I hope to God, not! You never know who is going to show up to that meeting.


Today, I am hungry, like all day, I've been hungry. I did lose another pound, today, but all I've wanted to do is eat...and yes, my belly has been physically hungry. Last night, my daughter made flaky buscuits. Once or twice a year I will let her bake them. Trouble is, that's all I've "wanted" to eat. Yesterday, what was left of a gallon bag of meatballs I made in preparation for the surgery was cooked slowly on the stove with sauce for the children....they ate all the others that were in the bag at other meals. I really wanted meatballs after the surgery, and couldn't get or really have any, anyway....so these, my delicious meatballs were smelling so good, and I'm allowed meat. So, I had one, and then the rest of the day, at the other four. I wanted more than what was left over, and wished I had more. Now, I'm wondering, why on Earth am I wanting those buscuits....and what's up with the meatballs?! I know I'm hungry, and haven't been able to eat more than about 500 calories, but today, I have been very hungry...and stuck to high quality protein, except for the bit of buscuit I allowed myself to have....but, I can't have those things in the house, anymore, and told my daughter that they won't be coming back because they are not healthy for any of us.


What I don't want is to feel a drive to eat whatever it might be, ever again....whether my hunger is real or not. I need to figure out how to sort this out. On October 15, I have a meeting with the psychologist, and I'm going to talk with her about it.


I walked at least a half mile today, and did two loads of laundry, as well as looked after my two little buddies who are both ill...daughter with headache, and son with stomach bug. He slept for twenty-four hours straight...hopefully, he can go to school in the morning. He is very upset about missing school...which is a welcome change from previous years. I prayed for them to be well, as they have prayed for mommy.


I am now down 35lbs...and as I write this, I am wondering if PMS has anything to do with my increased hunger. I do get hungrier at that time, and have more pain in my back, as well. I wonder what other ladies go through regarding cravings and hunger post-sleeve, during PMS time...and how they handle it. I have had to take those buscuits and dump water on them, then put them in the trash.


I had pain that made me think I was dying after my procedure...and one thing I never want to happen is that I'd forget that suffering and trade it in for a buscuit! And I reject my own rationalizations that lead to making it ok to have one...because that one does not satisfy...another one is always wanted. I want to be successful, and this is thee last resort, it's now or never!


My skin has bee so dry that nothing helped. My skin would slough off after the shower when drying with the towel. I went on a search for lotions and remedies, and found a new lotion by Dial called NurtriSkin. I bought the extra dry with shea butter version and I like it. The lotion seeps into the skin and moisturizes for a long time. I also liked the Mango Aloe Vera lotion that Sally Beauty sells, but the Dial one works well enough. The scales on my elbows that were literally sticking off my skin have smoothed and healed, and the backs of my hands are improving, as well. The rosacea is also calming down, as my face has been incredibly red for weeks after surgery.


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I am a week out of surgery today and 3 days ago I got the worst hunger, I seriously wanted to eat EVERYTHING. I have been so upset thinking that this surgery might have been a mistake and totally beating myself up. While reading your post I had a breakthrough, I too am pms-ing. I felt like a ton of bricks were taken off my chest when you mentioned this in your post, I realized that IS whats wrong with me. I always get insanely hungry during this time. I was so worried I was always going to feel like this since my surgery is so new but now I know it will pass. You have no idea how much this post meant to me, Thanks for sharing your experience and making me realize what was going on with me :)!! Best of Luck to you!

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Hi, Tamara. Thank you for your reply, too. After I wrote on here, thinking my sleeve wasn't working anymore either...after just 4 weeks...I was worried and feeling a bit like a failur, but then I went and did a search. Some other women posted something similar a couple years ago...so now I don't feel the same as I did, either. I was also wondering if maybe I didn't take my acid prevention tablet early enough. I keep forgetting to take it and don't much enjoy the bitter taste of it...and as a result, I keep taking it about now, at night. I'm going to take it in the morning and see if that works. Best of luck to you, too!

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Hi Tamara and Cindi,

I'm between the two of you at 3 weeks out. Thanks for your posts. I am usually hungry during PMS also so now if hunger hits big time next week I won't freak out. :)

Cindi, you mentioned your acid prevention tablet. I saw mention of that somewhere before. Does that affect your hunger? I ask because I've not been all that consistent in taking mine and have had some days I was clearly more hungry. Never correlated the two.

Thanks, Sherri

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Hi Sherri:

I also saw the acid prevention meds discussed. We have to take it daily, for three months, to prevent serious complications, such as, ulcers.

I have to say that today, I really don't want those buscuits anymore...the desire dropped off. I know I should eat something and heated up a left over Amaretto Capuccino, and it's still sitting on my little table. I prefer my mind choosing what and when to eat, than my (whatever it is) telling me to eat, eat, EAT!

I was so glad to hear other ladies are having similar problems! It helps to know we are not alone, and that we are normal.

I liked the Prevacid capsules that have to be opened to let the little balls out. Those don't taste bad like these tablets that I have to cut in half, and I think they worked better. Problem is, they're expensive, and otc. I'm sucking up the bad taste of the tablet I have to cut in half and take, in order to save money.

I wonder if, when we are further down the road, and more "normal" if we should take an acid reducer to stop hunger?...or, would that just cause the food we do eat to rot inside of us, like I know can happen.


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I would like to suggest Cera Ve lotion for the skin. I started using it because I have eczema and it helps with the itching. It also acts to help minimize eczema. Anyway, my skin, which had been dry and flaky like yours is now soft and flakyless (I know that's not a word.). It doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin either. It has my highest recommendation.

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Careful ladies with the creams and lotions. I know during the HCG diets which is esentially a ketogenic diet that lotions and oils are forbidden as they are absorbed in the skin same as fat and your body must rid them the same. Meaning you are adding fat into you body and may cause a stall. Test to see if it has any effect on your weight loss.

Brush skin to get the dead cells off.

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