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    nursing38 reacted to kimbernada in Gastric Sleeve Surgery - What My Doc Told Me to Expect   
    I had absolutely no gas pains at all after my surgery. I planned for it and even had the Gas-X strips in my "entertainment" bag that I packed for my overnight stay at the hospital. My doctor said that my surgery was by the book - and kind of boring. Yay to boring!!
    I have had zero regrets for my surgery. Here's to a great surgery and recovery for you too!!
    The only sad thing is that I haven't really had a chance to have a new favorite pair of jeans!! I've also learned that when you do start dropping weight, don't buy too many jeans - unless, of course, you wear them every day. We can only wear jeans to work on Fridays, so having one pair that fits is enough for me right now. I can wear the jeans on Fridays and on the weekends if I need to... the poor things get replaced too often.
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    nursing38 reacted to Looking Ahead in Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?   
    I can totally relate...I've been on a slow stall for over a month. I may only go poo maybe 3 times a week. But when I do, I feel like I'm giving birth...literally screaming and hanging on to the sink for dear life in pain begging for an epidural. I know I don't get enough water....I figure that is most of my problem... It gets worse when I eat almonds.
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    nursing38 reacted to kyllfalcon in Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?   
    Hilarious!!! As a formerly very-regular poo-er, I have to join in the commiseration regarding the Poo Monster. At one year out, I am regular again, I go every day, sometimes several times each day, but usually it's the jagged little marble things. But, like you, every now and then some smelly serpentine thing comes along. WTH??
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    nursing38 reacted to Squisha in I Miss My Fat....keep reading....   
    I am with you, i just can't seem to stay warm, all of my vitamin levels are normal. I have never been a fan of the cold but this winter is kicking my but. The intense cold is also not normal here in South East Virginia, and I am looking forward to next week when we are supposed to be up near 70 again.
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    nursing38 reacted to DrmBig4Evr in Just when you think it can't get worse, lol   
    I am praying for you! And this too shall pass! Look forward and never look in your rearview!
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    nursing38 reacted to Pookeyism in Would Love To Hear From All Of The Sleevers On What Worked For Them To Help Lose Weight Faster : )   
    I can't speek of speedier ways, I was offered medication because of a metabolism issue, btu it didn't help via regulating me, it only amped up my thermostat - speed, basically - so I declined.
    Exercize - small, varied exercise will help alot, I think - and just dont fret.
    I have after a long time come to peace with the fact that I am losing slowly, but the sleeve will help me stay on track, and I lose inches even when I dont lose pounds.
    May I suggest you find things to keep you occupied? Painting, taking a class, or rediscover the things you lost as you gained the weight? I have took up swordsmanship again, and contact juggling, poi and hula hoops - I lose hours and build up a sweat, and the days just roll by...until the day I went into Old Navy to buy a summer slip, and had to get a 12 instead of the 14 I picked out...

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    nursing38 reacted to geralynbrock in Would Love To Hear From All Of The Sleevers On What Worked For Them To Help Lose Weight Faster : )   
    I would agree with the others that exercise is one key. I work out a minimum of 4x/week: 30 minutes on the treadmill (varying speeds and hill intervals) and 30 minutes of strength training.
    Another important factor is TAKE ENOUGH PROTEIN. A bare miminum is 65g/day.
    Take your vitamins and calcium. Very important.
    Good luck! You will do great!
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    nursing38 got a reaction from Zazi in Thanksgiving Horror!   
    agreed. cheating always makes you feel worse. You did survive though. just remember this when christmas comes next month. good luck on your journey.
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    nursing38 got a reaction from Zazi in Thanksgiving Horror!   
    agreed. cheating always makes you feel worse. You did survive though. just remember this when christmas comes next month. good luck on your journey.
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    nursing38 got a reaction from Darkkyss in Finally Losing Again 219 This Am!   
    I completely understand. I have been stuck at 219 for over a month. I have tried breaking the stall but not much luck. I also want to be 190-200 by january. just keep up the work outs and monitor your intake. make sure your protien and fluid intake is up. good luck.
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    nursing38 reacted to slojo in 85 Lbs Lost Reward:)   
    I got my reward a little bit before goal as well, I got a brand new Harley Davidson motorcycle from my husband. I learn to ride it this weekend!!! Congratulations to you, your pendant is absolutely gorgeous!
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    nursing38 reacted to LaBelle509 in 85 Lbs Lost Reward:)   
    Thnx!.... only thing is, now I don't know what to ask for lol!!
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    nursing38 reacted to sheila2050 in Jennifer Livingston, Tv Anchor And The Weight Debate   
    The ironic part is, the anchor woman is a fantastic role model while the self-righteous, fit lawyer is setting an awful example of intolerance born of ignorance.
    Thanks for the posts. Enjoyed your blog on it. You would make a good spokesperson for the challenges of the obese and how other people can offer support.
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    nursing38 got a reaction from ashleyxx in I Need To Lose 150-180 Pounds, I Need Your Opinions!   
    my co-worker has lost 180lbs with the sleeve. it is possible stick to your guns. those that have had the bypass seem to gain it back. good luck.
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    nursing38 reacted to BrickHouse in Privacy Issues At Work   
    Go over her head. It was not only unprofessional, but illegal.
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    nursing38 reacted to Thyckness718 in Here We Go!   
    Good luck on your journey and you will succeed. People always have something negative to say so please don't let what this a**holes say get you down. At the end of the day you are doing what you have to do to get healthy and even though I don't know you I am proud of you because this is a big step, so take a bow*HUGS*
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    nursing38 reacted to made4more in Tired Of The Games   
    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think you should crap in wheaties- you have every bit of reason to warn others about the possible complications that can happen, so that they can be fully educated.
    It's weird. usually im so scared, but even reading the horror stories, i really do still wnat the surgery
    im going to pm you- ill understnad if you don't want to read it or reply since you are trying not to deal w/ the negative right now, but id o have a question.
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    nursing38 reacted to Mab in Tired Of The Games   
    I am so so sorry. I wish I could share my insurance with you. What are the chances of you being able to get a correction? You had surgery in Mexico, right? What does the surgeon say?
    You're not pissing on anyone's rainbow. Your honesty about your situation will help others decide if this is the right thing for them to do.
    I get what you're saying about not wanting to eat anywhere but home. I hate, hate eating at work, but since that's where I spend 8 hours of my day, I have to.
    I'm really worried about you, please don't keep all of this to yourself. I wish I knew how to help you.
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    nursing38 got a reaction from Dooter in Dear Food: You Suck! ....and I Love You...   
    you said everything I have been thinking....love it, The taste of food has not changed for me, but 1 bite of the bad stuff is enough and I am satisfied. I am 5 weeks out and barely eating some a few bites of tuna.
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    nursing38 reacted to Lyra in Dear Food: You Suck! ....and I Love You...   
    "I'm not breaking up with you, because I still need you to live"
    Hahaha! I was drinking tea when I read that and almost had an accident! Very funny!
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    nursing38 reacted to Charlotte in Dear Food: You Suck! ....and I Love You...   
    Just gotta love this. I had a love hate relationship with food forever and now I can take it or leave it. My favorite foods don't taste good and the things I hated taste great. Love the fact that all I need is just a taste (1 bite) of something and then walk away.
    I hated green veggies wouldn't eat them at all and now I find I crave them go figure.
    I am 6.5 weeks out and eating (tasting) food again but with out the worries. If I even have 1 bite more than my stomach thinks it can handle it lets me know in a hurry. Love'n my sleeve. I average about 4-5oz any more than that I get sick.
    Food has lost it's appeal for me and am very thankful.
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    nursing38 reacted to Cheles in Dear Food: You Suck! ....and I Love You...   
    Love it!

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