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  1. I am an R.N. and took 6 weeks off and I do lift patients at work. Once I went back the physical therapist had to clear me for lifting and the staff was nice to take it easy on me the first couple weeks. If you can take it off do it.
  2. I have not had anything off the kids menu because it is either pasta, hamburgers or hot dogs. I will usually order a healthy option off the adult menu, eat what I can and take the rest home for 3-4 meals at work. My local Chinese restaurant has a really good soup I usually get. I am not able to eat beef or fried foods since surgery without pain and nausea. At high end restaurants I will get the appetizer and that is usually just the perfect portion. Everyone tells me I am a cheap date now.
  3. veet, because with all the extra skin I ge cut up bad. veet works wonders.
  4. nursing38

    Rating protein powders

    I use the premier protien from costco on work days for convience. But still dont like the texture and taste as much as I like the GNC wheybolic. I like the strawberry, cookies and cream and the chocolate. Also u can order sugar free syrups(torani/de vinci) to add and change the taste. I tried the gnc fruit punch but it was not my thing. A friend of mine prefers the premier drinks. There are so many choices. Also recently started using the isopure natural which has no flavor. I bought it from amazon. I love it. I mix it with water, spinach, frozen berries, splenda and ice and it is yummy. I also add chia or flax powder. you are just going to have to taste test because everyone is different. even on different days of the month my taste differ, go figure. GNC does let you take things back as I have used that service. The guys there were great on recommendations. I tried the bariatric advantage protien flavors to add to water but did not like them. Another friend is using them and likes them so it worked out.
  5. nursing38

    February 2013

    You look great, you need to be proud of what you have accomplished.
  6. nursing38

    Bizarre trend?

    TES, I would agree I was sleeved in Mexico and Dr. Aceves sent me everything before surgery and answered all my questions. Every person no matter where they have surgery needs to understand what they are getting into before surgery. I do know that I have given the same teaching to 2 people at the same time and they both walked away with different things. Those with regrets seem to be the ones who are either having complications they didn't expect or were not mentally ready for the changes to thier lives. People seem to forget this is a major surgery and anatomy altering one at that. You may not be at the hospital long but you still need to take it seriously in the effect it will have on your life.
  7. nursing38


    my insurance doesn't cover it so I went to Mexicalli and paid $8750, most of which I was able to pay with my tax refund. So happy I did it.
  8. nursing38

    feeling wonderful

    From the album: preop

  9. nursing38

    Anyone out there an RN?

    I work med/surg 12 hour shifts. I waited 6 weeks as my job required I be able to lift at least 50# before releasing me. I enjoyed being able to just concentrate on my body and learning to eat again. if you can take the time.
  10. nursing38

    Is this normal?

    was the surgery laparascopic or open? there should only be an ache by the 3rd day. but make sure you are taking it easy and not moving alot or lifting. if it does not get better notify the surgeon.
  11. nursing38

    A word on pop (soda for some)

    That was me over a year ago. I was addicted to pepsi. sometimes i was only drinking soda and not eating. I quit in october 2011. I was able to do it so knew i was ready to have the surgery. I was sleeved in march and these were the 2 best decisions of my life. good luck with your surgery it will be the best thing ever.
  12. nursing38

    11/12 98# down

    From the album: preop

  13. nursing38

    11/20/12 98# down

    From the album: preop

  14. nursing38

    Thanksgiving Horror!

    agreed. cheating always makes you feel worse. You did survive though. just remember this when christmas comes next month. good luck on your journey.
  15. nursing38

    Exercise Illiterate...help;)

    you can do it, it takes practice. just get on it and start slow and build up. in no time you will start to feel great. also walking is great. park farther from stores to get in extra exercise and use the stairs instead of elevators. it is hard at first but every little bit helps. good luck.
  16. nursing38

    Hey Ladies Im 212 Now Pics Attach

    i was just there. I went back to a liquids diet for 3 days this weekend and lost 2.5 lbs. make sure you are getting in the protien and water. this seems to help me. I have had a few stalls in the last 7 months. this always works.
  17. nursing38

    6 months post op

    From the album: preop

  18. nursing38

    Finally Losing Again 219 This Am!

    I completely understand. I have been stuck at 219 for over a month. I have tried breaking the stall but not much luck. I also want to be 190-200 by january. just keep up the work outs and monitor your intake. make sure your protien and fluid intake is up. good luck.
  19. nursing38

    Surgery Today!

    good luck and enjoy the journey to your new life. there will be good and bad days but you can do it.

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