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Monster Poos - The Smelly Secret Behind Stalls or What can Brown Doodoo for you?



blogs/blog-0771249001360975123.jpgUpdate: 4-26-3013:

It's still amazing to see what and how much comes out of me, considering how little I am eating. Most of the time, it feels like I am passing jagged rocks and it comes out looking like a pile of marbles. Then there are times like today, where this monstrous poo python emerges. And I'm thinking, "Where the hell did that come from? I just pooped yesterday and I haven't changed my eating habits or eaten extra food."


Is there some storage area in the intestines I don't know about? Are my guts becoming some kind of Dooms Day Prepper? Some kind of "just in case we need it" secret poo stash?


Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? B)






I was visited by the infamous 3rd week stall. I didn't lose any more weight for about 5 days. Hit a 2nd wall on week 5, same thing. It takes me 4 - 6 days to start losing again. It helps speed up the process when I walk a little more than normal.


But I've learned that part of the stall is tied to bowel movements. Post-Op, I only go every other day or every 3rd day depending on how much fiber/carbs I take in.


You might want to consider how much waste your body is holding onto. My bathroom visits aren't steady at this point, sometimes I'll go twice on the same day. I'll be thinking, "Where the hell did that come from? I know I haven't eaten that much!"


Sometimes I'll be over a pound lighter after a monster poop! My record is 2 lbs. :rolleyes:


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Hilarious!!! As a formerly very-regular poo-er, I have to join in the commiseration regarding the Poo Monster. At one year out, I am regular again, I go every day, sometimes several times each day, but usually it's the jagged little marble things. But, like you, every now and then some smelly serpentine thing comes along. WTH??

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I can totally relate...I've been on a slow stall for over a month. I may only go poo maybe 3 times a week. But when I do, I feel like I'm giving birth...literally screaming and hanging on to the sink for dear life in pain begging for an epidural. I know I don't get enough water....I figure that is most of my problem... It gets worse when I eat almonds.

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You should do your own research of course but it will take a full day and a half or longer for food you consume to go from "in" to "out". In other words, the poop you poop today is food you ate possibly yesterday or even the day before. Everyone is different though. This is an average.

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I am so glad that I am not the only one going through this, the only time I have a B M is when I take a laxative and them I go but won't go again until I take another laxative, and yes when I do go I am one to two pound's lighter, I have to take a lax two times a week or I will hurt. my sleeve was on 2-14-13 don't know how long I will have to take lax, and when I do go I to wonder were did all this come from.

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