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Thanksgiving Horror!



Well it's been 11 days since my surgery and i feel fantastic! (15 lbs down) however thanksgiving day was a real torture for me!!

This is the first thanksgiving i spend with my mom (she lives out of the country) and she came to visit, therefore it was a big deal for me, we cooked EVERYTHING thats soooo delicious and at the same time sooooo bad for our health!

As everybody ate i started making up "excuses" and trying to convince myself to try something mushy even though im still on phase 2 (protein shakes and full liquids) so stubborn that I am, i tried a tiny bit of mashed potatoes and a piece of dark meat turkey... everything was fine and dandy until the cold sweats and the nausea started!!!

I felt HORRIBLE!!! and I was so mad at myself for not following instructions!

If your doctor says DO NOT EAT SOLIDS guess what?! DONT! they know what they're doing and that's why they're professionals!

So after i ate i was trying for about an hour to debate whether i should or shouldn't vomit, and after taking zofran to calm the nausea i promised to myself never to eat solids until my stomach is ready to handle it.

I guess what i'm trying to say is cheating it's NOT worth it!! At the end of the day the food will always be there so compromising our health and well being for food it's not worth it. Needless to say, it ruined my thanksgiving and everybodys (Since they were worried about me)


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Wow, so sorry about thanksgiving. At least mashed potatoes will be ok by Xmas. I know how that feels I remember missing chewing. I am only 5, almost 6 mos but I tried to eat pizza once regular food was cleared and getting really sick. Lesson learned, I am much better at judging now.

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Amen! I am actually on soft foods. I had potatos and green beans with two slivers of turkey. I did fine and I was sleeved on 11/6

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