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  1. I had such an emotional day yesterday. I am typically not an emotional person (but things are changing....in a good way). So, Saturday evening I went out and I had a couple of drinks...and food. It wasn't a lot compared to how I would've in the past but it was more than I wanted. I got up Sunday and went to my Zumba class. After Zumba I started doing other stuff. All I thought was....Zumba was not enough. Although proud of myself for getting up and going to class after a night of celebrating with friends, I felt I needed to do more. About 6 hours later, I went back to gym and worked out on the elliptical to burn more calories. Going back helped me in so many ways because it was a better workout. I showed myself I am serious about this journey and even if I messed up, I can redeem myself by exercising more. It has set the tone for the week. I am not going into the week feeling like I screwed up...instead I feel like, I can pump it up harder. I think I am emotional now more than ever because food used to help me mask my feelings. I can no longer use it and all the emotional baggage comes out. Wow, I think I read something related to this but this really hit me as I typed it. Deep stuff. Well, wishing myself and everyone else out there, great things to come. We are victors.
  2. Gijane2012

    5 Weeks Post Op

    Loving your progress....and your attitude.
  3. Gijane2012

    Weight Loss Please Keep Going Down......

    Thanks everyone....I am encouraged. @scorpion509, I think I have lost inches. @Angela, I will focus my mind on a hobby besides scale. @marsha73, I won't give up. It seems like science, less intake, weight loss but I guess eventually things will go. Thanks again.
  4. I want this blog entry to be positive but I am filled with frustration. I have not written too much since my surgery. I had surgery on 8.23 and probably lost between 17 to 22 pounds, more or less. I went on vacation a week before my last weigh in. I know I gained weight on vacation but I refused to look when I had to weigh in for surgery. My first post surgery follow up on 9/6 showed I lost 17 pounds. My frustration is since that day my weight has gone up a pound and I have not lost anything else. I work out 4 to 6 times a week. I just need to know this is going to work. I won't lie and say mentally it takes me back to the Lapband failure. I am not claiming that but I have to voice real thoughts. I am going to keep pushing but I need to see results especially when I read so many great stories on here. I know we are all different but we all are the same when it comes to having this surgery to assist us in losing weight. I am proud of my 17 pounds but I want...need more weight loss. It just stopped.....I need weight loss to restart. Pray for me
  5. Gijane2012

    Possibly Tmi: Read With Caution

    My gallbladder is out so that explains me.....
  6. Gijane2012

    Possibly Tmi: Read With Caution

    I had something like that and I am about a week out. It was my first bowel movement and it came out as you described. The other day I was at work and I felt the urgency to go throughout and it was again as you described. I was not concerned about it. I figured it was due to gas they put in our stomach.
  7. Gijane2012

    Issues Three Days Post Op.

    Yeah, I got sleeved on 8.23 and I sipped stuff knowing I was far from drinking enough fluids. My stomach growled too. I didn't have burps but I had stomach pains....I guess from gas but it eventually stopped; I took GasX. I am able to drink more fluids without issue now. Hopefully it gets better the next few days.
  8. Gijane2012

    2 Weeks Post Op

    Your doctor said you can eat grits already? I am soooo jealous of you. I am on the post op diet of clear liquids for 2 weeks then some other stuff for 2 weeks but ultimately, I won't be able to eat food, food for 2 months. I know every doctor has their own protocol but although I am not struggling, grits sounds pretty good. Keep up the good work!
  9. Gijane2012

    8 Days -Post Op Questions

    O, I had my surgery 8.23 so I am recent too.
  10. Gijane2012

    8 Days -Post Op Questions

    Are you drinking your fluids, including your protein drink? As far as incisions, my largest one is still sore. The others I have no sensitivity to it. You can put some antibacterial ointment on it. If you have great concern, you should see a doctor. Don't fret over this....be proactive. Make some calls so you feel comfortable and confident. I was not overly tired post surgery....and my energy level increases as days go. I did feel light headed in the beginning and I was told to increase fluids, especially broth and protein drink. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. Gijane2012

    So Fat!

    Hang in there. I totally relate to your "aha" moment; I think I was in a JCP Store too, lol. Well, you are on the road to victory. Be encouraged. I had my surgery on 8.23 and let me tell you, your outlook on food will change. Seeing how I feel now and how I was then, I realize I was obsessed to food more than I would ever admitted to myself. Now, it does not bother me. I can walk away and not struggle. I am excited and I hope you become excited too. I am on my way to the gym now to aide in this weight loss process. Your first few days will be an adjustment but you are on the road to victory and one day both of us will shop in a different section of JCP. Good luck and keep us posted.
  12. Gijane2012

    Secret Or Not? What To Do!

    I want to say first & foremost, there are so many people the Lapband has failed. You, like me, blamed myself. If it was such a success rate, there would not be so many complaints about it. It has been successful for some but STOP blaming yourself. I had mine removed last week and got Sleeved same surgery. I was excited about my Band at the time and being a transparent person, I shared what I was going to do.....then later felt like a public failure. This time, I did not do that. I told 5 friends and my family. I told my friends to NOT share it with anyone and eventually I will in my own time. My point, I set my parameters. So if you tell no one but your husband & your bff, it is your right. People are used to me being transparent and I'm used to being transparent but I told myself, I will share when I am ready. I need to see success and plus not feel the self inflicted great expectations of others. Good luck.
  13. Gijane2012

    From "fluffy" To Thinner Back To Fluffy.....depressing!

    Your story is my story.....pretty much the same. I just got my lapband removed and sleeved last Thursday. The Lapband failed me, you and so many others. It has worked for some but common in many of us that it did not work.....WE HAVE BLAMED OURSELVES. The weight, the embarrasment and so many other things like, hiding. I relate to you. What I want to do is ENCOURAGE you to pilot your life regarding your Drs visits. "You demanded...." Good. You have to let them see you because their work is routine and unless you holler, they may not hear or see you. It took me years to do that because I blamed me for the Lapband failing. I took the captain's chair in June 2012 and had the defective band removed (got sleeved too) on 8/23. I felt like a failure because not everyone knew of my band but enough people did and it felt like a PUBLIC failure. Depression.......my middle name. I was a happy go lucky person......had to take meds. I did, I still do. I want you to be encouraged. I want you to be empowered. Writing and getting it out is good. Being emotional about it is good. I don't know how many pounds I have lost since pre-op diet and since I've been on my post op diet.......I haven't checked. You know why? I feel good because I believe and know it will work. Since surgery, my outlook for life is changing. I have VISION. I was so blinded by my own darkness and now I am coming out. I know I will be fully out more and more as I make progress. So, go through your mental process and use US. Use me. We are here for you because many of us are or have gone through the mental beat us, depression and so forth. The light is there. You are peeling off layers.......continue because the Sleeve is right there for you. Navigate your ship. Keep me posted.
  14. Gijane2012

    When Can I Start Working Out?

    You cannot go wrong to walk. Like you, I'm itching to work out. I am going to gym today for the first time since surgery on 8/23. Now, in my head, I want to hit it hard.......................but I won't. One, I am not even one week post surgery. Two, I don't want to overdo it. Three, it takes baby steps. I know my enthusiasm is because I am excited and I know working out will aid in my weight loss efforts. This is a life long journey and I respect it. I am going to the gym but I am keeping it light for a while until I get full clearance from my doctor. How AWESOME is it that I (probably you too) actually want to go to the gym? On the road to success. Life is good!
  15. Gijane2012

    Jealous Friends/family And Wls

    Hopefully your friend comes around and you two reconnect. We need our friends and have to love them through their faults. It is disappointing she has responded as such but a lot of times people don't know what to say and what comes out is stupid. I hope it works out as I know the VS will work. Take care of yourself because the road may get a little bumpy before you reach your destination. Got to focus on you now. Good luck and remember, you deserve this!
  16. Gijane2012

    Surgery Today!

    You've made an excellent decision. Stay focused and know the first few days may have you further questioning yourself but this works. Bumps to deal with know your light shines brighter and you are closer and closer to it each day....especially now.
  17. Gijane2012

    My Future Is Brighter.....

    I was sleeved on 8.23.12. It was a step into a new direction. The first few days have been an adjustment. My mindset is I must endure it to get where I want to go. I know from reading various blogs, entries, comments that I am pretty much guaranteed to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. What has been even greater is that since I know I WILL lose weight, I can think beyond my body image, beyond my disappointment with myself. It is amazing how I haulted so much of thinking because of self loathing. I am not where I want to be and it may take me a year more or less to get there but I know each day I move further away from where I was on 8.23.12. I achieved great weight loss on my own before but I am so thankful for this opportunity. It forces me to think about everything I put to my mouth. It forces me to think, "drink slowly" and eventually "eat slowly." I wondered as I go through these challenging days if I would blog again. All I wanted to do is read what everyone is or has gone through. I told myself I need to still write my experience down so in months to come, I can self reflect. I see the scale now and I know I can have a positive relationship with it. No longer will it collect dust on it and I cringe as I walk past it. Anyone in the Pre-Op stage, this is a journey. It is yours and only you can walk this walk. I realized this as I planned to go to the hospital. I owned it then. You see, I had a number of other surgeries and my support system has been in place. My scariest (for lack of a better word) part has been when I get separated from my friends and family and was taken into the presurgery holding area (right before going into the operating room). This time, I faced it. I let my support system stay where they were as I knew I had to face the most challenging part on my own anyway (they did not come to hospital with me). I did it. Now of course, that is my story, my issue but my point is OWN your journey. This is yours. Guaranteed results to come and with that I know my future is brighter.
  18. Wow, I just came back from vacation late Sunday evening. I had to start my pre-op diet while on vacation and I started good on Saturday but screwed up on Sunday. I am back in business today. As much as I ENJOYED my vacation, I also hated it. I was the fattest of the group. Although the others were smaller, they were SMASHING food. I ate too, more than what I usually would but less than they did. It is not fair but it is what it is. I also started thinking this is the last trip I will be able to eat as I know it so I got sad. Sad that it will take a surgery for me to get myself together. I so wish I could have overcome this weight battle on my own as I did in the past. I guess I am happy and sad. Surgery is days away. I need it as I look horrible. My face is full, stomach bulging...so many things I don't like. Pictures prove it too. I hated taking pics while I was on vacation. I thought, next year when we go on our major trip again, I will look great. I have so much to say but I am overwhelmed in my thoughts and can't type as fast as I think. Time for do it...write later...I cannot get my thoughts out now.
  19. Gijane2012

    Back From Vacation - Sleeve Countdown...8.23.12

    Thanks everyone, the support is needed and greatly appreciated. I cocooned myself in my house today as I continue on this pre-op diet. I am struggling with all the wants of the world, i.e., Cheetos, or any junk food. I have sucked on ice instead. I really appreciate the support.......
  20. Gijane2012

    Day 1-4 Of Pre-Op Two Week Liquid Diet

    Yeah, I feel both of you. I am leaving for 9 days, 8 of which will be on a cruise. The last 2 days of the cruise I start my pre-op diet. I am like, ugh, and like Jrzydva I have been a little bad. I've been wigging out for no reason......I'm not even hungry. I know I will do better on the cruise but I still dislike I start my pre-op while on vacation. The one thing that is AWESOME for me is my pre-op is 5 days. I've seen many on it for 2 weeks. I think your juice fast Peace36love is awesome. I used to juice fast a lot.....it will help you transition well into the pre-op diet. Well, I will talk with you when I return from my holiday.
  21. I love it....husband & wife doing it together. Prayers to him now and you later. I think that is so AWESOME. Keep us posted.
  22. Gijane2012

    Happy Surgiversary To Me!

    I love it.....your pics provides me so much inspiration. I can't wait until I'm at that point. We look like different people but we are the same....WOW!
  23. I called insurance company today and found out I am approved to have lapband removed and gastric sleeve. I am so elated. I wanted my surgery ASAP but I have a vacation scheduled so I had to wait until after the vacation. I am disappointed but happy at same time. Waiting gives me an opportunity to get my mind right. I know this will be my last vacation looking like this. I will do a video of my transformation. I have hated being in front of the camera but I know this is purposeful. I need to see this change. I have decided to share this surgery with a select few as I had what I felt to be a public failure with my lapband. I don't anticipate failing but how about a success that speaks loudly on its own. August 23rd is my rebirthday. Thank you God for all you've done and allowing me this blessing. I look forward to this journey of those who have gone where I am going. I look forward to encouraging those who are waiting to get where I currently am. I am so glad this site is here to hear this voice that has been quiet too long. I have to change my profile picture now.............because I am smiling big now.

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