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Pumping Up The Volume...exercise In, Emotional Baggage Out!



I had such an emotional day yesterday. I am typically not an emotional person (but things are changing....in a good way). So, Saturday evening I went out and I had a couple of drinks...and food. It wasn't a lot compared to how I would've in the past but it was more than I wanted. I got up Sunday and went to my Zumba class. After Zumba I started doing other stuff. All I thought was....Zumba was not enough. Although proud of myself for getting up and going to class after a night of celebrating with friends, I felt I needed to do more. About 6 hours later, I went back to gym and worked out on the elliptical to burn more calories. Going back helped me in so many ways because it was a better workout. I showed myself I am serious about this journey and even if I messed up, I can redeem myself by exercising more. It has set the tone for the week. I am not going into the week feeling like I screwed up...instead I feel like, I can pump it up harder.


I think I am emotional now more than ever because food used to help me mask my feelings. I can no longer use it and all the emotional baggage comes out. Wow, I think I read something related to this but this really hit me as I typed it. Deep stuff.


Well, wishing myself and everyone else out there, great things to come. We are victors.


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