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Weight Loss Please Keep Going Down......



I want this blog entry to be positive but I am filled with frustration. I have not written too much since my surgery. I had surgery on 8.23 and probably lost between 17 to 22 pounds, more or less. I went on vacation a week before my last weigh in. I know I gained weight on vacation but I refused to look when I had to weigh in for surgery. My first post surgery follow up on 9/6 showed I lost 17 pounds. My frustration is since that day my weight has gone up a pound and I have not lost anything else.

I work out 4 to 6 times a week. I just need to know this is going to work. I won't lie and say mentally it takes me back to the Lapband failure. I am not claiming that but I have to voice real thoughts.

I am going to keep pushing but I need to see results especially when I read so many great stories on here. I know we are all different but we all are the same when it comes to having this surgery to assist us in losing weight. I am proud of my 17 pounds but I want...need more weight loss. It just stopped.....I need weight loss to restart. Pray for me


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It would. did you measure yourself? s lot of times when weight loss stop the body change their size. so you are loosing inches not lbs.

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I stall more than I lose. I had to get a hobby so that my mind isn't always on weight loss and/or food and/or not losing. You get the idea. I started beading jewlery. It is a process and a life changing event, you must change with it. Keep it up.

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I totally hear what you are saying. I had surgery on 8/20 and at my 10 day post op I lost 15 pounds. Was very encouraged at the time. So I am 3 weeks and 3 days post op and I actually gained about 4 pounds. : ( I am eating right and walking everyday, so I am a little confused . My sister in law had the sleeve in January and she said her first month she was up and down with the weight also. She has since lost 50 pounds since January so it just takes a little time. Just try not to obsess and weigh too often. I know it is frustrating. Keep up the good work and dont give up. I know Im not giving up. Good luck to you!

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Thanks everyone....I am encouraged. @scorpion509, I think I have lost inches. @Angela, I will focus my mind on a hobby besides scale. @marsha73, I won't give up. It seems like science, less intake, weight loss but I guess eventually things will go. Thanks again.

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