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Back From Vacation - Sleeve Countdown...8.23.12



Wow, I just came back from vacation late Sunday evening. I had to start my pre-op diet while on vacation and I started good on Saturday but screwed up on Sunday. I am back in business today. As much as I ENJOYED my vacation, I also hated it. I was the fattest of the group. Although the others were smaller, they were SMASHING food. I ate too, more than what I usually would but less than they did. It is not fair but it is what it is. I also started thinking this is the last trip I will be able to eat as I know it so I got sad. Sad that it will take a surgery for me to get myself together. I so wish I could have overcome this weight battle on my own as I did in the past.

I guess I am happy and sad. Surgery is days away. I need it as I look horrible. My face is full, stomach bulging...so many things I don't like. Pictures prove it too. I hated taking pics while I was on vacation. I thought, next year when we go on our major trip again, I will look great.

I have so much to say but I am overwhelmed in my thoughts and can't type as fast as I think.

Time for do it...write later...I cannot get my thoughts out now.


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Hang in there! All your feelings are normal.

You must remember you are doing something positive for yourself-surgery is not a punishment ...

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Thanks everyone, the support is needed and greatly appreciated. I cocooned myself in my house today as I continue on this pre-op diet. I am struggling with all the wants of the world, i.e., Cheetos, or any junk food. I have sucked on ice instead. I really appreciate the support.......

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