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  1. Minnie Me

    July Sleevers

    TheNewMimi, Good luck on your surgery. We are here for you. I couldn't have done it without all the support here either. It is just way to scarey. But I would see people doing well and that would ease my fears.
  2. Minnie Me

    Vegas Sleevers

    Ldyrn1 Good luck on August 4th with your sleeve. Let us know how you are doing?
  3. Minnie Me

    Vegas Sleevers

    Thanks for the detailed support group information. I plan to go to the one on August 18th at Mt. View. Maybe I will see some of you there. Jean
  4. Minnie Me

    Vegas Sleevers

    I was sleeved on july 19 in st. George Utah. I live in Vegas. Do you know a good support group in the north west area to go to?
  5. Minnie Me

    Crazy Vsg Questions

    I attached an interesting article I found about adjusting to Bariatric surgery. Thought you would find it interesting. Counseling Bariatric Surgery Patients.pdf
  6. Minnie Me

    Any July Sleevers Yet?

    Good luck to all the sleevers this week. Mine is on Thursday the 19th. Let us all know how you are doing afterwards!! Jean
  7. Minnie Me

    Is The Liquid Diet Easier Postop?

    I had the same question. Thanks. I am 5 days on liquid now. It is hard but each day is closer to the surgery which I am hoping will be better after rather than the battle I have now with my hunger hormone.
  8. Minnie Me

    Tried On Clothes, I Cried

    I would have cried too. You look adorable. What an awesome reward for your hard work! Only others like us can really understand the life altering situation that was for you. Going from lock up to free so to speak.
  9. Minnie Me

    First Day Of My 2-Week Liquid Diet.

    Today was my first day on my 2 week liquid diet. I am doing slim fast since I knew I liked the taste. The evening was the toughest time as I was craving cheese for some reason. I stayed away from the kitchen and drank my shakes. I am hoping it gets easier with a few more days behind me. All this and I don't have the insurance approval yet. I am scheduled for July 19th and am going on faith here.
  10. Minnie Me

    H Pylori

    The funny thing is that my doctors didn't order the Hpylora test but the insurance company insisted on it.
  11. Minnie Me

    H Pylori

    The funny thing is that my doctors didn't order the Hpylora test but the insurance company insisted on it.
  12. WOW I read the whole thing. Thanks for sharing. It got me scared and made me laugh and gave me hope all in one entry. Can't wait until I am on the other side of the surgery and can stop stressing about the what ifs and what if nots.
  13. Minnie Me

    H Pylori

    My insurance said I had to take the H pylori test before approval. I took it yesterday and didn't even know what it was. I sure hope my surgery is not delayed over this. I am scheduled for the 19th this month after already having to reschedule it from July 6th. I can't handle another delay. I am praying I don't have it. So sorry for those that had to delay for that!
  14. Minnie Me

    Any July Sleevers Yet?

    I am gearing up for my July 19th Sleeve and found out this week that my insurance company wants more information. Since I already had to change from July 6th to the 19th, this is so discouraging. They said I put that I drank soda on something. The fact is I could care less about soda. I only have it occasionally. I wrote the person back and told her I would never drink soda again. I haven't since I told them last week. Are they just trying to deny me or something? I checked with them before starting all of this and they said I would not have to do the 6 month pre surgery diet and now they are asking about it. I cannot wait another 6 months. By then I won't be able to use my flex spend money I put aside for this. Freaking out!
  15. Minnie Me

    July Sleevers

    I am on july 19th. I changed my name from mass exodus to minnie me. I fugured i didnt like being caled a mass.
  16. Minnie Me

    Am I the only Nevada Sleever??

    I live in Vegas and am scheduled for the sleeve in st george on july 19
  17. How are you doing in the weight loss? Do you weigh everyday?
  18. Thanks for the encouragement. I booked my flight. A coworker is 8 years out from the RnY and a size 6 . I booked to fly with her and she offered to take the middle seat. I am so thankful to her and relieved about flying now.
  19. Thanks for telling my that, it makes me more hopeful that i can do this. I dont trust myself anymore which is why i need such drastic help.
  20. Minnie Me

    Vegas Sleevers

    I live in Vegas and have plans to have the sleeve done in st george on July 19
  21. I love the reframed idea about a food funeral instead being a love letter to myself. Thanks much
  22. I am in a "food funeral" frenzy and it is not helping that my surgery had to change from july 6 to july 19. I am acting like each meal.is my last and giving myself permission for anything. I scare myself and have fears that all foods will be sliders for me. Does anyone else see food as an enemy and not a friend?
  23. Minnie Me

    Two Week Check In

    That is so great to hear that you are down so much in just two weeks? I keep thinking I am going to be the only one in Sleeve history to not lose weight. I have surgery on July19th. I am hoping to melt away but fear not melting. Know what I mean?
  24. Minnie Me

    July Sleevers

    I was scheduled for July 6th but the doctor needed a vacation I guess during that time. I had to switch to July 19th which was hard because of having to rearrange my work schedule again. I am waiting for insurance approval anyway. My insurance just recently accepted the sleeve as a procedure to pay for. Yipee. It is hard to keep waiting. I have been told to do a liquid diet for 2 weeks before is all. I have noticed some are diet before that. I hope I am doing this right? I have to fly out of town for work at the end of September and am hoping I can be down 60 pounds to fit on the plane better. It is stressing me out. I don't want to tell my boss I am too fat to fly. Stressing out!
  25. What do people typically lose in the pre diet?

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