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    tanieya reacted to ☠carolinagirl☠ in Success feels like cheating   
    you are responsible 100%
    the band is merely a necklace on your tummy..you are the one eating better food in your allotted amounts and exercising...the band is assisting you..but make no mistake, you are doing this..your not cheating, you merely saved your life.
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    tanieya reacted to mbmoore2518 in Success feels like cheating   
    I tell people the truth. I am not embarassed. Anyone who thinks WLS is the easy way out is a moron. It is painful, expensive, frustrating, and I am hungry and still on a damn diet. lol This is no easy fix and I am working my butt off to be healthier. I don't know why I would not tell people the truth. I guess that is just me, but I believe honesty is the best policy.
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    tanieya reacted to DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!   
    Unless you're severely diabetic, it actually can't hurt you. I've researched this for weeks and it's actually much safer than low carb all the time.
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    tanieya got a reaction from DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!   
    Hey I just started this too it's crazy as soon as I seen the dr oz show I tried it and I lost 4lbs this week it's goin good for me. Instead of cutting out carbs altogether. I would feel like I'm goin crazy. I love it. It's workin so far
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    tanieya reacted to DELETE THIS ACCOUNT! in Carb Cycling- An Experiment Gone Right!   
    As many of you know, I was stuck for more than a month. I was monitoring my calories, getting in all my Protein and exercising, yet the scale didn't budge. I know, plateaus are normal, but they still suck. Around the time the plateau hit I also started taking birth control pills. I even gained 2 pounds, which for me was the deal breaker. I had to find a way to break the plateau and start losing again.
    So I started researching. Low carb, high carb, no carb, etc. I see so many variations on here! What's right? What's wrong? I already knew it was a matter of choice without a clear right or wrong answer, but I also knew individual body needs also played a very big part in it. During my research I kept coming across something called carb cycling, so I decided to look more into it.
    Carb cycling is essentially trying to optimize your metabolism by alternating high and low carb days. Body builders often do this to build muscle and burn fat before a contest but it's also very helpful for weight loss. Then one day I turned on Doctor Oz...and wouldn't you know it... it was an episode on carb cycling. Chris Powell, of The Biggest Loser, was on his show talking about he has all the contestants on the show carb cycle and how he does it. For me, this was the point I decided to give carb cycling a try.
    Chris Powell's method is specifically for weight loss so I decided to go with his (there's many out there). He has an excellent book called “Choose to Lose: The 7-Day Carb Cycle Solution”.
    His theory: No carb diets don't work. It's not sustainable long term and eventually it significantly slows the metabolism. Worse, people who cut out carbs usually end up gaining all their weight back and then some when they do suddenly reintroduce carbs. Carbs are the energy block of the body and a long term lack of carbs will cause the thyroid to slow down significantly.
    7 day diet/carb cycling: High carb day followed by low carb day, alternating daily. Start on a high carb day and always eat within 30 minutes of waking up in the morning. Always limit or omit carbs after 6pm.
    All this is within your own personal daily calorie allowance.
    High carb day/energy day:
    Preferably complex carbs. Protein, low fat. unlimited veggies.

    Low carb day/burn day:
    A little carb in the morning to boost metabolism
    Cut carbs the rest of the day.
    Protien, healthy fats, unlimited veggies

    3 of each/low carb and high carb. 7th day is cheat day
    Cheat day:
    Boost calories to boost metabolism
    Boost to no more than 1000 extra calories a day
    Cheat at Breakfast and lunch, not dinner. 6-12pm “behave”
    Cheat at a table. Not in a car, or at a sofa, etc. No “hypno binging”
    No leftovers allowed.

    Mind you, this is the short version of all this. If this interests you, I'd strongly suggest buying his book for a better understanding. It's very enlightening.
    ...So this is what I've done for the last week. I am very happy to say, carb cycling broke my plateau, despite still being on the birth control pill too. I lost 5.4 pounds this week!
    I have decided I am going to continue to carb cycle. I am not a fan of the low carb days, but I am getting more used to them. Plus, I find my "carb cravings" have all but disappeared since starting this- something I didn't think possible.
    For me, it's working. I just thought I'd share the results of my little self experiment
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    tanieya got a reaction from Firedad53073 in For the singles here... Just do this..   
    I am 23, I live in Li New York. Banded may 7th and I love this journey I'm on
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    tanieya reacted to Sojourner in Stop Gaining Weight!   
    In my experience, eating carbs leads to craving more carbs...and only you can make the decision to change what you have known to be a poor choice in eating patterns.
    If you're like me, you live with someone who is a normal weight, and does not want to give up all of his Snacks...I even laughed when I discovered his stash of chips in the trunk of his car. So temptations will be there.
    It's up to you to refocus yourself on some of your initial goals for weight loss. It's a choice to give into eating those carbs; challenge yourself to break the carb habit.
    I was addicted to carbs, and your brain does need them to function, however now I only allow myself to have the carbs which occur naturally in fresh fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.
    For me, exercise makes the difference between loosing weight and seeing the scale remain stuck. You did not mention if you are exercising on a regular basis...I've used exercise to distract myself from eating things which are not allowed on my diet.
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    tanieya got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in Is Blending Cheating?   
    Yes blending is cheating your band. This is what everyones trying to tell you
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    tanieya reacted to shrcumm in Keep Fussing And I Will Keep Posting!!! Love Ya!!!   
    When I post some topic's related to God and my Happiness I see How Many disguisting and nasty postings that I get on this website, But I have only one thing to say about that!!
    Greater is He That is In Me Then He That Is In The World!!! 1 John 4:4
    I Love My New Shape and My New Lap Band and The Results!! God has taken me to new places I Never Imagined to Be!!
    So Keep Fussing and I will Keep Posting!!!
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    tanieya reacted to Mayasgram in What Would You Wear If You Lose Weight?   
    I wear shorts but sleeveless even with the weight loss my arms are nasty they jiggle and wiggle and have cellulite. Been looking for a dress for the sons wedding...... note designers every cocktail dress does not have to be sleeveless or with sleeves to the wrist...... I have a long dress with a light jacket it's nice but I wanted a dress and haven't found one that is not sleeveless. .
    I would wear a tan...because tan fat is better then white fat. Think about it pasty white or golden brown.....
    On the Project Runway TV show they say size 14 is a Plus size well the day I got into a size 14 pants I did the Happy Dance it was so much nicer then a 22. . When you lose weight the easiest thing to wear is a big smile, Because baby you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    tanieya got a reaction from Kflower84 in Walking/jogging   
    I always wanted to try that app let me know how it goes. I would love to say I'm going for a run. Lol
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    tanieya reacted to FLORIDAYS in I Was Banded On____Since Then I Have Lost____!   
    I was banded on 12/9/2010 and have lost 204 lbs
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    tanieya reacted to healthy and happy in Walking/jogging   
    If you had asked me a year ago if I was a runner, I would have told you "Not unless something big is chasing me". After being banded and learning to eat right and exercize, I am now going to run a half marathon in September. That's right, after losing 75 pounds I can run!! I ran a 10K in April and have been training for the half marathon ever since. I cant wait. I amazed even myself the other day on the treadmill. I ran an entire hour without stopping!!! Amazing!
    Keep up the good work. It gets easier with every pound you lose! Keep at it!
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    tanieya reacted to Jess55 in Walking/jogging   
    I've kind of wanted to start jogging. I have not tried C25K but I've done it by jogging in intervals. Unfortunately I don't think it's really good for me. I've been having problems with my knees (more so my right) and I've found that jogging on the pavement makes my knees hurt more. I did do warrior dash last month and I enjoyed it and had no real problems jogging on the dirt. So maybe I need to find a dirt trail somewhere I can jog on.
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    tanieya reacted to RidiculousCan'tCancel in Any "bucket List" Items Added Once You Get Your Weight Down   
    Its silly but the main thing I'm looking forward to is being able to buy clothes & bras in the "normal people" store =)
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    tanieya got a reaction from ☠carolinagirl☠ in What Is Your One Main Motivation?   
    How good everybody tells me I look and the stares lol. No but seriously my health, and me being able to just walk around if i wanted to and not complain.
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    tanieya reacted to Jenn1214 in Single Digit Dress Size!   
    Yesterday I went shopping for a dress for my rehearsal dinner. I saw a cute one but they only had it in a size 8...I figured "What the heck, it can't hurt to try it". It fit! I don't think I've been a size 8 for my entire adult life. I assumed that when I fit into an 8, I would cry or something, but I'm just happy and glad I made the decision to have the lap band. It has really changed my life, and I wouldn't be where I am now without it!
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    tanieya reacted to FatGirlFitGirl in Pant Sizes   
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    tanieya reacted to kristie in Before and After Lap Band Surgery - PICTURES ONLY   
    I cant tell you how much the lap band has changed my life!

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    tanieya got a reaction from yvonne74 in My Fitness Pal   
    Hey add me on my fitness pal tan1102
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    tanieya got a reaction from Ready for the change in Sex Is Great   
    Lol!!!! I'm laughing because as soon as I seen the sex is great title, I was like this is how I've been feeling since being banded. It is so weird but good at the same time!! At least I know I'm not alone!
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    tanieya got a reaction from Savannah26 in A Yr Later...what Has Changed???   
    Wow congrats!!!! u lost 100 lbs with no fills that's amazing. I know u were extremely dedicated. Gives me more motivation.

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    tanieya got a reaction from bbbanded in May Bandsters!   
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    tanieya got a reaction from lalaj in May Bandsters!   
    Thanks i was shocked because I still feel I look the same,
    but everyones telling me I lost weight. Yea u should get on the scale... Try it out!
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