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    Wow - good for you!!! Congratulations!!!
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    You are beautifu! And congrats on everything!!
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    Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to do a post-op update. I got home Friday evening, went straight to bed. Saturday slept all day, then Sunday had an unexpected mini-family reunion at my new apartment. I am doing great! So blessed that God took care of me during this and is continuing to bless my healing process. I pray that all the July sleevers are also doing great and will be praying for those who are about to start this journey! Thank YOU all for your prayers and well wishes!
    If you want to read about my experience with Dr. Almanza, here's my post - and I will be happy to answer any questions for you!
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    So glad you had such a great time, Lissa!!!
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    nabird77 got a reaction from chitowngirl in About To Head Out...   
    I will be flying into San Diego this afternoon and will be going in for my surgery tomorrow in Tijuana. Thank you to everyone who has provided me support thus far. I can't wait to be a part of the loser's bench and help others know what to expect from this life-changing event! Please say prayers for a smooth surgery and recovery! I will post when I can!
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    23 Hours
    4 Minutes
    18 Seconds
    I can't wait!
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    July 3rd here IAm so nervous
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    GOOD LUCK to all the July 2nd sleevers having surgery along with me tomorrow- That would be:-
    Patrick Curl, Faganberry, sleevertobe, ChristineS NY, ladyarwenrose, emptynesterpam, Milca, Bigdogkc, BeatrizS1974, khernandez72, Nettle, justme360, deetaylor, kia, 4myfamily, BabeSwift, ShannonK.
    I know we are going to rock it, sleeve siblings!
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    nabird77 reacted to tonibugg in Oh My--It Is July--Surgery Month!   
    Can't imagine not liking my surgeon,or not caring so much for him, this is hard enough without that! lol I was just sleeved June 29th so I understand the anxious feelings, I was so nervous the night before, cried the morning of and cried and tried to back out in preop! they gave me something to relax me and off I went! I do not regret it, I was just so nervous at the permanence of the decision and really I guess, the unknown! Some people do well with no pain and no complications yet others have a hard time so not knowing how my body was going to react was almost to much for my head to wrap around. I am one of the lucky ones with very little pain, easy to get Water and broth down and walking like a maniac! Couldn't have asked for a better recovery! I know I'm only 3 days out but goodness, I have heard some stories so I feel lucky!
    Anyway, just look forward and know that these feelings are very normal and you made this decision for your new life! Good luck!!
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    nabird77 reacted to LovingmeForever in Louise Johnson @ Jerusalem Hospital?!   
    It will be fine. I was just sleeved on June 7th and Louise was gone. Melissa and her daughter Heather are very good. I am very happy with Dr. Almanza. I am planning to go back next year to have some plastics done with Dr Lara. I am10 days post- op today and I feel very good. I am down 16 pounds from my surgery date. Good luck to all of you. You won't regret your decision of going with Dr. Almanza. Message me if you have any questions.
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    nabird77 reacted to tara1021 in Magic Bullet Is The Bomb!   
    I was sleeved on Monday, 6/25 and on clears till Friday, then to full liquids now. Since then, I've had a couple berry smoothies with added Protein Powder, yogurt, and Soup. I tell ya, that Bullet is freaking awesome for this. I've craved saltiness being that Jello and Popsicles are all sweet. I had hubby hit up panera for potato Soup yesterday. I put the container in the bullet and it came out smooth as baby food and gosh did it taste good! I separated it into 3 1/2 cup servings. Ate one, and put the others in the fridge. Today we picked up some regular old cambells chicken and stars soup at hand containers. I heated one, turned out to be about a cup, put it in the bullet, and it was dinner.
    I guess my point is that its a great tool for this stage. Much better than the blender.
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    nabird77 reacted to Gastricsleeve4me in Wonton Tuna Melts   
    something to spice up my tuna

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    nabird77 got a reaction from kansasgirl in 8 Weeks Post Op Down 46Lbs New Youtube Video   
    Thanks for your post and video! You are looking good - keep it up!
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    nabird77 reacted to ChristyLove in Hey July Sleevers!   
    Can you say approved! Finally, I am an official July sleever
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    nabird77 reacted to nadoue in Im So Scared To Do This!   
    Hun don't back out, right now I am flaunting my sexy ass on the beach to top it off I drove my car wearing only my two pieces with my windows down on palm beach!
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    nabird77 reacted to Pennie in Dining Out Depression   
    It gets better. Believe me.
    I very much enjoy going out to eat with my family. I usually just ask for a "to go" box at the same time I order my food. When the food arrives, I put a lot of it (ok, most of it!) in the to-go box and eat the sleeve-sized portion on my plate. That way it doesn't look like I'm not eating (if you are self-conscous about that) because your plate is empty when the waiter comes around with the bill. Also, having the small portion on your plate ensure you won't overeat and get a sleeve-ache.
    It takes time to adjust to the new way of doing things. You'll find little tricks that make you feel comfortable and confident when eating out at resturants. The great thing about the sleeve is that once you are fully healed, you can really eat anything with fear of dumping or food getting "stuck" (which happens with RNY and lap-band patients). I think most sleevers have a it a bit easier at resturants than folks with the RNY or bands.
    You'll feel healthy normal soon... don't worry. Just be patient with yourself and you will find your own way.
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    nabird77 reacted to shelbi wallis in Got The Surgery   
    Everything went well, I got the gastric sleeve and a hernia repaired. I should be able to go home tonight. Thank you for everyone following my posts.
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    nabird77 reacted to MinaT in My Last Refuge - Gastric Surgery   
    It will be worth the effort. A lot of the issue is head hunger, but trust me, when you see other's eating, if you ate it the pain would be so not worth it.
    Give your sleeve time to heal. My doctor believes in 5 weeks of full liquids before putting food in. At 3-1/2 weeks out my tummy is still swollen, it's visibly swollen and I lost a lot of weight, but my tummy looks like a watermelon still.
    I hate shakes, they make me gag, but I do my best with them. Drink as much Fluid as you can. If you can find something called Isopure (not sure if they have in India) it's a clear Protein drink in Green Tea flavor, grape, orange, try those, to help you get down more Protein.
    I avoid social occasions too. There's nothing wrong with doing that right now while we are on liquid phase, no reason to subject yourself to feeling tortured. I eat with my family now, and I grumble while they eat their steak and potato, and I'm having a few teaspoons of cream of nothingness, but in the end - it's worth it.
    When your tummy is all healed, you will feel better at all social functions, you will be able to eat a little bit, but you will be able to socialize more with a prouder feeling and you won't feel so inhibited.
    I never ate at social functions because I was embarrassed to be the fat girl eating. All social occasions, I felt embarrassed to eat in front of others. It's a month or so out of your life which will give you back the rest of your life.
    Get some sublingual Vitamin B12 and make sure you take all your chewable Vitamins in. Also, remember this, inside the fat in your body there are hormones, as your body burns fat, these hormones are released through your body, it will cause mood swings, you will cry or get upset easier, and it's just hormones, realize it and move on.
    If you ate the food you wanted right now, you would be in so much physical pain and even worse pyschological pain than you would believe.
    Believe you are worth this struggle right now, and you can do it! I promise!
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    nabird77 reacted to JaciBear in July Sleevers   
    My surgery date is July 30th and I am so anxious. I have been watching YouTube videos of others surgury experience and it's pretty amazing to see the weight drop off each week.
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    nabird77 reacted to lolo11 in Hi!   
    Hi everyone, I have been hanging around reading posts for a while now and thought I would finally join. Thanks for all of the great info, this site has been so helpful! I am scheduled for August 11th with Dr. Kelly, and I can't wait!
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    nabird77 reacted to IMSKINNY in Absolutely Deflated   
    Paperwork was submitted to the insurer a week ago. I called this AM to check the status. I was told in a very condescending voice by the reviewing nurse that this process would take 'a very long time.' She said that she was waiting on a call from the medical examiner because she wanted to discuss with him what to ask my surgeon's office about other weightloss programs that I have tried. I said well, next week is a holiday week and I just wanted an update before people went on vacations, etc. She said oh, you won't hear anything next week! This process takes a very long time. WTH?! Do these people sound like they are looking for a reason not to approve me or what? I began this process in February!
    Because I anticipated this foolishness, I contacted Dr. Alvarez in Mexico! Susan, his coordinator, said by the time those folks at the insurance company figure out what's going on, you'll be halfway to your goal weight! I paid my deposit...
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    nabird77 reacted to madintx in July Sleevers   
    And I wonder ... What the hell I about to do? That is my question this morning at 4 am . Today is my official day to start my diet (been practicing for almost 2 months) July 3rd is my date! I hope that I am not going to second guess myself about my decision. I know I need to do this ...why can't I think positive that nothing will happen and all I am going to regret is not doing it earlier??? I am so scared ????
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    nabird77 reacted to circa in Almanza   
    Ya know, i've just been doing what I should. I haven't really worked out much - just being more active. I threw out my back so I haven't been able to really do a whole lot. Anyway, following the post-op diet, lots of Water, lots of Protein and I'm doing well! I don't really avoid anything I want - just have a lot of things i don't want anymore haha.
    I make sure i don't overeat, always make sure to eat protein first. Lots of Vitamins (I go with the Gummy ones, they go down easier) - Oh! and orange juice and bananas! Every day, a glass of trop 50 orange juice and a banana. Keeps the potassium levels up! Very important to avoid cramps, etc.
    I'm so excited about my progress. I feel like my old self again. I'm nowhere near my goal, but I'm so much closer than I ever would have been.
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    nabird77 got a reaction from sleevertobe in Sleeved Tomorrow   
    Prayers are being sent!

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