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  1. Hello all! Anyone out there have a date for July yet? I am scheduled for July 3rd in Tijuana, Mexico with Dr. Almanza. If I could go tomorrow, I would. So excited to get on this journey! We can do this! Gena'
  2. nabird77

    Two Years!

    You are beautifu! And congrats on everything!!
  3. nabird77

    10 Months...

    Wow - good for you!!! Congratulations!!!
  4. nabird77

    Back From Vacation!

    So glad you had such a great time, Lissa!!!
  5. nabird77

    Hey July Sleevers!

    Hi everyone! Sorry it has taken me so long to do a post-op update. I got home Friday evening, went straight to bed. Saturday slept all day, then Sunday had an unexpected mini-family reunion at my new apartment. I am doing great! So blessed that God took care of me during this and is continuing to bless my healing process. I pray that all the July sleevers are also doing great and will be praying for those who are about to start this journey! Thank YOU all for your prayers and well wishes! If you want to read about my experience with Dr. Almanza, here's my post - and I will be happy to answer any questions for you! http://www.verticalsleevetalk.com/topic/44496-dr-almanza-1-week-post-op-long-post/ Hugs, gena'
  6. nabird77

    About To Head Out...

    Thanks everyone! I had a great flight and am now in my hotel room. Tomorrow is the big day!
  7. I will be flying into San Diego this afternoon and will be going in for my surgery tomorrow in Tijuana. Thank you to everyone who has provided me support thus far. I can't wait to be a part of the loser's bench and help others know what to expect from this life-changing event! Please say prayers for a smooth surgery and recovery! I will post when I can! Hugs, Gena'
  8. Same here... thin, fine hair already. My sister is a registered dietitian and she also said PROTEIN! I am taking biotin and vitamins to aid the process anyway!
  9. nabird77

    July Sleevers

    Hope all is well, Smoggy --- in my thoughts and prayers!
  10. nabird77

    July Sleevers

    Congrats on being able to have surgery tomorrow! We will do great!
  11. nabird77

    Surgery Tomorrow!

    Thanks for sharing, Smoggy! And I love the accent!
  12. Thanks for your post and video! You are looking good - keep it up!
  13. nabird77

    Let's Go!

    Yes, keep us posted! Prayers are with you both!
  14. nabird77

    6 Days Post Op

    Thanks so much for your update! It helps us pre-sleevers to know what to expect! I will be walk, walk, walking as much as possible post-op!
  15. nabird77

    Never Give Up!

    very cool... thanks for sharing! can't wait until I lose some of mine, too!
  16. nabird77

    Surgery Looms & I Can Only Think Of My Kitty

    So sorry to hear this smoggy!
  17. I am with you... I have been on liquids since Tuesday and today is my first day of all clears. My diet says no soda on the 3 days of all clears, but I don't see that it would hurt for you to drink some juice to get your sugars up. I will be with Dr. Almanza on Tuesday. Too bad we won't run into each other! Good luck!
  18. nabird77

    Rant Post-Op Issues

    I am so sorry you are having trouble. Try and keep your head up - I know its hard (I suffer from depression, too). You will be in my prayers!
  19. Thank you so much for your story. I am having surgery on Tuesday and feel at peace with it all. I am sure I will get a little nervous once I am there and ready to go. Thank you so much for your prayers for us pre-oppers. My biggest fear is to have complications or not heal properly. I pray that I go through it all as smoothly as you did. Stay in touch with us all!
  20. nabird77

    July Sleevers

    I know, Patrick, I am starting to get a little nervous now!!!!!
  21. nabird77


    I am so sorry that this is happening to you. You will get through this! Prayers sent your way!
  22. WOW!! You look amazing - congrats!
  23. nabird77

    Me at 150

    Wow! Good for you - you look amazing!
  24. nabird77


    Wow, is right!

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