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    Tanya 003 (1).jpg

    From the album: ~winecountrygirl~

  3. ~winecountrygirl~

    Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  4. ~winecountrygirl~

    June 2013, almost 2 years post op.

    From the album: Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  5. ~winecountrygirl~

    Surgery Day August, 2011

    From the album: Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  6. ~winecountrygirl~

    Post surgery owies! August 2011.

    From the album: Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  7. ~winecountrygirl~

    Surgery Day August, 2011

    From the album: Hi, I'm Tanya :)

  8. ~winecountrygirl~

    August 2011 sleevers get in here!!!!!!

    Hi everyone. I was sleeved August 17 and I'm doing pretty great! I have lost 30lbs post op so a total of 70lbs since May. I feel great but I don't feel like I look any different, I'm sure it's all in my head as people tell me all the time that I look great. I am having no hunger but I do frequently feel thirsty. I am usually getting in my 64 oz of water. I get all my vitamins in everyday. We aren't allowed protein shakes or powder in my program so I'm not exactly sure how much protein I'm getting. I usually have a protein muffin for breakfast (eggs, cottage cheese, cheese, meatless sausage, onions baked in muffin cups), Some kind of fish for lunch and dinner like a 1/2 salmon burger patty or mahi mahi. I can never eat more than 1/4 cup at a time. I have not started exercising yet, I just don't have the energy. I am building up my strength but I have taken FULL advantage of my month off work...and I go back tomorrow...sad face. I hope to be back to my pre-op workout routine by the end of the month...wishful thinking . Oh, and sex...is so much better!! I wish I had done this sooner!!
  9. ~winecountrygirl~

    Share of Cost???? what does this mean?

    I work for the welfare department and give people medicaid daily. This is how it works: there are programs for children that have a higher income limit so kids can have medicaid without a share of cost, in other words, free medicaid. This is so children can get medical care more easily. Now the way they figure out an adult's share of cost is like this: Total income to family per month minus the maintenance need determined by the federal government for a family of 3 which is $930 (approx) then anything left over is your share of cost. So in other words the standard that is in place currently set by the federal government expects a family of 3 to live on approx $930/mo and be able to put ALL the rest of their income toward their medical bills. There is NO way around this. So, I know what the lady meant when she told you about the ER but first let me explain how share of cost (SOC) works. It is like a MONTHLY deductible, it is NOT like a monthly premium. You only pay $ out of pocket when you receive medical care. So for example, you go to the ER on the first of the month and your bill is $5000.00, you pay your SOC, in your case $881 and medicaid pays the rest. So for that month you can get unlimited medical care the rest of the month and pay nothing more because you have met your monthly deductible (SOC). Now in this case the $881 is a blessing, so much better than the $5000 ER visit or God forbid something worse and more expensive. This is not a great thing if you only go to your PCP for a check up and a RX refill because unless they add up to over $881 you will be paying the doctor and pharmacy out of pocket and medicaid pays nothing. So bottom line, you pay the first $881 each month out of pocket and medicaid pays the rest no matter how much, but your SOC re-sets the first day of the next month. I know it's a huge hurdle but $881 is better than $15000 the surgery likely costs. Sometimes doctors or hospitals will let you work out a payment plan but if not just save your pennies until you have the money. The other thing is if you think the amount is wrong you can have the medicaid department re-evaluate your share of cost. You said you have unemployment and said how much and so you SOC seems a little high based on just that income but if your kids are receiving child support or there is any other source of income it will all count. Let me know if you have any more questions. Tanya
  10. ~winecountrygirl~

    Getting ready for surgery....

    Hi, I'm 4 weeks post op. I have been on soft foods now for a couple days. I'm eating fish, cheese, etc. I was weak, not shaky, up until this point. I am now feeling more energy! So, it does come back! I'm also 30lbs lighter than I was on surgery day.
  11. ~winecountrygirl~

    How do the All Stars want to proceed from here?

    Sounds fun everyone!
  12. ~winecountrygirl~


    I'm 3 weeks out and I'm getting 300 calories a day if I'm lucky. I'm losing about a pound a day.
  13. ~winecountrygirl~

    Halloween (Oct. 31) - What will you Weigh?

    Thanks for the challenge! SN..............Starting Wt........Current.......Goal.......Lbs to Goal ~winecountrygirl~.....320....259....230....29
  14. ~winecountrygirl~

    Finally got my Surgery date... YAY for me!

    Hiking helped me drop 40 lbs in 2 months.
  15. Coconut is a BIG no-no on our post op for life list!!
  16. ~winecountrygirl~

    Almost too embarrassing to admit, but...

    Awesome NSV!! Congrats.
  17. ~winecountrygirl~

    Spirometer use after surgery ??

    I'm really bad...don't use mine.
  18. ~winecountrygirl~

    Had my sleeve surgery Monday

    FYI, I had my surgery on a Wednesday and had my first BM on the Sunday night after surgery. Now I'm having a BM every 1-2 days.
  19. ~winecountrygirl~

    How many Incisions??

    5 incisions here, you can look at a pic of mine in my album. I think they will leave tiny scars or be hidden in my stretch marks.
  20. ~winecountrygirl~

    Tomorrow is the big day

    You guys are going to do awesome and I PROMISE you will be SO happy to have it done finally!! It's so exciting. I'm 1 week post-op today and it's already the best thing I have EVER done. I'm down 10lbs since surgery and I'm doing pretty darn good. Let me know if you want to chat. Tanya
  21. ~winecountrygirl~

    Sleevers 15th-20th

    I'm doing great but I'm just starting to feel lightheaded when I get up. Likely from lack of calories. I am still on full liquids and will be until September 1. I'm trying to think of higher calorie drinks to help me feel better. Hot chocolate was so rich and creamy. My friend made me some creamed tofu and tomato soup and soybean and mint soup...I'm lucky to have a friend who is a chef!! I have lost 10 lbs as of today, exactly 1 week from surgery, in addition to losing the 11 lbs I gained in the hospital! Today will be my first time driving, I'm taking my daughter to an appointment. I haven't taken pain meds since Saturday and have been totally fine. I am able to comfortably sleep on my side and have been able to since right after surgery so I'm able to get good rest.
  22. I have this too...I also have an interrupted stream of urine when I do urinate. It's weird, it's like I'm practicing my Kegal exercises...but i'm not. Anyone else experience this?

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