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    One Year Anniversary

    Holy Moly it’s been a year this month! I have attached a photo and it’s actually hard to look at! I have some work to do yet and I have moved my goal weight around so I am not done yet but what a ride If I can do it at 50 anyone can !
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    I'm overweight!

    4.5 months after my sleeve and I am officially overweight. It's the best thing I have ever done. I cannot believe the speed with which I have lost all that weight. I know that I want to lose another 40 pounds or so and I can only hope that I do, but honestly if I stopped losing weight in the morning I would be happy with what I have achieved right now. Best of luck to those of you starting out on your journey - it's a wild ride.
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    I decided when I started this journey that I was going to take before photos and progress photos. Here is one month into my new life! I started my pre-op diet 30 days ago, surgery was September 13th. I’m 5’4” and started at 242, I’m now 218. My biggest piece of advice (especially if you struggle to see your own progress in the mirror) is TAKE THE PICTURES.
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    Family event

    I survived my first family event today. The nice thing about Covid is I haven't had to worry about gatherings. But today was a special birthday for a relative so we had a BBQ with about 20 people. I was asked to bring an Angel Food Cake, so I made that....and I didn't eat the part I cut off like I normally would. I had one small bite, the rest went in the compost. I'm only 3 months out. Not everyone there knows I had the surgery, but no one commented about the fact that all I ate was a chicken burger (that I brought) and some pickles. I used a dessert sized plate like I do at home. Timed my bites, and as expected could not eat it all. I didn't have any of the other food there. There was no desire, I was full. A little later I had dessert. I was still "full", so just had a small bite of cheesecake (no crust or topping) and a sliver of the angel food cake with 3 fresh strawberries that I brought for myself. There is no way I could have ate more than that.
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    I have my pre-op procedures of upper GI and chest X-ray on Tuesday morning and my pre-op primary care physician appointment for clearance on Tuesday afternoon. I’m getting closer! After I had finished my nutritional class requirements at the first of January I thought surgery was imminent as we were told in the doctor talk that we were about a month away. But as I’ve read on here, enjoy the journey. Don’t rush. Be patient. Be gentle. I haven’t been very patient which is very evident by how little I chewed my food! I’ve been working on that. I’m turning 60 this week! I am excited that this milestone and my wls are close together. I feel ready for some good changes. My bmi is 44. I think at my highest weight it was 46. I feel so roly-poly. I want to kick my type 2 diabetes to the curb. I want to be able to be more active without the constant pain in my arthritic knees and ankles. I want to keep up with my two little granddaughters. I want to fit into seats! I am very glad to find this app/support group. My doc said that they had one on Facebook but I’ve given up that so I was glad to find this better alternative.
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    Why did I gain 3lbs?

    A single pound of fat is roughly 3500kcal. So unless you ate 10,500kcal OVER your baseline intake, there is absolutely no way that is true weight gain. It could be water weight, hormonal changes, bowel movement issues, etc. There are dozens of factors that impact weight and might be reflected on the scale. Additionally, the more you lose and closer you get to a healthy weight, the more likely you are to see those fluctuations as the week to week loss slows down. Keep sticking to your plan and doing exactly what you're doing and you absolutely will see the scale move again. And congrats, 90lbs is amazing!
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    So I had plastic surgery 3 weeks ago tomorrow. My surgery included belt lipectomy/360 tummy tuck, and breast lift with augmentation. Recovery has been tougher than I expected due to fatigue. I went back to work (RN in a large clinic) last Monday. The fatigue was unreal. On Tuesday, one of the doctors I work with decided I should be checked for anemia. I popped over to our lab and had a quick blood draw. I had finished lunch about 45 prior to getting the blood drawn. The next day when I received my lab results, I was surprised to see my blood glucose was 59. 😲 I do not dump, so I have been eating more simple carbs and sugars to try to keep from losing more weight. I had been eating some candy on Tuesday prior to lunch. Apparently, I have reactive hypoglycemia. No more simple carbs and sugars for me, except small amounts with meals. The bummer part of this, (aside from feeling extra crappy with low blood sugars), is that I am really anxious about not losing any more weight and don’t know how I am going to keep the weight on without the extra calories. I guess I need to increase healthy fats to make sure I keep my calories up. With that said, I have lost about 3 pounds since my plastic surgery. I never thought I would be stressed about losing weight. 🙄🤷‍♀️ I have an appointment with my surgeon’s office in a week and I am looking forward to discussing this with them. My labs also show some iron deficient anemia. I was not iron deficient nor anemic prior to plastics, so this is directly related to blood loss in surgery, and fairly simple to correct with diet and iron supplements (I don’t normally take any iron supplements). Over all, I am doing very well post-plastics. My pain has really been minimal since about day 3 post-plastics. I have had a bit of trouble with my incisions separating (dehiscence) in a few small spots. My husband is a wound nurse, so we have been managing the wound care with pretty good results. I am thrilled to have breasts again after going from a 40 DD to a 34 A. 😬😬😬 Anyhow, here are bikini pics to show off my post-plastics body…swelling included. 😂
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    Hello Everyone, I am having the gastric sleeve done at 10:30 tomorrow morning. This forum has been a big help as to what to expect after surgery. I am claiming a safe and successful surgery with minimal to no pain and the ability to get liquids down without a problem. Best Wishes to each and everyone of us.
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    Very typical and not talked about enough. However you can still feel fullness just of a different kind. Occasionally I can still feel the VSG restriction with very solid things. But now it’s mostly a lower abdomen heaviness and disinterest in the food that warns me when I’m done. Be patient and you’ll notice your signals eventually ❤️
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    Hi Everyone, I’m officially 6 weeks post gastric bypass and I’m feeling great! Starting weight pre-liquid diet was 305lbs. After 3 week liquid diet on day of surgery I weighed in at 277lbs. Today, I’m sitting at 243lbs! I was on the post op liquid diet for 2 weeks then semi-solid for 1 week. 4th week out I started on full solids and have kept everything down. I’ve had pizza, subs, burgers, hotdogs, steak, pork, ribs, wings etc and have never felt nauseous or thrown anything back up. Of course I can only have bites/ounces at a time but it’s great to be back on regular food! With the doctors blessing I golfed 4.5 weeks out and got in 13 holes before it hurt to much to finish, but finished a full round of 18 the next week. Even rode my bike 6km yesterday with the kids....which is who I did this journey in the first place! I’ve had type 2 diabetes for 5 years and have stopped taking meds about 3 weeks ago (doctors suggested) as my resting sugars have not gone over 6.5 in weeks. I’ve read lots of posts on here steering inquiring people the wrong way with horror stories of months/years of not eating regular food and/or not being able to do physical activities months/years post op. My answer is listen to your doctor and your body and do what’s best for you. Everyone is different and the post op experiences are going to be vastly different. Thanks and looking forward to more weight loss and more physical activities with my kids! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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