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    Killing it with per diem!

    So, this was a unexpectedly pleasant surprise! I’m on gov’t travel and am almost 2 months post surgery (17 Oct). I was worried about what food to eat and what I could handle, so when I landed I stopped at a CVS and got protein shakes. In the meantime, I’m at a hotel that offers making custom omelettes in the AM, has a fridge and a microwave in the room. So, I’ve been ordering an omelette in the AM, eating a few bites, throwing it in the fridge, and heating it up for dinner 😀😇 The conference I’m at offers fruit pieces for snacks during the day. And it’s in FL, so for lunch I’ve just ordered steamed shrimp or oysters. Super simple, and all I’ve paid for (food-wise) is lunch. I’m making a killing on my per diem! Not used to being able to spend so little to eat. I’m a cheap date now 😂🤣
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    Surgery today! Nov 3

    I slept till after four am! Better than I thought. Today is the day! I gotta be at the hospital at 8:30 a.m. (45 min drive which isn’t bad for my rural area). I got nerves! My life is already better by loosing 90 lbs this calendar year, over 100 in less than 18 months. Good things gotta be in store for me. It’s my time to live life and be happy and not embarrassed about my size all the time. good luck to all going through pre op, post op or surgery today, or even just preparing… we are all in this together.
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    finally in the 60's

    wooohoooo after bouncing around 72-70 kg's since March I have finally dropped to 69kg
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    Old Salt

    A lot of scary information

    In my opinion, people tend to post difficulties/problems more so than positive issues mainly because they are seeking advice or comfort. Not many people post just to say their Bariatric surgery is going great. Now to answer was it worth it? For me, YES. I did not find it that difficult of a surgery or diet to follow. Was it all fun? no. But the results are fun! Keep a positive attitude and enjoy the ride.
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    First of all, I'm so sorry you are struggling. Know that you are not alone and that many folks experience some wonderful things after WLS as well as some more difficult things. That is just part of the process; its definitely not always sunshine and roses. 1- Constipation is VERY common. Are you taking an iron supplement? They are notorious for exacerbating constipation. If you're taking any additional iron, it may be worth getting your labs checked - if they are normal, maybe you can drop that? Another option would be to add a prebiotic fiber supplement. I take about 15g of Just Better Fiber daily and it is a HUGE help. Make sure you are well hydrated, especially when taking laxatives, stool softeners, etc. Lastly, are you getting in any fiber in your food? This goes with #2.... 2- The return of hunger is normal and expected. Your body is doing EXACTLY what its supposed to do. It may be helpful to start introducing more fruits & veggies, which will help you feel fuller longer and help with constipation. Also, are you hitting your protein goals? If not, definitely focus on getting that protein in. If you're hitting your goals, adding in nutrient rich fruits & veggies, and STILL feeling uncontrollably hungry, then it may be time to consult with a bariatric dietitian. Hunger is normal, feeling miserable is not. 3- I think a LOT of us struggle with body image before and after surgery. There is a trade off that happens - we lose the weight and are healthy, but it can make the physical effects of a lifetime obesity more obvious to us. Therapy therapy therapy. I can't encourage it strongly enough. Learning to cope with those feelings, learning to be kind to our new bodies, learning to love ourselves well, THAT is the hard work of weight loss and it is truly a lifelong process. Get help, and keep getting help. Outside of that - buy clothes that make you feel good, as much as you can focus on what you LIKE about your body instead of what you don't, if its practical for you, you can always look into plastic surgery, and of course, you could just refrain from looking in the mirror naked. I know, easier said than done, but if its causing your harm emotionally, then maybe hold off for now. You aren't alone and you aren't crazy. WLS is hard work and there is a lot that comes with it that doesn't get talked about much. We are rooting for you.
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    Hello everyone I'm new here!! I'm currently in the pre-op stage for undergoing VSG Surgery. My highest weight was 428lbs. At my last Dr appointment I weighed 421lbs. My surgeon Dr told me that I'm cleared for everything but when I come back on September 28th if I weigh under 400lbs I can have a Surgery Date. I weighed myself Saturday and was 394 !!! So I should receive my date on the 28th!![emoji16][emoji16][emoji847][emoji847] So my message here is keep going and pushing and don't give up!! I'm happy to be here!! Sent from my SM-S134DL using BariatricPal mobile app
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    WHAT is this???

    Hi sorry for the delay in update. I had to wait for the NP to call me back. I left a message with everything going on and she just called me and said my surgeon said to go to the ER. He's calling ahead to tell them to expect me and he wants a scope done to see what's going on. The NP said it sounds like a really bad hiatal hernia but they need to be sure. So I'm changing clothes and heading there. I'll let you know what's going on once I know.
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    1 week in the Caribbean...

    So i just got back from a trip to Puerto Rico (work trip) and man that place is not for people who had weight loss surgery. 1st there is no sugar free anything. especially drinks. No sugar free gatorade, powerade ect... Nothing low carb. Bread is a huge huge part of everything. I even went to a walmart and nothing. just some protein bars and such. Only protein shakes i could find were just regular ensure and some other strange brand i have not seen. Best part was i finally fit in a coach seat without issue. before i would spill over to the next seat or be so tight it would be so uncomfortable. Now i fit perfect with plenty of room to spare. Got to say i am happy to be back.
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    Well, I'm back! I have a new surgery date of 01/06/2023! My baby boy is amazing though! 14 months old now and perfect in every way so things happen for a reason!
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    Why isnt it working?

    I would go right back to my surgeon and ask what’s next. It could be a combination of seeing nutritionist and therapist, therapist and drug intervention, drug intervention and diagnostic tests, etc. If you haven’t asked your team for help yet, that’s where you may want to start. Until you get some professional guidance you can try to *meticulously* track your food and drinks. It’s amazing how problematic guessing calories can be to progress. Don’t give up and good luck ❤️

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