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    I tell my kids the reason why some people pick on others or hurt their feelings is because they feel badly about themselves and this helps them cope......but we are adults here and I can turn my mommy filter off and just simply say......SOME PEOPLE ARE JUST A**HOLES!! Don't let ignorant people like that slow you down. The only person that can truly make you happy is you and you will do fine!! Good luck to you!! :-)
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    My Banded Brain Tool

    I agree support is the brain tool. At first I thought I was missing so darn much when now I look back and I am not missing a darn thing except trash I was putting in my body every day.
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    Caught a Glimpse

    Great job! Very motivating!
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    Coping Skills

    I have the same problem with sugar foods. Like the cakes, cookies, and icecream. Even with the lap band its taken me 5 years after surgery to realize I just cant have them in my house. I have 10 more pounds to go and I believe these foods have always been my down fall. I too am a sugar addict.
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    Kimme - it's always a struggle, and we're not perfect people. That is what makes us, human. As you know from your own experience, sometimes this process flows pretty easily; we're highly motivated, feeling good, looking forward in a positive way.... Then, life happens & knocks us off of our foundation. This by NO means makes you a failure. It makes you, human. I've gotten a lot from your posts, and I feel confident that you will get back on track. Life is all about ebbs & flows, and I believe that a momentary setback will not stop you from moving forward on the path you charted for yourself. And please please PLEASE stop beating yourself up and driving yourself crazy with the "I should'a done this, that or the other thing". That will only keep you in a negative state. Accept where you are.....and move forward. NOT easy, I know! You've come so far, and you can continue on. A doctor once told me that success isn't being a perfect dieter. It's being someone who gets right back on track after blowing it. We all have to accept, that is the way it will always be. Life is not black & white. It's many shades of gray.
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    Feeling kinda lonely today

    You're doing exercise so soon? Does your doctor know? I was told no exercise for about 4-6 weeks, don't recall but it could have been the 6 weeks except for walking. Take it easy, you need to heal, you just had surgery and all surgeries shock the body. About being hungry, I have no answers except I like the protein shakes as the choice. Good and relax and don't over do it, please.
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    using my want power, i do not eat when i am stressing or dealing negative people in my life.......thankfully i am able to use other coping measures. at work, with rude people, i take a walk up and down the halls....at home, in MIL issues or TOM issues with hub, i take a short stroll or take a hot bath and lose myself in a book.....come to far to let (food) get in my way. great post
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    Sleeved In Mexico Thursday 11/15!

    There is a forum just for Mexico sleevers.. Everything you need is in that forum. Good luck with everything!
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    A New New Dawn

    Struggling With Weight Gain

    I have noticed from others that sometimes after being banded for a while, it is easy to forget or stray from the original guidelines or some banders didn't get adequate information from their centre initially. For starters, I would log what you are eating (ideally through myfitnesspal or something like that that will track calories too). You should not exceed (per my doctor) about 1200 calories per day and should have about 60+ grams of protein. Try not to exceed 1 cup of food per meal and have a planned healthy snack in between meals (piece of fruit) or something. If you are not able to get even yogurt down, perhaps your band is a little too tight which may be causing you to eat some unhealthier items (sliders) that will go down easily and that may be part of the problem. It sounds like you could really benefit from a visit (or 2) with a nutritionist to get back on track. You shouldn't feel so defeated and frustrated with your food choices. I am able to eat most anything as long as I eat slowly and eat small bites. I would urge you to see out one (my bariatric clinic has ones on staff) and they have a lot of great ideas and advice. I truly don't feel deprived and only did when I was too tight and struggled getting solid food down. I also have found healthier ways to still enjoy many foods I loved before but now in a healthier way. There is a website called Emily bites (I believe) and there are many recipes that you make in cupcake pans so they are portioned out into appropriate sized meals. They are healthy versions (ie. lasagna) of everyday foods. I really enjoy them. Good luck to you!
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    Hi, my name is Fran, and I'm also a scale-o-holic! Oh my gosh, I read this & thought I should just do a copy & paste this and put it on my own blog. :~0 I can't help myself either. I weigh myself in the morning then again before bed time. The last weigh in will usually tell me if the scale will go down in the morning, or that's what I tell myself. I almost cried when I read that your scale died. I don't know what I would do. No, wait. I do know what I would do. Thankfully, Walmart is open 24 hours... LOL Hang in there AJ. We know better, and one day, we might stop looking so much!

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