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    Is cauliflower rice good??

    Have you guys tried cauliflower rice and was it good ??
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    Low calorie diet vs VSG

    No this isn't my experience. If I stuck to a low calorie diet (VLCD) I invariably lost weight. I've done that numerous times since my teens. What I could not do was keep that weight off. I regained it all plus more, every time. WLS seems to have changed that for me (so far - 2+ years post op). Can you give us a little more info? What diet were you sticking to, when and for how long?? I think it would be very unusual not to lose ANYTHING ever on a low calorie diet? Far more common to lose a bit, stall, lose a bit more...etc etc
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    A snapshot of the past 30 days' weight loss. February 7 was the first day of my pre-op diet and surgery was Feb 21. I didn't weigh myself from the 21st thru 24th but you can see the bounce on the 25th due to continued retention of fluids from the hospital. I lost 5.6 lbs last week, but so far only 1.2 lbs this week. While the weight has been coming off slowly, I did have feedback from my massage therapist on Monday that my inflammation seems much improved. She immediately noticed the difference in my calves, which were always very tight and hard, to the point she would often comment on it as being unusual. This time she was able to get right into the muscle without a struggle, and it was a similar story in my arms, neck and back. Whether it's from the surgery itself or from the complete lack of grains, sugar, and processed foods in my diet for a month, something is working.
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    i didn't reach my water goals until about 3 weeks post op. protein goals i did not reach until sometime after 3 months..and even after that i reached protein goals maybe 80% of the time i did get headaches weeks during the low water weeks but i slept alot. water def helps with headaches...if it's particularly bad, i've read some folks on here go to doc to administer fluids. i also had a bout of orthostatic hypotension before AND after meeting my water goals (dizzy/fainty from getting up or moving too fast due to low blood pressure)...my doc told me to yep, drink more water, increase my salt intake and exercise, among other things. you are right to speak to your doc, they will advise u properly. good luck! ❤️
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    I am so excited for you!! Yaaaayyy!! It is really crazy how changing fluids and sleep can make a difference in weight loss! I too notice it immediately on the scale when I slack. It is common knowledge, yes, but so many people brush it off as unimportant when compared to food or exercise. But man, sleep and hydration will undermine your efforts elsewhere if they aren't on point. You are doing an awesome job, pat yourself on the back for changing two habits it would have been easy to ignore!
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    No you have not stretched your pouch with just one 5 oz meal. Fact In a few weeks your restriction will kick in. Your internal stitches and staples will have healed and you will begin to feel so full. Its easier then to know your signals. Now you need to look for sneezing or a runny nose as full signals. Thats why you are given the weights to stick to. You could tear your stitch line its so new. It is often said on here, Just because you can does not mean you should
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    March 2024 Surgery Buddies!

    I just scheduled mine for March 12th! I’ll be having SADI/duodenal switch. I’m so nervous about anesthesia but excited to get this part of the journey over with! 😁
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    According to my nutritionist the calculation is around .8grams of protein per 1kg of weight. As you lose weight your protein requirements will be less. This is why initially most people have to use protein shakes but as they lose weight they are no longer required . When I last saw my nutritionist I weighed around 60kg and she calculated I was getting around 60g of protein per day so I no longer needed shakes. Not getting enough protein is very risky. Your body will try to get it where it can. You don’t want your body to start breaking down all it’s muscles , particularly the heart
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    I'm vegetarian too. The number I was told was at least 65g of protein - which still seems like a lot. This last week I have been able to get over 100g consistently by pumping up my morning shake (I continue to do a protein shake for breakfast because I am not a breakfast person, and have been doing this for years). I use Fairlife milk which has more protein instead of regular skim, a scoop of my protein powder, and add a scoop of Genepro flavourless powder as well. That shake is really filling, and has a tonne of protein. It sets me up for the rest of the day. Anything I can, I add the Genepro to - Greek yoghurt, cottage cheese, oatmeal, my bariatricpal chili and curry. The scoops are very small and it dissovles easily if you stir slowly. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00K6OSDYA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 My nutritionist also said that it gets easier the further out you get and you don't need these massive amounts of protein forever. You will be able to tweak your macros as you get to maintenance to what works for you.
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    The experiences of a young sleever

    Thank you so much!! I hope all goes well for you too! It’s always interesting to hear what foods people can tolerate afterwards, it’s such a varied thing. My dad can eat anything, but mum can’t handle any kind of heavy carb. I guess it’s just luck of the draw? 😂 I also try to get in as much water as I possibly can! My go to snacks are usually either waterthin crackers and about a matchbox sized amount of sharp Edam cheese, yoghurt, capsicum slices, or some fruit salad. I figure as long as I’m keeping up the water and making sure the snacks meet my nutrition macros, I’m doing alright. 😛 And hell yes to veggie pasta, I love spaghetti squash and zucchini noodles. I often make those if I’m looking for a lighter alternative to traditional pasta noodles. I also try to make my own noodles from scratch when I can, as they cook faster and can be less starchy. I’m glad you didn’t have to put up with much pain! I wouldn’t wish my crappy experience on anyone. I guess it’s not really something you can predict though, we’re all so different. Wishing you all the best on your wls journey!! ❤️

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