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    just so you know, it's very common to have a 10-20 lb rebound weight gain during year 3, so although you may find some folks who have kept ALL of their loss off, there are definitely a lot who've at least kept MOST of it off. that said, I'm 8+ years out. I blew way past my goal (or goals - first goal was 199, then 170, then 150 - but I ended up getting down to 138). Like so many others, I had a rebound gain during year 3, but I've managed to maintain ever since (200+ lb loss).
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    Went out to dinner with my parents last night for my dad's birthday. This was the first time since I had my surgery that I had gone to a sit-down restaurant and for the first time in several years I was able to sit comfortably in a booth!
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    October 2022 surgery support

    just wanted to check in and see how everyone is doing had my one year followup this week and the doctor said Ive lost 94% of excess weight!
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    November 2023 buddies

    Hii all I am finishing Day 3 of my 2-week pre-op My pre-op is one week of low calorie foods + 4 puréed days + 3 liquid days. I am excited and nervous for surgery on Nov 21!!!
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    October 2023 surgery buddies

    Hi everyone, I had my sleeve surgery on 10/03/23. I am glad I had the surgery but I'm tired of eating soft foods. Lol. I've had more soup in the last month than I have had my whole life. Do any of you get heartburn and feel like you swallowed a rock?
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    Oh thank goodness it's not just me! I lost 19 pounds the first 2 weeks, and I've been stuck ever since -- stalled for 2-1/2 weeks so far. I was convinced that I had done something wrong and have been very frustrated. I talked with my doctor about it and he was completely unconcerned and said "the scale will catch up, don't worry about the scale." Here's the explanation, which makes sense and gives me great comfort: Those first 2 weeks post-op when you are just consuming liquids and lose a lot of weight really fast, that's all pretty much water weight that you lose. Then as you start to add back real food, you gain back the water weight. So even though you are gaining back the water weight, the scale is not moving because you are losing fat (which is the real reason we are all here, to lose fat). So until the fat you lose eclipses the amount of water weight you originally lost, the scale won't move. But that is not a bad thing, because it means that you are still losing fat. So in my case, until I lose MORE than 19 pounds of fat, the scale will stay at about the same spot. But once I pass that 19 pound mark, it will start going down again. At the same time, I have not had to take any diabetes medicine or blood pressure medicine since the surgery. I sleep great, I have more energy, I can briskly walk 2 miles at a time without back pain (which was a major problem for me before!), I don't really mind when I have to park farther from the door of the store than I'd like, and my clothes all fit significantly looser. I can see in the mirror that my body has changed dramatically. So even though the scale is not moving, it's very clear to me that this IS working! I'm just impatient to see a lower number on the scale, which is actually pretty silly considering all of the other benefits that I can clearly see and measure and feel. So we just need to stick together strong, keep the faith, and trust the process! We will get over this hump together!
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    I’m 5+ years & I still measure my food to no more then 3.5 oz when eating at home & about 1/3 of the meal when eating out.
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    October 2023 surgery buddies

    I’m with you. I lost 23 pounds by the time of my 2 week post-op follow up. The following week I lost an additional 7 pounds. Now I’ve been stuck at the same exact weight for the past ten days. Very frustrating indeed. I’ve also begun to question if I’m doing something wrong.
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    HELP with Vitamins!

    First, a bit of confusion - have you hit your goal weight from surgery, as in 190 or so, or just some pre-op weight target and surgery is still in front of you? If you're still pre-op, then that is a fairly typical starting regimen, and yes, you should take extra calcium and iron above whatever the multi has in it - you won't be getting much nutrition from food for a while so you need the extra. If you are months post op and at your ultimate goal weight, then by now your labs will be guiding you and your doc as to what is needed - with a sleeve, a lot on that list will probably not be needed long term and will go away.
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    10 YEARS LATER!!!!

    I was sleeved June of 2013….this is me ten years later!

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