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    I tried real food

    Mushy tuna and cottage cheese aren't really that solid .I see my surgeon at the end of the month and speak to my dietician today .I just wondered how others a month in were faring / eating ? thanks X
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    Hello I had mine October 3rd 2022

    We are both in our mid 50's and have had issues with blood pressure and other health negatives. Didn't have the energy to do a whole lot especially with the grandbabies(13 of them). I weighed in at 298 and my wife 265 and had spoken with a doctor about the sleeve surgery. So after several months of testing and pre-diet her packet hit the office first so she went first. I had mine 3wks after hers. We were lucky that my wife works for the hospital and have a team to fall back on and we were fed up with diet regimens and pills that weren't working. I almost backed out after I had lost 20lbs in the pre-diet phase but I knew If i had gotten it done I would've fallen back into the bad foods. So here we are and its now been nearly a month and a half for me 2 for her. Im at 229, shes at 219. We have allot more energy, we dont obsess over food as we once did and are full faster. The Dr didnt lie about that part. lol. My older daughters don't hardly recognize me from my jolly Santa look I had when i laughed(like a bowl full..you get it). Its hard not to promote the surgery for others when the health benefits this has given us. I would recommend If you are deciding on this to do your homework. Don't run for the border without consulting a local physician. Support is Very important. And Plan to Plan out everything you want to eat. there are great substitutions.
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    Prior to surgery I was not addicted to any drugs or alcohol. However, I would comfortably assume I was “addicted” to food. Now that I’m not eating anywhere close to as much as I used to, I fear I am seeking to fill that void with an odd replacement…professional sports. I am an avid baseball fan and my team has a really good chance at making the playoffs this year. When they win, I’m in a great mood, nothing could be better. However, when they lose, I go into a tailspin and get very depressed, instantly having little to no interest in doing anything or finding joy in anything. I am speaking with a psychiatrist in a week, so hopefully that will help begin the coping process. Has anyone else had a personal experience with transfer addiction, and if so, how did you/are you dealing with it?
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    How painful is gastric sleeve post-op?

    I'm five weeks past surgery and the pain was a lot less than I expected. I did get some strong pain meds in the hospital, but when I came home I only had normal pain meds and I stopped using them after a few days. I did have some problems with gas and nausea, but in all I was surprisingly well the day after surgery and I did go to work a couple of days before two weeks had passed. Before this surgery, I've had a c-section, shoulder surgery and surgery for fibroids. Of the four, this one was the least painful. If you follow what the doctors tell you and take pain medication, you should be fine.
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    Sleeve to bypass hopefully

    I am so glad to see I am not alone. 8 years post op with a sleeve. My reflux apparently was responsible for me losing my tonsils, losing 3 teeth and now having chronic sinus infections. I couldnt have imagined it would be from the acid reflux from the sleeve. I am in process for getting approved for a bypass conversion and if it relieves the symptoms then i am a happy camper. Just glad to know I am not a freak 😂
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    Eating carbs (pasta, rice, or bread )

    haha I don't prefer them as a "wrap" I agree with the odd rubbery texture. But, I use them in lasagna in place of noodles and you don't notice the texture. Works perfectly!
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    Surgery the end of this month!

    You would not be human if you did not notice any nerves or worries before this huge surgery. I am the same when I have my twice yearly appointments at the dentist. Fear of the unknown. Read the ' before and after photo's ' in this forum, this should give you some inspiration, it did me. I wanted to be 100lbs lighter and tada, waves magic wand, now I am. I have not had the easiest ride but I wouldn't change a thing. My entire life has changed for the better. If you have to back out, its ok. People on this forum have done this and some have eventually had the surgery and wished they did it the first time. It has to be the right time for you, Good luck
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    Sleeve to bypass hopefully

    You absolutely need to contact your surgeon ASAP! I developed terrible GERD about 6 months after my VSG and have been living with it for about a year. It truly is horrible. My heart goes out to you. I wonder if you have a severe hiatal hernia which would cause your extreme reaction. Regardless, please call your doctor as soon as they open in the morning! You sound like you would be a prime candidate for a revision to your surgery. I really hope things get better. Please keep us posted.🙏🏻💕💕
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    Vicky Sue

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    I'm so happy! I had my appointment with my surgeon today and finally got a surgery date... Sept 27th.
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    **Weight REGAIN**

    Sounds like your doctor has faith in you since you originally went from 400 to 170 lbs. That is a huge accomplishment. Despite the weight gain, you are still way ahead in the weightloss game being 135 lbs down. Maybe he suggested the 10 day liquid diet to try to get you back on track. Similar to the post-op diets, kind of like a reset. I know resets can't shrink your stomach but it does reset some people mentally and they can go back to the dedication they had early post-op and continue doing whatever they did to be so successful before. Also, since you have vitamin deficiencies, maybe he feels you having a revision would not be a safe thing right now. I think you seeing your pcp is a good thing to address or exclude any other health problem that may be causing you to gain weight. If you really want a revision and he is unwilling, perhaps get a second opinion.

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