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  1. What I hate about this product is that it clumps when mixing into liquid or moist foods
  2. Tony B - NJ

    This surgery is bullshit...

    I have had some of the same thoughts as you are having. I have to say you are not correct. I could not eat more than I do at meals because I reach a restriction. Surgery gave me that restriction and I slow my eating and stop eating based on the restriction. If you are eating a lot of fatty or carb loaded foods between meals in smaller amounts you will not reach the restriction during those snacks and will defeat the purpose. This is not only a physical challenge but a mental challenge so you seems to need help on the mental side of it. I think you need to consider counselling to help with that side of it. Finally....I track everything....everything...if you don't then you would be floored when you find out what you are eating and not tracking.
  3. Tony B - NJ

    Considering It

    You are not going to have a problem living with high protein low carb. I was a huge lover of bread and other carbs...huge. After I went on the diet and got the surgery, the weight falling off literally changed my whole perspective in a couple ways: 1. I physically cannot eat carbs and bread like before because it fills me up too fast and makes me feel ill. I am just not interested in carbs and fatty foods any more. 2. Once you see the weight coming off, you will be motivated to keep it going off. 3. You learn to eat your protein first and veggies next. After that, there is no room for carbs. I really don't miss the carbs at all. 4. You will be satisfied by the food you eat so it is not like before...nothing like before so you have to forget now and realize your body is changed and you are NOT PHYSCIALLY ABLE TO EAT LIKE THAT ANY MORE.
  4. Tony B - NJ

    Do you still do 6 meals a day?

    I have never done 6 meals. I do 3 meals with a small afternoon snack like a cheese stick or some nuts.
  5. Tony B - NJ

    Weight Loss Stall

    I would bump up on the protein (60-70) and get more exercise. 15 minutes is not enough in my opinion and what I was told by the Doctor. What I try to do is to get up and move every hour and get in atleast 1000 to 1200 steps 4 times a day followed by a walk after dinner. If you don't want to walk after dinner, then do some resistance bands or weights which helps as well. You can pick up a good set of resistance bands with all the accessories for 50 bucks or so.
  6. Tony B - NJ

    Just beginning

    Nothing to worry about. The surgery is very common and very safe. I have not heard very many people at all who regret doing it. I wish I did it years earlier.
  7. Tony B - NJ

    Just beginning

    Nothing to worry about. The surgery is very common and very safe. I have not heard very many people at all who regret doing it. I wish I did it years earlier.
  8. Tony B - NJ

    Results are in…. APPROVED

    I used Tricare as well. They paid all but 158 dollars! Good luck to you. I am down 64 pounds in just less than 3 months and at my lowest weight in 18 years!
  9. Tony B - NJ

    How much do you eat?

    I am almost 3 months post op and I still take in around 4 -6 ounces of food most meals. Sometimes a little more depending on what it is. I eat until I feel full
  10. The taste is that you are in ketosis. You are eating low fat and low carb so your body goes into Ketosis and you get that weird taste in your mouth. during Ketosis you burn fat like crazy so keep the carbs low and let it happen. Make sure you are getting your protein and taking your vitamins. It will get better as you get on a normal diet but enjoy the rapid weight loss now.
  11. Tony B - NJ


    Once you get the surgery, you may find that you are not interested in eating a lot of different foods. Your restriction is going to limit you anyway, so for me, I just ended up not really bothered by the smell of cooking. Once you start losing the weight and get the desire to keep it going, you will be even more uninterested in those things. Things that I could not walk by without grabbing a piece have no power over me any longer.
  12. Tony B - NJ

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    I have a hard time with chicken breast because it is so dry. I do pretty well with Chicken Salad though. I mix the chicken, onions, celery etc with a teaspoon of mayo and the rest greek yogurt to get the consistency I like. It goes down much easier than just chicken. I have very good luck with all kinds of fish. I don't eat sugary things at all any longer, just have no desire to have anything sweet. The only thing I miss is BREAD. I just cannot eat it, it just makes the center of my chest hurt and makes me want to vomit. I love bread but it is not worth the trouble.
  13. LOL....I guess it would be equally inappropriate to ask for pictures? LOL
  14. I retired from the Navy almost 19 years ago and yesterday I was able to fit into my Dress White and Dress Blue uniforms. A year ago I would not even been able to get them over my shoulders, never mind buttoned up.
  15. I have to agree with all the posts on this. I could not imagine going down to 800-900 calories per day either. I actually struggle getting more than that in on a daily basis. Yes, if I went crazy and ate fatty foods and fast foods I could, but with healthy food choices, it is very difficult. I eat a lot of fish which is very low in fat and calories and high in protein, particularly tuna and cod. You will not have a problem staying satisfied.
  16. When at your stage I was having only 1 protein shake in the morning with an egg that I could not finish. For lunch I had tuna or chopped chicken with a little Mayo and yogurt mixed in to keep wet. I barely got in 3 ounces. Dinner very similar. Force water all day between meals. I am 2 and 1/2 months out and I am still 800-900 calories and feel satisfied.
  17. Tony B - NJ

    5 days post op, leg issues

    Could potentially be DVT. CALL YOUR Doctor right away! Not something to mess with.
  18. Tony B - NJ

    Wedding dress size?

    That is a good question that I do not think many people if any can answer. The simple answer would be to estimate your current rate of weight loss and make a close guess as to what you expect to weigh at that point, knowing of course the rate of loss will slow as you get further out from surgery. Chances are you are going to need some alterations as you get closer because you cannot guess that precisely, so if anything, err on the side of caution. You can always make it smaller but pretty tough to add material if you do not lose as fast as you may expect. I know for one, I am changing sizes very rapidly. I am down 60 pounds and 3 pants sizes and 2 shirt sizes in the past 6 weeks. Even if I do not lose a lot of weight, the pants are getting looser because I am redistributing inches somehow. It is a tough call for you. Good luck
  19. Tony B - NJ

    Severe difficulty burping

    I get gas and burp like a mad man after every meal. I am about the same time after surgery. I would definitely get in contact with my surgeon if I could not release gas in my stomach.
  20. I agree with Sarah, I cannot stomach the chewable vitamins. I have tried several brands and the after taste drives me absolutely insane. I changed to a Bariatric Advantage Solo with Iron. It is a capsule and goes down quite easily. It tasted horrible as any vitamin but it is down the hatch in seconds instead of lingering in my mouth for a while.
  21. Really pretty standard to have some discomfort this close to the surgery. The important thing is to get water in as much as possible by sipping slowly and near constantly. Every day will get better and by the second week the improvement will be very drastic. Hang in there, it gets much better.
  22. With a BMI of 36, I think you could probably do it on your own....atleast give it a shot. That BMI is probably too high for your insurance to cover the surgery anyway so unless you are a self pay, it may be tough getting approved. Why not try the 800-1000 calorie diet along with increased exercise and see it it works.
  23. Tony B - NJ

    Dumb question-

    There are probably 20 different kinds you can get at the supermarket. Among those are Premeir, Muscle Milk, Boost, Fairlife etc, etc.
  24. Tony B - NJ

    Sharing a huge NSV 😊

    In a semi related and semi non scale victory....I am going on vacation this week so I have been packing. I usually try to get as much in my checked luggage as possible, right up to my 50 pounds allowed. I stuffed my bag full and tried to weight in on the scale but could not get it balanced enough. I decided to step on the scale, weight myself then pick up the bag and weigh again to be able to get the bags weight. I was incredibly awe struck when I realized that the combined weight of the bag and me were much less than the weight of just me 2 months ago! Yes, scale, but not really in the traditional sense so I call it a non scale victory.
  25. Slow loss is really relative to a lot of factors like your starting BMI which for you is not that high. I would say just to make sure you are on the right track, evaluate your calorie intake, protein intake, increase water intake and make sure you are walking atleast 45 minutes a day, even if it is in several different walks. Keep the carbs down because that will slow the weight down. I have not had a piece of bread in two months and I really don't miss it too much even though I was a bread-a-holic.

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