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    My liver enzymes came down to normal, so I'm pretty sure it is resolved, although the last time one of them was a few points over normal, but the doctor thinks that's just my body adjusting. I think it was the ALT. It was 39 and was supposed to be 34. All the others were completely normal though! Sent from my Pixel 5a using BariatricPal mobile app
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    THIS I don't recommend lol Not everyone could get away with it, so it's best not to assume you can. Stick to the diet as best you can (I had 2 weeks all liquid pre op diet, so I feel your pain) and if you need to cheat, do it the way @liveaboard15 did, with healthy choices.
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    Almost there

    I'm not far off my goal either (10kg to go), and the rate of loss has definitely slowed down to a crawl. Some weeks I lose nothing, then the next I'll be down half a kilo, but I was both warned of this by my dietician and my own research so it's fine. It's good not to get hung up on the number on the scale, because what actually matters more to me is how my clothes fit, and despite the slow scale movement, my clothes continue to loosen. I'm now a small size AU16/US12 to a large AU14/US10. My goal is AU12/US8. I'm so close I can taste it! So another 10kg will actually put me below that, so I'm honestly fine to call "Maintenance" once I'm a comfortable AU12/US8. If that means my weight is above 75kg, that's fine. That's where I'll settle! So don't put too much stock in the scale. It's easy to get hung up on it, and it's freeing to realise it's not actually THE ONE measure of success. Be patient, enjoy being so close, and know you'll get there. My dietician said I should hit goal by the end of this year, but I'm way ahead of that! I keep that in mind any time I feel a little disappointment at the crawling scale number. And as I've told friends and family, if I stay where I am now, I'll still be happy. I can buy clothes almost anywhere, and blend in with the lean crowd, which is all I've ever wanted! Anything beyond this is a bonus.
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    Congratulations @STLoser. This is an amazing achievement. As @Starwarsandcupcakes said maintenance can be a lot of trial & error. It took me a while (another 11months) to finally stop losing & for my weight to stabilise. I wasn’t eating a lot when I reached my goal (about 900+/- calories) & it took time for my portion sizes to get closer to a recommended serving size. (I also still wasn’t hungry.) I added snacks - like eventually 5 a day. It seemed crazy & I felt like I was eating all day but it was the only way I could get in those extra calories I needed to slow then stop the loss. (I did this with my dietician.) I don’t eat as many snacks now - usually 3 - because I can eat more at a meal. I stabilised at 1300 calories for a year. I eat more like 1400 now because I had to up my protein to 70g (protein absorption issue). Thanks to also needing a higher dose HRT at the same time I put on 2kgs very quickly but have been steady again for 6 months. Fingers crossed. Just take it slowly as you work out what else you can add to your diet. You may have to keep adjusting until you discover what works for you. So expect some ups & downs. Initially I slowly added extra serves of whole/multi grains (went from 1 to 3 but only about 2 now), a second serve of fruit (1 again now), some extra fat (also reduced some), a few extra vegetables, etc. Kept to my very little sugar/sweet foods & no breads, pasta or rice I established while losing. All the best.
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    Almost there

    You've had such amazing weight loss! You may get to that goal by October but don't beat yourself up if you don't. Just keep following your plan and you will succeed. I have had to come to terms with not getting to my ideal goal weight. I started out so big and had a lot to lose, so I knew I may never get there even though I'd like to. I'm still technically in the obese category, even though I wear a size medium or large and I feel amazing and am healthy now, so I focus on those things, because the reason I did this was to get my life and health back. I can't let the number on the scale make me feel bad when I feel so great! Focus on all the a amazing progress you made so far. You have done a wonderful job! Sent from my Pixel 5a using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I am 5 weeks out from vsg to mini gastric bypass and I am only losing 1-2lb a week. It's soul destroying! I would like to lose 84lb in total, so far I've lost 11.5lb in 5 weeks post op. I feel I can eat a lot too which worries me.
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    pre op diet for 3 weeks!

    The length of your pre op diet typically depends on your BMI. On your profile it shows its 66. Some surgeons wont even operate on anyone with a BMI higher than 55-60 and its for safety issues. The heavier you are the more dangerous being put under anesthesia is. So they want to get you into a safe zone with your weight. as for smoking, Yup my surgeon said the same thing that you gotta quit by a certain point before surgery. It helps with healing to not smoke. My surgeon said that if it was too hard to let them know and they would prescribe some medication and or the patch, gum. watch this video. start at around 2 minute mark.
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    I did several times and no it does not depending on what you are eating. the whole point is to clear the fat off the liver and shrink it. If you cheat and are eating pizza, cheeseburgers ect... and they open you up on surgery date and your liver did not shrink, they will close you back up. Me what i "cheated" with was having 1 small meal a day. mostly 3oz of Sockeye Salmon and 2 ounces of veggies. Or 1 can of tuna. That was it. Tho you should try your hardest to stick to what your surgeon recommended.
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    I was an ancient, disabled 62 year old and in 7 months I have lost 100+ lbs and got off my BP meds, am not diabetic anymore and can walk briskly without a stick and have my independence back. Every day is a new sunny day for me, even when its raining! I only wish that I could have afforded this surgery 20 years ago.
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    Surgery postponed

    Yes they opened me up and closed me up. Sent from my LM-G900 using BariatricPal mobile app

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