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    Smoking wax/weed post surgery

    Im not saying to do it, just being honest. I dabbed from day one. All is good on my end. Thats just me.
  2. i appreciate that!! thanks !
  3. I started crossfit because it was a good mixture of cardio and weight training. It has workout out great for me. i have extra skin on my stomach still but my arms and lets barely have any after filling out,
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    Hello all! We had a wedding last weekend. First time dressing up in a while.
  5. Youre doing amazing! This stall sucks and mine lasted just as long. Keep sticking to the plan. Itll drop. Youve done nothing wrong. The head games are rough, but if youre sticking to your plan, then youre fine. Just keep going.
  6. once i was cleared i got after it pretty hard. just make sure to get your protein, water and vitamins in.
  7. im off all meds i was on before surgery. and it took about a month for my doc to get me off everything
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    Last week in disney!!! Hope everyone is well. You all look amazing!!
  10. JAKE H

    Weight lifting (bodybuilding)

    I joined a crossfit gym and it has been amazing for me. They tell you what to do so it takes all the thinking out of it. It includes all types of fitness. From cardio, to lifting, and gymnastics. I love what it has done for my body,
  11. JAKE H

    R.I.P. Boobs

    i was happy to lose my boobs 😂😂😂😂 or should i say moobs.
  12. i personally do crossfit 6 days a week. I am not recommending that, its just what i do. i fell in love with it and enjoy it so much that it doesnt even feel like working out to me anymore. its become a sport to me and trying to get better at it everyday. i know it can seem intimidating but most things are at first until we dive in. It will push you in different ways and teach you knew movements you would not normally do at your standard gym. Crossfit is for everyone tho, and can be scaled for anyone. I recommend follow their instagram page and seeing some amazing people on there. Let me know if there is anything else i can answer for you!
  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. I too took the lifting route. i do it through crossfit. But it has done wonders for my body!! it has so many benefits when done correctly and will only help us as we get older. Congrats to you on your success!!
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    Happy New Years everyone!!!! Here is the GF and me on new years eve. I hope everyone has a great year!!!
  15. Im no longer just alive, im actually living now. This was an experience ill never forget and i cant wait to go again. This has always been one of my goals but i was too heavy to do it. Making dreams become reality. Im loving this whole process.
  16. i use a WHOOP strap. Very big in the fitness world these days.
  17. JAKE H

    i made the jump

    just enjoy the **** out of it. theyll walk you through it all. and pay the extra for the video experience.
  18. JAKE H

    i made the jump

  19. The picture on the left came up on my memories from a year ago. I was 234 in that picture. The picture on the right is from today and im 235. I knew i wanted to build muscle, but the the thought of building muscle and watching the scale go up scared the hell out of me. But this is why pictures are important for us. I would much rather look like the 235 i am now, rather then the 234 i was a year ago. I know for me, i was so obsessed with the number on the scale, that i was starting to drive myself insane. Luckily i have an amazing nutritionist and life coach, who made me give up the scale and just take pictures once a week and trust her. I reluctantly did just that, and i couldnt be happier. YES the number on the scale is higher then it use to be. My low was 208 and ive now been between 225-235 for 4 months now. My waist is now smaller at 235 then it was at 208. My waist fits in a 32 size jean. Muscle really does weigh more. I just wanted to post this because i know i am not a lone. The scale can be scary, but it doesnt have to be. Building a healthy relationship with food and the scale have been difficult, but rewarding. Slowly but surely.
  20. Lol yes you’re right! I should say that a pound of fat takes up a lot more space then muscle.
  21. Thank you!! Yeah thats exactly what i did. I got down under goal and I was running a lot at the time. i did a half marathon and then switched my focus to crossfit. Im loving the process. Im sure you will enjoy it too!!
  22. lol this is a first but i see it hahaha
  23. JAKE H

    So you New WLS people Make it/ Survive

    I had one plate. My plates are a lot different then they use to be. You could actually see the bottom of the plate at some parts lol.i even had a couple different bites of dessert. Ive developed a great relationship with food at this point. I know i can have some extra carbs on days like that and be just fine. Made sure i hit the gym the next day and all is well. I enjoyed myself and come monday, the scale was still in the same place. Hope everyone had a great day!!