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    My Day 1 Photos

    doing something brave, and for accountability...saving these photos as my “Day 1”...super ashamed and embarrassed of how far I’ve let myself go, but it’s only going to get better from here... Starting weight (and heaviest) 278.49 pounds, 5 ft tall, age 31, BMI 54.3 (pics taken on 4/17/22).
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    Hi everyone...today I start my pre-op now I'm starting to get nervous a little but I'm ready to do this...good luck to anyone else starting pre-op today. Sent from my moto g power (2021) using BariatricPal mobile app
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    I was both a slow loser and a chronic staller. But I still got to my goal weight and even went a little past it. I'm in maintenance now and the only thing I can tell you is to try and not stress about it (which you will still undoubtedly do, because I know I did).
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    Hi, I had my gastric sleeve in March 22,21. My recovery was great and I didn’t had any pain or complications at all. I have lost like 60lbs so far. The problem is I have severe GERD. Since the day of my surgery I been taking PPI, now twice a day . Few days ago I had my one year visit with my surgeon and I he suggested that I should do a revision because taking the PPI long term is not ideal and he said that small percent of patients with gastric sleeve end up with severe GERD and I was one of them. That the only cure is the revision. I think is too soon but the regurgitation in the middle of the night are a nightmare to the point that I have to sleep sitting down. Have anyone one in here had a revision so soon? Sorry for my English is not my first language.
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    Hi all! I just joined this a forum a cpl of days ago and so glad I did 😊I'm due for a gastric bypass and hiatus hernia repair on the 27th of April. Im on the 3 shakes a day and 2 cups of low starch vegetables diet atm. Currently 220lbs I've managed to lose 20lbs in 4 months prior to this liquid diet, Im glad I did as I have another 77lbs to go after the surgery, hope it is all worth the wait! I'm reading a lot of good advice and great information which I didn't know before I joined and I'm really enjoying sharing with others's ideas and experiences who are in simular situation as myself. Wishing everyone best of luck 👍🙏😊❤️
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    I had my surgery on Valentine's Day [emoji3590] I'm officially at 270 as of this morning. I was at 309 when I went in for surgery. I want this damn weight to come off faster but I guess slow and steady wins the race. Its still funny to me being the fat person that doesn't eat anything. Obviously people who know I had surgery don't judge me about that but going to events and stuff with people I'm not familiar with and eating a couple bites of food while weighing 270 lbs is a funny image [emoji1787] Sent from my SM-G975U using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Well everyone just had my two month follow up and I’m officially down 50lbs! How’s everyone else doing?
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    Flight home 5 days after surgery

    I had sleeve and had surgery on a Monday, flew home Thursday. Over 4 hour flight. No issues.
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    I was a slow loser from the get-go. I was about where you are in the same time frame (it's been several years since my surgery, so I only have my monthly weights - not every week anymore - but at four weeks out, I was down 16 lbs). I went on to lose all of my excess weight, 235 lbs. I've since gained back 20 lbs, although it's super common to have a 10-20 lb regain after hitting bottom. I did have stalls - not too many the first year - maybe two or three. I had a lot during year 2, though, as I got closer to a normal BMI, and they lasted a long time. Every time I hit one I'd think "OK - I guess this is it", and then the weight loss would start up again. My weight loss finally stopped at 20 months out. if you stick to your program, the weight will come off, whether fast or slow.
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    When those old habits are strong it can be very hard to stop them controlling your choices. You’re not alone. Managing cravings & changing old habits is one of the most difficult thing to work through post surgery. For many of us, they never leave us & are always there. We just find ways to take control of them. First get any junk food out of your house, delete the home delivery apps, delete the takeout phone numbers, & throw out any take out menus. Second, get in touch with a good therapist who specialises in eating disorders. (Did you see someone as part of your approval process? If not your medical team can recommend someone.) The therapist will support you to work through what’s driving you to eat & find strategies to manage those cravings & old habits. It’s pretty darn difficult to stretch your tummy but these glory days of weight loss don’t last. Your real hunger comes back, the weight loss slows, you’ll be able to eat larger, more recommended portion sizes. You need to grasp all the opportunities the surgery initially gives with two hands. All the best.

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