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    Thanks for your advice!!
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    The US Red Cross requires a waiting period of three months to donate after surgery. Platelets centers can require as long as a year post-op. You’re going to need your platelets after surgery, so I’d be concerned about how far in advance of surgery you need to stop donating in order to be safe.
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    Julie Culver

    June Surgeries

    I just received my surgery date for 6/22. I am really excited, it's been a long 6 months. Before surgery I have to have a balloon dilation of my esophagus on 6/17 due to my hiatal hernia with Schatzki's ring. The Schatzki's ring is a narrowing of the lower esophagus. Currently, I am asymptomatic but it can cause difficulty swallowing as well as other unpleasant symptoms. 10 years ago, I had lap band surgery and as you all well can imagine it didn't end well and I had the lap band removed 5 years ago. Now, I am ready for this new chapter. I have been just reading all of the posts for the past 3-4 months and have found a lot of interesting information and comfort within the community. Looking forward to the best possible outcome moving forward!
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    June Surgeries

    I am having a revision from sleeve to bypass June 14th. I started my pre-op diet Sunday and it's not too bad. I'm starting to get nervous though. Not looking forward to having to do this all over AGAIN.. I had my sleeve done in Oct 2017, and it hasn't been a fun ride since. I hope this time it turns out better. I am ready to get it over with 🤨😬.. . Wish everyone luck and a speedy recovery..
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    June Surgeries

    June 21st! Current weight 250 05/20 Initial Consultation 05/28 labs 06/04 Pre-op appt with PA 06/07 begin 2 wk pre-op diet 06/14 COVID test and isolate 06/21 Surgery (Selfpay $15k) This came a lot faster than I thought!
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    I was 262 at surgery so about the same ( although I'm a little taller sa bmi slightly less) I'm not a speedy looser ! 2.5 weeks is still early enough to be holding in some of those iv fluids they pump into you in the hospital. Plenty of people In these forums actually have recorded a TEMPORARY GAIN in weight post op. Also at 2.5 weeks your stomach tissues etc may still be swollen Swollen tissues hang onto fluids So effectively what you're looking is probably cancelled out (TEMPORARILY!) by the fluids you are retaining IM SURE THIS WILL CHANGE SOON! In the meantime I suggest/recommend you take baseline measurements NOW! ALSO if you have any clothes that were snug/tight before surgery ...try them on now!!! Hopefully they will already fit better Good luck ...
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    Thank you all for the information. Your comments have assured me to contact blossom on Monday. If I could ask you all. What day of the week did you fly down. I am Wondering what days they do surgery on. I know a few people who went to Mexico. Paying the extra 1400 or so to have the longer stay and in the US really gives me a piece of mind.
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    I had mine on 2/21. I did push out my departure by a day and left Sunday instead of Saturday. All of us that were there had successful procedures, one lady was admitted to hospital for inpatient surgery after her endoscopy revealed it would need to be an open, not laparoscopic procedure, so they are prepared with hospital care if needed. I also had a hiatal hernia repair so I had a little sub sternal pain (also, I’m allergic to Toradol so I had slightly less pain meds than everyone else but it was manageable) Drs and nurses were great. The pre op testing is super thorough. I liked the hotel and the transportation as a nice touch. Not having to rent a car reduced the stress and there is a Walmart a walkable distance from the hotel to grab supplies if needed. We ubered to the strip once or twice to check things out before surgery and it was affordable. Good luck !!
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    Thank you for sharing, Blossom's Fast Track program seems like a great choice. I am looking forward to next week and a safe (and quick) recovery. I am scheduled with Matt A as well. Also, congrats on surgery and I look forward to joining you on the loser's bench very soon!
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    I was excited about Blossom (It would be easier to get my wife on board if it was not in Mexico).. but their BBB and Yelp reviews are not great when it comes to billing. I have insurance that does not cover any WLS. It looks like they will still bill insurance for 'surgery' and charge me $6300 or more on top. Lots of reports of shady billing practices (including jacking up the price once the process has started). Anyone have any experience with this?

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