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    Hey there WLS family, Back in 2017 I had a sleeve done and then a roux-n-y conversion due to severe acid I was dealing with due to the sleeve. Since then I’ve dealt with ulcers every single year since. No matter the medications I’m on they always come back and they have left me in the hospital from just a couple of weeks to even 3-4 months on feeding tubes, and hydromorphone for the pain. Last year was probably the scariest of all the years as my ulcer began bleeding and left me have to get a transfusion only a week after being discharged and told I didn’t have any more ulcers. Due to these ulcers, I’ve been on long term disability now for two years. I’ve been sober for almost two years, which includes no coffee as well just in case as they said alcohol and foods and drinks that are acidic can make matters worse. Alas nothing has helped. The bariatric doctors I have here in Canada remind me constantly that they are the best in Canada and that there’s not a single thing they can do and I’ll just have to live like this, for the rest of my life. The nurses constantly remind me that this isn't new and the amount of people that have complications is actually pretty high (at least in our area) and that they hate seeing people come in and be dismissed. Being only 27 it scares the **** out of me, the idea of being in pain and on a daily dose of ppis (prevacid), hydromorphone (dilaudid), and sulcralfate. I’ve always wanted to have children and carry one and now I feel like I’ll never be well enough to carry my own child. I’m writing this because something in me says maybe someone has dealt with these issues, maybe your doctors came up with a better plan that allows you to live a more fulfilling life. Maybe you’re on medications that are actually helping. After begging these doctors to send me for a second opinion as they told me there’s nothing they can do to help me, it ended up taking the second opinion doctor four months to get back to me. That phone call he made sure to remind me I already saw the best of the best, and that I shouldn’t expect him to find anything or this situation with him to be the panacea. All his words. I broke down on the phone call not expecting a doctor to tell me that since I already saw those doctors, who have missed things in the past, that he will likely be of no help to me whatsoever. It’s left me depressed and defeated. If you’re someone who has dealt with this in the severe case I have and you’re doing much better or you’ve been given drugs that actually work, had procedures that actually worked, anything, please reply on this or send me a personal message. I can’t live like this anymore. No one deserves to live like this and I won’t take their “‘there’s nothing more we can do for you” as the be all end all. By no means to scare anyone but complications do happen and they should also be considered upon choosing wls.
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    Head aches

    It may be just a coincidence, otherwise, assuming you have gone low carb or cut out pretty much all carbs it could be 'carb flu'. https://www.dietdoctor.com/low-carb/side-effects
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    This is really a healthy place to share healthy ideas, but did you know??? Those Blue Masks Mandated at grocery stores and airplanes are made of PTFE, a carcinogen made from synthetic fluoride. According to Cancer.Org, it increases the risk of liver, pancreas, kidney, and breast tumors+ ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, preeclampsia, and high cholesterol. High expose can cause influenza-like symptoms and hemorrhaging in the lungs, leading to suffocation. But no big deal...wear them every day because it's the virtuous thing to do~
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    Dizziness after eating

    I was still on liquids at that point tbh... but it's better now. And I cannot lie, carbs did it for me! Maybe because my culture, our main cuisines are carb based, so when I moved to carbs, I was able to hold it down. So now I take tiny bits of boiled yam, nigerian soups, I had boiled egg the other day etc...I felt great and happy! The only thing is I made sure to chew really really well. I'm about 20days post op now. Also during the time I wasnt able to eat, I stopped losing weight! The doc said it's because my body went into starvation mode; I wasnt peeing, wasnt able to empty my bowels, always lying down etc. It's hard sticking to british diets that I'm not used to, soups I never had in my life before. But once I switched to my Nigerian meals, things got better gradually. Just ate slow, chewed well and never ate more than 5 spoons.
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    I don't necessarily have a problem avoiding starches, however, I'm on a general diet and was told by the surgeon and the dietician that pretty much anything is ok, as long as it's a "healthy choice" (per the post-op diet binder). I'm not cramming myself full of pasta, bread, potatoes or anything else. As a matter of fact, I've had very little of any of those things, and am still sticking to a low/SF diet as well. My confusion/concern is why two people in the same practice have such differing views and one was downright rude about it. I think I'm doing pretty good as far as weight loss goes - I'm the lowest I've been in about 19 years and still losing!
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    Hi folks, Felt like updating so here I am. All has gone well so far. They found I had a hernia during the surgery so that got taken care of. Pain hasn't been bad at all but I did do my pain meds for the first few days. I'm looking forward to getting rid of drains and being able to lie down instead of "beach chair" sleep. Anyway, I find myself super grateful for my good health and a few more pounds gone. I did the fleur de lis tummy tuck. I can tell things are different but haven't really "seen" myself yet. Best wishes and Happy Halloween to all!
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    Half the person I used to be

    Hit a pretty awesome goal. When I started out in July of 2019 and decided to have WLS, I weighed 427 lbs. My last weekly weigh in I was 212.2. That means I am officially half the person I used to be. On another note, I am now officially overweight! You might ask why that is a good thing. I have spent almost all of my adult life with a BMI that put me in the obese category, but now with my weight loss my BMI is 29.6 which is considered overweight. When I started out my BMI was 60. My surgeon required me to get my BMI to 50 before the surgery so I lost 92 lbs between July 2019 and January 2020 and my BMI was about 48 at the time of my surgery. After surgery I have lost another 123 lbs. No secret, just follow your plan. Eat you protein first, meet your daily protein goals, exercise, exercise, exercise. I am doing a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week and usually shooting for 60 minutes daily of intense exercise. My only regret is that I didn't have WLS years earlier.
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    Mental issues with pre op diet

    I am just struggling massively right now due to my pre op diet. I am constantly hungry and so tired of the liquids and just not in a good mental place. I feel like I’ve chosen the wrong time to have my revision and worried the surgery isn’t even going to accomplish anything. The wish to eat food is just SO strong and I feel so angry and anxious all the time. I’m just wondering how I’m ever going to make this succeed. I have two more days until I go in for my surgery and am hoping that at least the restriction will make this a little easier as I won’t be constantly starving. just really struggling right now.
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    Anyone November 2020

    My surgery is Nov 23!!!
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    I am 10 years out. Still have restriction - I don't count calories, sorry. I eat either 2 medium steamed eggs for breakfast or oatmeal (lower sugar packet) with a handful of raisins or other dried fruit or fresh fruit.( I can rarely finish that) I need a mid morning snack most days - small serving of fruit and cheese or a yogurt or something similar. I drink a few cups of coffee before and after breakfast, and snack.... strong coffee with whole milk. Lunch is usually a salad I make from home or a wrap using a lo carb wrap (60 calorie one) with chicken or tuna or chopped steak... homegrown fresh veggies (tomato, cucumber, radish, shredded carrots.. whatever) and either 1/2 sm avocado or some salad dressing in and on it. Or in cooler months a bowl of hearty soup. I may have another snack in the afternoon or not.... this ends up usually being the rest of my lunch that I didn't finish. Dinner is fish/chicken/beef or some kind of veggie dish with shredded cheese or something. After dinner I have a treat. A cookie or a single serving of ice cream or sometihing like that. I do't eat a lot at a time. And I drink water during the day. I Watch carbs and highly processed foods - and I stay away from frozen meals that have a ton of processed stuff and too much sodium. I know that didn't help much.... I can't deal with counting calories. I can never figure out how many calories are in a handful of this or a few of that....

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