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    Ugh. I know how you feel. You are still moving and making progress. It's just a speed bump but you will still get it done. I have to wait till mid February too. I plan on staying busy, decluttering and organizing my whole house and hopefully the time will go by quickly. We'll get there!
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    Effect on families

    Seek therapy for yourself. This is not an appropriate place for you to post things like this.
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    About my surgery

    Did your surgeon provide an abdominal binder?
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    Take heart, as disappointing as the delay is - it is just a delay. One month in the scheme of things will not matter to your journey. Wait until you stall for a month, and then come and vent!!! Just giving some perspective...
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    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    You might be able to sell the bras online on eBay or Poshmark. Congrats on your new surgery. How are you doing? Why doesn't the boyfriend want to have relations with you yet? Scars? Sore? Pain?
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    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    Open your eyes GreenTeaLael! Those are blessings 🤗
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    Yeah I usually hit 80-90g everyday I've never had hair fall out but it is growing a little thinner and slower than normal not as thick as normal before surgery.... I'm sure in a few months it will get better...
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    Unfortunately it’s part of the whole ride!! I lost a lot a hair from about 4-5 months to a the year mark, it finally stopped. My hair is so thin on the bottoms but growing so eventually will be good again, until there extensions, tape in ones, work great, ask your hairdresser!
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    New Hobbies or interests anyone?

    I now have a false eyelash addiction that I'm trying to give up 😂
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    How are the October 19 people doing?

    I’m doing quite well. I was 222 on October 1 and I was 167.5 today. My goal was to hit 155 that I now feel confident that I will hit. So 54.5 lbs down. I am 5’6” and now I have a BMI of 27. I started with a BMI of 35. I may lower the goal when I get there but I’m not sure how that will look at 55 years old. I feel so much better than I did in July at my first appointment. I was 228 then so technically I am down 61 since the summer. How are YOU doing?