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    AJ Tylo

    Not sure where to start?

    How could having a healthy baby be a failure? Nope you are wrong you had a miracle, You have done the journey down and i think you should do it again. You are sleeved already but i would get it checked out, But i would start as if it was day one of surgery - Do the week of liquids, then go to the pureed, and go back to the old way. In the mean time you have the greatest reward. your son! So get healthy again for his sake
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    Coconut Milk

    I look at every food as will it help my goals or not. There are no bad foods, just some unhelpful foods. Light coconut milk has the same calories as whole milk with no vitamins. It's not a good source of protein. I would look at almond milk instead.
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    Gastric sleeve surgery leak

    hi everyone I need support I’m really drained and tired as I write this I’m in the hospital I’ve been in here now for two months Dr put a clip on the leak first it didn’t work then a stent it slipped down my surgery was April 11 2019 on the 23rd of April I had a 103 fever pain in shoulder anyways I’ve had two up tubes put in a double pikk line IV ive had nothing but ice chips and the TPN Intravenous feedings but lab work showed I’m still malnourished so yesterday they did a endoscopy to insert a feeding tube down threw my nose into my gut and intestines I’m a 58 year old lady who look like 40 people can’t believe that I have a child that’s 40 but I was so over weight and needed to get my body back in shape for health reasons and to tell you the truth I’m starting to wonder how all this is gonna turn out they sent me home with the TPN SAID I COULD DO IT AT HOME I live alone no help I got so sick was readmitted turned out I had gallstones so I had that removed the next day please if anyone know if this will heal on its own or give me any kids of advice or a uplift thank you for reading my message
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    Congrats. Nice to be off that liquid diet and feel normal again.
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    Coconut Milk

    I'm PRE-OP (Dec 9th surgery date) and I am checking with my nutritionist as well but I like to chat with my peeps in here. Do any of you use coconut milk post-op to mix with your protein drinks, etc. (Light of course) . I know clears are before. Just reading over my booklet again today. (LORD I AM OBSESSED WITH READING IT) I don't see it.
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    Hello I was wondering if anybody knew if BC hospital offers gynecomastia surgery. Thank you!
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    post VSG CO2 gas pain

    The gas was horrific for a couple of days. Burping and heaving mostly. The best thing to ease it was simply walking about and sleeping with head and shoulders raised, could not sleep on side due to acid and heartburn. You'll get thru it it's worth it Sent from my moto g(7) play using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Not sure where to start?

    Thank you everyone for the encouragement!!!
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    Awesome! The longer you can keep this mindset during the WLM, the better in my honest opinion. I didn't want to dink around with the scenic tour of weight loss. Been there, done that, never got to goal that way.
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    Photoshop contest! =P

    I was thinking they could add a bird body to the long, sweeping tail to make a phoenix to celebrate your rebirth.