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    Post op diet

    Since we are on the same plan, I know you should be on full liquids. Also includes yogurt, applesauce, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, pureed fruits and veggies, sugar free pudding and gelatin. Our guide also says to work your way from 3 to 5 ounces in one sitting. Hope this helps. Congratulations on your surgery!
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    Difficult in weightloss

    @Eliz_123 what you are experiencing is absolutely normal! Your stomach is still swollen from having major surgery, give your body a chance to heal, two weeks isn’t long at all AND you’ve lost 13 lbs! That’s awesome, in that short amount of time...follow your plan and you will lose, I think most plans tell you that it takes 1 year to 18 months to get to goal, some people definitely do lose the weight faster but everyone’s body is different, you have to factor in age, starting weight, medical issues and the list goes on. None of us put on this weight overnight so we are not going to lose it overnight. You are on track and doing quite well so try and relax and not focus so much on the scale, follow your plan and the weight will come off. Do a search on stalls and you will find so many topics and see that you are not alone. Keep up the good work the end result will be worth it. 😊
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    Post op diet

    Thank you.
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    Difficult in weightloss

    You're so right ! I shouldn't beat myself up because no I've never lost that amount of weight in such a short period of time ! Thankyou xo
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    Hi folks, I am in the Ocoee, Winter Garden area but I’m just in the research phase, really. I’m registered for that seminar with ORMC Bariatric this coming Thursday, but I haven’t received anything saying where the seminar is held. Could you tell me where that is? ORMC is huge! I’m interested in the sleeve surgery. Thanks.
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    Yikes! See if your PCP can see you today?
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    Food funerals?

    I did gain 15lbs though during my food binge! But, day 2 on pre-op and I've already dropped 3lbs of water weight. So... it's fixable. I don't regret my food funerals. I would have regretted it if I didn't do it, lol. The last of a bad habit. Like savoring the last cig before you quit. Sent from my SM-G930R4 using BariatricPal mobile app
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    Food funerals?

    I think that's why I've been so lackadaisical about sticking to a good diet beforehand. My ultrasound showed my liver had no fatty deposits on it at all and was completely normal-sized. So I've been like "haha whatever! eating junk isn't going to suddenly make my liver fat in 3 weeks." I'm 7 days now from the pre-op diet and just want one more thing and then I'm done indulging.
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    Matt Z

    Eating & drinking at the same time??

    The before eating I find to be bunk, the idea is that water pooled in your pouch/sleeve might help slide food through, the after is purely to avoid sliding the food through, both also are to help prevent food expansion from absorbing the water. I don't follow the before hand waiting, but I do the post eating if at all possible.
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    Is salmon too fatty for post op diet?

    As Fluffy said, differences for different programs - and also for different individual needs. I never worried about carb or fat counts as those don't bother me, just calorie count as that is what ultimately drives the weight loss. There is too much good nutrition associated with foods that are nominally carbohydrates for it to make sense to place arbitrary limits on them; on junk food (high calorie/low nutrition stuff) yes, but not solely on the basis of something being high carb or fat - the calories are an adequate limitation. With your bypass, however, and the prospect of dumping or reactive hypoglycemia, a reasonable carb restriction can be in order, particularly for simple carbs and/or sugars, at least until one figures out ones' individual tolerances.

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