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    Went shopping yesterday and feel very good about what I bought: as I'm currently living in a motel and started with only a microwave for cooking, I'm now in possession of a toaster-oven, an electric kettle, and a crock pot. (Do not tell the management . . . ) Tomorrow I'm very excited: going to make beef stew in the crock pot. Most of the food I bought was good, too: deli chicken and ham, some mashed cauliflower, a pineapple to go with my beloved cottage cheese . . . what I haven't bought, but might next trip, is a scale. Of course, I have a fine scale in my storage locker (just like I have a crock pot and an electric kettle in there, too), but getting there and finding those things? Not happening. Maybe I'll get an apartment soon, maybe it'll be a while . . . whatever happens, happens. But at least I feel a bit better able to eat correctly now, so that's something. The clock is ticking on my "honeymoon" period . . .
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    Is it any good? The idea of the liquid mixture sounds better to me than capsules.
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    Weight loss after surgery

    I’m three weeks post op almost 4 and really haven’t lost any weight I’m walking every day and getting protein in like I’m kinda getting discouraged here seeing that I went through a lot just to have the surgery ughhhhh frustrated isn’t even the word!!!!
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    Universal flip off

    I got mine 7 days after and it was horrible as well. I was expecting it to be bad though, I hadn't had one in almost a year prior to that.
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    I am on day 2 of Pre-op, so no more creamer or sugar. I am using Splenda or Stevia for sweetner and Almond Milk or premier protein for creamer. I preferred powder creamer. and am not happy with the taste of my coffee the last 2 days. Anyone have suggestions? I could do without sweetner all togather if I found a creamer that was good enough. Any advice? Has anyone tried the Inspire powder creamers?
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    What side do you sleep on?

    I had surgery two weeks ago. I am a stomach/side sleeper and was worried about this. I slept for a week in a recliner on my back. At 3 days post op I decided to lay down for about 90 minutes on my left side for nap, and when I got up, I had a red/purple bruise the size of a baseball on my side. I spoke with the nurse, and she thought it was just gravity pulling the blood down to my side and not a new bleed. Thankfully I had no pain and nothing developed. She did ask me to wait a week before I laid on my side again. At a week post op I started on my right side and a few days later tried my left. I haven’t had any other problems. I have laid partly on my stomach over the last few days, and that has been fine. A body pillow has been helpful.
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    What side do you sleep on?

    Not a few days out without a lot of discomfort. A few weeks out, it got so much easier. I could sleep on my stomach and on either side. I'm a year out now and sleeping just feels like.... Normal. Hw-273 Sw-226 CW-124 GW-130 Size- 2, Small in sweats. Small in shirts. depends on how it's cut or made. Bra Size- 34C Surgery Date- April 26th, 2017 RNY "Only those who try will become" FFX
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    Yes my doctor explained to me that it is really hard on our bodies to lose lots of weight (anything more than 2lbs a week) so it will often take a break and then after that break you might pick up right where you left off or you might have a big loss right away. My doc suggested only weighing myself on the 1st and the 15th of every month. That might be easier said than done though! I might have to get my hubby to hid the scale from me!! lol
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    13 Days Post-Op and Scale Stuck for a Week!

    If you are working out with cardio and strength training there is also muscle mass being built. More importantly is the fit of your clothes, how you feel and your body analysis. Keep strong!
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    “You’re disappearing!”

    If they are weird compliments take them in the spirit they are meant and say “thanks!” If you suspect otherwise then laugh and say “I sure hope not” and don’t let it linger and rent space in your brain!