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    I don't lose weight rapidly but my body keeps getting slimmer. I'm in a size 12 now and haven't lost a single lb yet I was a size 14 2 weeks ago. lol! Mine is slow and steady but my body is changing more rapidly.
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    Comprehending gastric bypass...

    I have been researching gastric bypass since November 2016. My surgery is less than 2 months from now. I was somewhat familiar with it before then but not fully educated on it. What I am learning as time goes by is that reading posts on this site,viewing youtube videos plus the research I do on my own & taking notes is so beneficial. The more information I surround myself with and comprehending that information makes me feel more secure with my decision to have the surgery. Learning the possible outcomes whether it be a complication a rare complication and or what is normal gives me a sense of awareness that will help if I encounter anything post op and or during recovery period. The more you know and understand gastric bypass and your responsibilites the better your results. This surgery is not for those who refuse to follow their doctor's instructions. My doctor stated to me that he puts safety on the top of his list with his patients. That stuck to me and I appreciate him for saying that. So, that means the patient also needs to put safety on top especially during the healing process. The whole purpose of the body needing time to heal properly and fully is that we have to follow the instructions given to us because it was designed for us so we can be successful in healing and then progressing on to the next step. I dont want to disappoint my surgeon and I definitely do not want to disappoint myself. This is about choice. This road is a journey that takes time and patience.
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    What Pureed foods to eat??

    I liked fat free refried beans as a puree. Thinned out with broth at first, but towards the end of the stage I had no problem eating them as is. Also, Eggface Ricotta Bake is a favorite for puree stage. That and more ideas can be found here: http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2007/08/pureed-foods.html Good luck!
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    Diabetics getting WLS?

    I had no issues with the healing process.
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    Seattle WLS Newbie


    What are you drinking for your fluids? I struggle with water and am sick of vitamin water zero [emoji20] shakes and soy milk are really the only liquids that I can get down fairly comfortably.
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    I think your nutritionist is misinterpreting the data. It's not that the bypass is NECESSARILY more effective long term, only that we have more EVIDENCE of it being effective long term. The sleeve as an individual operation is a relatively new procedure, so we just don't have as much long term data either way vs the RNY. But the info we do have is very promising. I've done a lot of reading and from my (layman's) understanding, the bypass will help you lose weight faster (6mo to a year) vs the sleeve where you typically lose slowly over a period of 18 months. The typical difference between loss I think is often 10% of your weight ON AVERAGE, which may or may not be a big deal to you. (It wasn't to me, which is why I went with the sleeve.) Regain typically comes down to compliancy post-op more than what procedure you get. The average losses comes from the people who lose 150 lbs and completely overhaul their life and the people who eat around their surgery and lose less than ten or go on to gain past their original weight, so honestly I really didn't take it much into account when I was picking my procedure. I was much more concerned about the life I'd be living post op with both procedures and about my individual comfort level with the concept of the procedures themselves. Sleeve fit my vision for my future, so that's what I chose even though my surgeon was more in favour of the RNY as the "gold standard". It is true the RNY is more invasive and also produces more restriction both in terms of volume of food AND type of foods you can eat. A lot of the things I can very easily eat post-op with my sleeve could make your average RNY patient very sick. some people see this as a pro to the RNY, others a con. There are good reasons to pick either procedure, and sticking to the plan long term will bring success with EITHER procedure. After that it comes down to other factors: if you have GERD, if you have type 2 diabetes, how much weight you have to lose, how comfortable you are with malabsorption of nutrients, the speed you want the weight loss to be, whether you'd prefer the proven track record of the RNY, whether you want the ability to revise down the line, etc. There's a lot to consider here, so definitely stick around and do some reading, but don't let the nutritionist tell you that you HAVE to get the RNY just because "after 5 years the sleeve stops working" and accept that as gospel or use it as the only deciding factor in your choice. Any surgery can result in weight regain, just as any surgery can result in stunning lifelong success. The specific surgery itself isn't nearly so important as the lifestyle changes you implement alongside your chosen procedure.
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    Tomorrow is the day.

    Good luck! I feel pretty good. Just had mine done and still in the hospital. Yay!
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    Pre-op protein drinks

    They usually run 30 grams of protein. 170 calories and 5 grams of carbs, 2 of sugar. Donna
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    Goal Weight?

    I was also told that getting to a healthy bmi was unlikely. But I did reach and am maintaining but I have to diet and exercise to reach and maintain it I can't rely on surgery. Also, my stretched out skin adds extra weight that I won't lose under I have skin surgery....it's flabby wrinkled skin which can't be dieted off but probably is about 5 extra pounds. If you want to reach a healthy bmi go for it and do it for you! The drs just want to keep our expectations realistic and they're thinking what is the expected weight loss from surgery they don't include what we are willing to do with diet and exercise to get the remaining pounds off.
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    I've talked with lots of other PCOS sleevers and they all seem to say that the surgery helps with their insulin resistance, helps with their patches of darkening skin, helps to make their periods more regular, helps them get pregnant naturally... but we are stuck with the hair! I'm hoping that once I reach a more normal weight my hormones will even out enough that I'll at least be able to get electrolysis and have it work! I once looked into it and the doctor I saw told me not to bother because the minute my hormones fluctuated I'd be getting it all back again