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    I had an occasional friend who lost 100lbs but I didn't know her when she was big, I lost 30 lbs and she gained 30, putting us in the same weight range , she seemed upset, and she never spoke to me anymore. I thought it was crazy and my husband noticed her eyeing me up with a dirty look too....weird!!! Anyway, women never want other women to look good, I'm the fat one in my group and I wouldn't even tell my friends I'm having the sleeve, cause I know what they'd say... "Your not big enough".... They just don't want me to be their size deep down.
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    Pure Protein Bars

    You talking about these: https://www.amazon.com/Pure-Protein-Variety-Chocolate-Peanut/dp/B01126O3OY/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1488059942&sr=8-3&keywords=Pure%2BProtein%2BBars&th=1 Those are actually a pretty well trusted name in protein supplementation. The only negative I know of is the amount of sugar alcohols contained in them. If you were to too many bars too soon together, it could cause abdominal discomfort or diarrhea. Nothing too horrific, but we used to have a saying amongst the vets here, "Never trust a fart". It was because a lot of the foods we start introducing can cause that reaction. So I don't think there is any reason to doubt the validity of these bars nutritional claims. I cycle through my bars pretty regularly. These, Think Thin, Kirkland, and Cliff Builder Bars. Every once in a while I'll get a Met-RX too, but those are complete meal replacements, 400 - 480 calories!
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    Pure Protein Bars

    Has anyone else tried these pure protein bars they are amazing they taste like a Candy bar. They are about 200 calories, 3 gms of sugar & 20 gms of protein. I'm extremely skeptical about their nutritional value if they taste so amazing. I I'm unable to eat mostly anything still without difficulty but these protein bars go down beautifully and satisfy me......... therefore they must not be good...... nothing in my life that has ever tasted good has been healthy so why would I believe this is good..... does anyone have any experience or research on these pure protein bars ?
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    Weigh in help

    Hi not sure if you'd get denied, I guess it all depends on your insurance. My insurance just told me I have to gain weight by the 1st of march because my bmi is under 50 and my insurance will deny me. I have been eating high carbs since last week I'm just hoping I've gained, I really can't tell.
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    Weigh in help

    My water weight fluctuates extensively so I was nervous about my last weigh in. Stay away from excessive sodium and hydrate as much as you can! I had protein drinks and minimal carbs 2 days before weigh in and was able to lose 4lbs. I scheduled early in the morning as well to get the lowest weight possible. Good luck!
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    Weigh in help

    First off can you reschedule it secondly drink lots of water and eat a lot of good foods that will not make you gain weight and maybe take a water pill if you have any I hope you get to have your surgery you should tell your doctor to that's why you're up a little maybe he will take your last weigh-in.
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    Weigh in and insurance

    I had the same thing happen actually. I thankfully realized I had gained 5 lbs when I went to see a different doctor. I was 285 at initial apt and 290 a couple weeks later. Unfortunately every insurance is different. My surgeons group had a specific person who dealt with my insurance company's rules for the pre-op diet so I called her to verify. When I did see the 290lb I did get sad for a couple days because my insurance won't let me gain any weight. I have to stay the same or lose so I started looking at what I was eating. I have a sweet tooth. I'm working with a therapist now to get mentally prepared for after surgery, no binges or overeating, and cut back on sweets. I was able to get down to 284 in a week that way. I follow high protein, high fiber, low fat, low carb. Sugar doesn't make you fat, fat makes you fat. I'm also vegan. Animal meat is much more fatty than tofu, tempeh, or seitan. Oh, and don't know if you know this, drinking alot of water will help with water retention during your period which will help with weight. I also lift weights or do leg lifts, stability ball etc while I'm watching TV. I can't do much as I have back problems and chronic pain. These are just a few things I do. I hope these help you! Good luck! You can do it! Sent from my SM-N920T using BariatricPal mobile app
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    100lbs gone!!!

    Awesome job pic or not progress starts in the mind
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    Lack of support...

    I haven't had surgery yet but I have already experienced this type of negativity. One friend keeps comparing it to plastic surgery. Even though I tried to explain that her breast enlargement was not the same as cutting out part of my stomach so that I save my own life. My best friend, who is also obese, said, "But! Then I'll be the fat friend!" Talk about a painful thing to say. Assorted other people simply begin a Litany of all the people they seem to know who have died from bariatric surgery. If you listen to the stories people tell you it would seem that only one in ten people survive surgery. I've been tempted to write a research paper looking at how when you're fat you're criticized for being fat. But then if you take Extreme Measures to fix an extreme problem people criticize that as well. I lost a hundred pounds during college the "natural way." That previous experience has somewhat prepared me for how the world changes it's reaction to me based on my body. But it's still difficult.
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PatchAid Vitamin Patches