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  1. My BMI was 31 when I started 203 lbs, 5’10”. Im at 163lbs now, BMI 24 😊. I’m at my goal, but wouldn’t mind going down to 155. 5 months for my loss. But I lost over 1/2 my hair , 6 months post it started growing back.
  2. I'm 5 months post op. I literally lost 1/2 my hair. The last 4 days Ive noticed im only loosing a fraction of what I was. It's not wrapping around my hands in the shower. I don't have a ball of hair after blow drying etc. I'm at my goal now, I started at a BMI of 31 & its 24 now, after loosing 53lbs. So I'm hoping that's why it's slowed down. I ate and did my protein ,vitamins etc. I'm just Lucky I had very thick hair to start with. Loosing my hair was the worse side affect for me.
  3. Please

    Thinning hair?

    Your gettin it back now, that's good... I had really think hair, I think I lost 1/2 of it. I'm pretty stressed about it to be honest. I'm only 4 months post-op. It's noticeably getting thin , my husband made a comment (not knowing it was a side affect) I was embarrassed and never mentioned it, hoping he wouldn't notice. My part is so obvious, I used to have a pony tail like a horses tail. Everyone commented on my thick hair. So disappointing , I'm just looking forward to my 8/9months post op when it should start coming back. I'm so scared if I have to keep loosing it for another few months I'll be bald, and I'm not exaggerating ...it's loads of hair everyday falling out when I brush it, clogging the vacuum. Etc.
  4. I'm 41 , Mom of 2. I started out at 223 pounds (BMI 31) I'm 5'10". In 4 months including the pre-op I lost 49lbs total, today I weigh 174lbs and I'm 4 lbs from my goal of 170. If I loose 1 more pound my BMI will be 24.5 which will put me in the "Normal weight category" I do feel pretty good, I get tired the odd day, but not more then being overweight made me lazy. My hair is my biggest concern. I had such thick hair, my hairdresser always had to mix more stuff and always commented on the amount of hair I had ....well today I have about 1/2 that hair. I know it's temporary, I know it will come back, but it's not a nice feeling. I'm only at 4 months and if I keep loosing at the same rate, I'm terrified I'll go bald. I take my vitamins and Biotin and a collagen pill , and I'm pretty good with Protein. Water is very tuff for me as it still nauseates me, but I'm doing well overall. So far I'm still happy with my choice, but I've yet to see what happens with my hair. I'd rather be fat and have hair then thin and bald. anyway, goodluck to everyone! Well wishes to you all!
  5. Please

    4 months Post-Op

    I hope it all come back for us both! Goodluck!
  6. Please

    4 months Post-Op

    If your 5 months in, your one of the lucky ones! You'll be fine!!! Don't worry. It starts growing back in at 8 months.
  7. Sleeved March 23, starting weight 223lbs ,current weight 175lbs, 5 pounds from my goal.
  8. That's not enough, water should pass right through. Maybe you just don't want to drink, it happens...some people get so turned off everything they just don't want to drink.
  9. It's normal for some yes, some days were better for me then others, the fatigue was the worse and water nausea.(for 8 weeks)I'm almost 4 months post op, and I feel completely normal. No deprevation or fatigue. You'll get there !! Hang in there!
  10. Almost Everyone says this the 1st couple of weeks to a month , no matter what your BMI was at the start , forget about the scale the 1st month and just concentrate on your water and protein. I'm 3 months Post-Op . I started with a BMI OF 31. I didn't really loose until near 3 weeks. I'm down 45 lbs today, but still not in my healthy weight range, I got 8 pounds to hit the top end of my ideal weight. remember a BMI of 35 is still considerably obese. Good Luck!
  11. My NUT says a true stall last at least 3 weeks. I'm 3 months out started at 223lbs and I'm 178lbs now, down 45 lbs. my goal is 165lbs. I'm 5'10".
  12. I can't give you any Advice, but I hope you find some help. I really feel for you & I truly hope you get through this a better You! Good Luck 🌷
  13. I'd go back and look at Pictures of yourself when you were Fat, might make you more mindful of what your doing to yourself now. goodluck!!
  14. Your 2 days post op and your trying to eat? Maybe I took that the wrong way?
  15. I don't feel like you, but did you ever think your hunger feelings might be indigestion? I was feeling hungry too, then I tried the prescription the doctor gave me for indigestion and now I don't feel hungry. You gotta stop making the wrong choices, don't wreck everything you did so far! Get outside and do something! Good luck!!!
  16. Please

    4month post op

    Is it in a bun? I'm 3 months out, so I'm no expert. I was just wondering how much your able to eat .
  17. Please

    Leg Cramps...

    Try "All Calm" it's for restless legs and cramps, buy it at health food stores
  18. Maybe wear a back support thing that wraps around you, it'll protect your stomach a little
  19. That's perfect, you don't want drink after eating....that's how you get used to consuming too much.
  20. Please

    Turkey neck

    I'm 41, and I found I got more of a turkey neck too. I lost 44 lbs so far and have about 20lbs to go. Getting so close to my goal weight I don't care about it like I thought I would, I feel so much better when I work and do things . If your skins loose, you'll learn techniques to deal with it and what to wear , if surgery isn't an option for you, for whatever your reasons. I had a Tummy Tuck 5 years ago when I lost weight after having my last child, so I'm lucky now, as it still looks good. You'll feel so much better.
  21. Please

    Burning Reflux - Horrible

    This is one of the biggest side effects with getting the sleeve. What time do you take your pill? Maybe take it at night , besides switching your meds until you find something that works for you, your likely stuck with it. If you eat the heavy triggers like, coffee, alcohol , or certain spices, you can try not consuming. To see if it helps , Or try omitting certain foods that you normally eat. Peanut butter gives my husband heartburn and bananas for me. My doctor said to stay on an acid reducer/stomach protector for 6 months minimum post. I don't have it bad, just slight.
  22. Please

    Bruises and rib pain

    Are you okay? What was going on with the short of breath ? Sounds concerning.
  23. No one really looses the 1st week, some even gain , You should do a little research, The 1st 5-6 weeks is pretty slow ...then things will start happening
  24. People travel 2 -3 days after surgery, so the flight isn't an issue, I'm 11 /12 weeks post op, I wouldn't have felt like a holiday at 2 weeks .... I felt okay, but I wanted to sleep a lot. I had highs and lows until 7 weeks of extreme fatigue, but Its all good now. I feel "normal" now. I'm not a person to take naps and definitely very private, but I found myself taking cat naps in my car In front of store parking lots (embarrassing , but I couldn't stay awake). Everyone's different though! Im down 44 pounds in 11 weeks and I'm 9 pounds from my original goal of 170lbs, but I think I'll aim for 160 now. I'm 5'10". Started at 223lbs now 179lbs.
  25. Only my husband knows about me & not even my mother . We have 2 little kids, so I didn't need to tell them. I didn't have a real high BMI to start and people were already used to my Yo Yo dieting, so no one really says much.

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