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    Months 2 & 3

    At 3 months out I have lost 62 lbs: Starting weight: 240 Current weight: 178 I still have quite a bit to go (as my height is 4' 11"). I'm so happy with this progress! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my sleeve. I've learned and lived through quite a bit in the last couple months.... THE GOOD: - Doing 175 squats will not kill you - I can see my clavicles! (This was a very happy NSV for me) - Eating at restaurants and parties is more manageable than I thought (just remember: protein first) - While shopping one day, I looked down and realized I couldn't see my belly, just boobs - I reached my surgeons first goal on 7/22/13, which gave me even more motivation to keep on track - NSV: I can wrap a bath towel around me! - I entered ONEDERLAND on 7/31/13 - This, to me, is by far the most exciting... My resting heart rate went from 120's- 130's down to the 70's!!! THE BAD - "Hunger" during your time of the month: oh wow, I feel like a monster! Lol. Just a tip: don't weigh yourself during your period, it'll just lead to frustration that isn't needed!! - I've come to terms that negative people will be negative. No use in trying to please or understand these people. THE UGLY - CONSTIPATION... Def never had this as an issue before surgery. My norm before was a couple times a day. Now, a couple times a week. Um, ouch. But I recently starting taking Colace. Hopefully that'll help. - Hair loss: Ok, I knew hair loss is a side effect, and it usually happens around month 3 or 4, BUT I wasn't really prepared for what it'd actually look like... Like a horror movie! It's quite disturbing to look have hand- fulls of hair while washing it or to look down in the shower and have a hair ball the size of a chinchilla near your drain! I'm lucky I have such thick (and long) hair to begin with, which is why I think it looks so disturbing. WHAT I'M DOING: Well, what I'm supposed to be doing. Protein first, lots of water, low carbs, and exercising. I'm not saying I'm perfect, but I find following this plan pretty simple. I don't feel deprived and I rarely feel hungry. It requires work, but the results are so worth the sacrifices. Just working towards and hoping for continued success!!!
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    These words say it all

    If I compared myself to anyone else I would not be happy. Be happy with your results even if they are slow. Keep it going.
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    photo (1)

    From the album: Sleeve 7/15/13

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    From the album: 3rd Month Post-op

    Left- befores Right- afters
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    From the album: Sleeve 7/15/13

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    From the album: Afters

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    Post-Op Days 3-4

    I have a New Year's goal as well! Can't wait to see changes by that time
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    Day 2 Post-Op

    Congrats on a very successful surgery. This is exciting. My surgery is Monday (Bea, I'm the 16th also!), and I'm just really hoping for an "easy" time. My surgery isn't until 10:00, so I'll probably be a basket case by that time, but I'm hoping for some nice relaxation drugs while I wait. Keep up the great work!
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    From the album: 2nd month post op

    My reward for being under 200lbs was a bicycle-- I never learned to ride on until last week!!!
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    10/24/2012 *225 lbs*

    From the album: Progress Pictures.

    Felt pretty good this day, fit into my sisters old PINK shirt

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