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  1. Hey y'all! I had my 2 year check up with my surgeon (Dr T Borland in New Iberia, LA) and I feel like I'm doing well. Yay! Good weight loss & lots of energy! I currently stand at 24.9% body fat, and I'm daily trying to improve that. Doc seemed pleased with my progress & suggested looking into a tummy tuck. I'd like to get under 20% body fat before my tummy tuck (hopefully some time next year). I'm a little afraid to not get the results I want from the TT, but I know I'd be able to move around more easily after it's done. I'm tired of compression garments. Lol. I was hoping to be able to see muscle definition in my abdominals, but sadly I'm reading many articles that say it's unlikely. It's a bit of a bummer, but I'm wanting plastics anyway (tummy tuck, old girls lifted, and new ones put in). So very exciting, but gotta save the $$$$. Anyway, hope everyone is doing well!! XOXO, Misty
  2. Mrs.RRn

    Cash pay?

    I paid $9600 in the US
  3. I had my body fat tested as a way to gauge how I am doing and as a way to set goals. The scale was no longer helpful to me. I had gotten down to 126 lbs before I started weight lifting. I'm now 132 lbs.... But it was muscle gain, not fat. Still, it was frustrating for the scale to be moving up. I decided the scale was no longer an appropriate tool, and BMI was ever an approprIate tool. Lol. I figured body fat% was the way to go. I was a little nervous because I knew the caliper method would not work on us wls peeps because of our loose skin. My gym uses a machine with electrodes (looks like an EKG) and the impulses measure density. Thought it was pretty cool. And it seems more accurate than calipers.
  4. Mrs.RRn

    When did your fatigue stop?

    Around week 2-3 when I was able to get some protein in... And after I started taking B12.
  5. Mrs.RRn

    Core Training

    My doctor cleared me at 5 weeks to "hell, train for the Olympics if you want to" LOL. Call them up and ask!
  6. I still have protein supps (nearly 2 years post op) nearly daily. My goals have changed, but still, I enjoy my protein shakes.
  7. Hey everyone! I feel like I've been away for awhile... But I wanted to post some updated before/during pics. Just to catch up..... My name is Misty. I had my VSG (sleeve) done June 2013. My highest weight was 245lbs. I've lost apporox 119 lbs (ignoring today's weight bc the past few days have been "cheat WEEKEND" LOL). For the most part, I eat very well (I've given up rice, bread, potatoes, Pasta, and a few other things I've deemed unworthy to be in my little tummy). I enjoy my gym time very much & consider myself somewhat of a "gym rat." Tonight is my last cheat meal (today is my birthday!) -- which will consist of my first piece of pizza since my surgery and a piece of Godiva chocolate I purchased for the occasion. Beginning tomorrow will be a strict ban on all things bad for me... Back to "normal" life, which I quite enjoy. I'm hoping to drop just a few more pounds in the next 6 months, then planning for plastics. Hope everyone is doing well!!!
  8. @@downsizingdiva My highest weight was 245 lbs My weight on my day of surgery was 240 lbs I'm 4' 11"
  9. Mrs.RRn

    Yoga's harder than it looks!

    I LOVE yoga. There are modifications for every pose. Just do what feels good for you. And I can assure you, in a yoga class, everyone is so focused on themselves they have no clue what you or your crackly knees are doing. Lol enjoy!
  10. But apple juice can cause diarrhea ... especially so soon after surgery. So maybe that has a little to do with healing? I'm sure many of your guidelines are about weight loss... That's kind of the point, right?
  11. Mrs.RRn

    Your dream outfit

    A bikini. This is a bit unrealistic, but one can dream. I want to wear a tight LBD, body con style.
  12. Reading this makes my little tummy hurt. lol
  13. My insurance doesn't pay for any type of weight loss surgery, so I was a self-pay (about $9800) ... But it doesn't hurt to try! Can you cheat around it? Well, yes. That's why there are overweight people walking around who have had wls or who have lost and gained. It is simply a tool to help control portions. You still have to make healthy choices and put in the work. But if you educate yourself, and stick to the plan, you can do amazing.
  14. I didn't realize how much this varies by surgeon. I had 3.
  15. Mrs.RRn

    Reflux? Is it awful?

    I had reflux before the surgery due to obesity & poor diet.... But none since the sleeve.
  16. Mrs.RRn


    From the album: 6th month post op

    HAPPY DAY- 90 lbs gone and officially "overweight" Bye bye obese!
  17. Mrs.RRn


    From the album: 5th month post op

    My first MEDIUM shirt!!
  18. Mrs.RRn


    From the album: 3rd Month Post-op

    Left- befores Right- afters
  19. So, I got the most hated comment (for me anyway) the other day: Someone congratulated me on my weight loss & asked how I did it. I'm always very open and honest about my surgery, so I told her I had the sleeve.... Her reply: "oh, I thought you did it yourself." My head said "b*tch!" But my mouth said, "well it was a lot of hard work." -- I didn't look, but I could feel her rolling her eyes, but I beat her with the flames coming out my ears. People have no clue. I WORK at this-- the results speak for themselves. I don't have to explain myself to anyone. We work hard. Pat yourself on the back! This life isn't easy-- it's high maintenance. Not everyone can do what we do. Don't let anyone's opinions bring you down.... Cheers to us! Misty
  20. Mrs.RRn

    Snack time!

    I'm snacking on this right now (one of my fav combos): Grapes, cheese stick, and nuts (cashews) What are you snacking on today???
  21. If anyone wants to find me on IG : misty_marie87 I post progress pics, food pics, and too many selfies. Lol I'd love to see y'all progress!
  22. Mrs.RRn


    I love selfies. Js.
  23. Mrs.RRn

    Recent pic

    I'm glad you find the photos helpful!!! That's what I was hoping for! Not the body i was after: I felt too boney. I could see all my ribs in the mirror - it just wasn't a good look for me. I wanted a little more muscle and curves. I first started yoga for a little strength.. But strength., flexibility, elongating muscles, relaxation/meditation.

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