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    How Much Did You Lose The First 2-4 Weeks?

    274 the moring of surgery - 3 days post was 294 due to internal bleeding and the hospital staff pushing massive fluids. After the first few weeks of madness I was down about 23 lbs from my surgery day weight in 3-4 weeks. I think the first two you should not worry to much - our bodies are so wacked out by the stress of surgery, healing, and trying to get fluid/elimination/protein into a groove that I think numbers can be deceiving early on. Best of luck with your surgery - sip,sip,sip, and walk as soon as you can and often.
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    So my sister in law is in town. Why is that important?? Because it's time for our annual tradition of pedi/pie day!!! Uh oh....how can I do this? I've had WLS and I cannot engage in such activities!! Awwwww bullpucky! Well, there is a place here in Albuquerque called Flying Star, and they have the best desserts for miles and miles around! Especially the Rio Grande Mud Pie, which is what started our pedi/pie day adventures in the first place. I did not know how this would go since I'm not supposed to be eating these naughty bits of things in the first, second and third place! So here's what I decided: I conserved my intake to limited high protein items for the morning and only ate what i needed to stay standing upright. Then after our pedi, we went to Flying Star and I ordered carrot cake and coffee. MMMMMMM!!! So I take my huge slab of flour, sugar and fat to the table and cut off about an inch and a half of the pointed end and ate that, and boxed up the rest for my kids. I was TOTally satisfied with- ohhhhh-- approximately 2 oz of carrot cake. I actually FELT like I ate the whole thing because my system is SO not used to that anymore! (I knew I was full when, on my way to the bathroom, I saw a poster with a picture of a huge burger and a shake and it said "purchase any burger and get a shake for $3.00," and I almost yakked right there!! Oh, the thought of eating that burger and shake was horrible!! I'm sure it came with fries or something too. People really eat that much??? Oh ya--I used to!) Well, the good new is- I logged it ALL on MFP (dooter69-go witness for yourself;) AND I still had 400 calories (half of my intake) left for dinner and an evening snack! (always cottage cheese and fruit). So...It just goes to show you- that you CAN have your cake and eat it too!! (Just don't eat the whole thing, and be sure to keep track of it, and don't do it to often, and...and...and.....) Good day.....goooooood day....
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    Why Am I Afraid To Reach My Goal?

    I have only known FAT. I was made fun of as a child, picked on by my family and bullied in high school. Tearful now just typing this. I lost a lot of weight on my own after college because I was so active. Two years after my daughters birth, I ballooned to 217 (I weighed 204 the day she was born). That's when I knew I needed help. I do feel great at 175, more active and I workout daily so I figure I have just let myself settle here. I do so well during the day, it's the evening when my family wants to watch a movie and snack. I guess it comes down to good old fashioned self control. And i'm so hard on myself when i don't eat like i should. I can wake up and my first thought is the regret of what I ate the night before With my weight loss, I have noticed some attention from men, nothing inappropriate but compliments that seem genuine but I noticed I struggle with that greatly! I am very uncomfortable with that attention. My husband says he will help me at night. We are going shopping for 100 cal weight watcher snacks and i get one per night and I'm going to kick up my exercising. We both feel if I can get below 170 I will have proven to myself there is nothing to be afraid of. I am blessed with an understanding husband/friend. Thanks for your comments. Sometimes, I do feel all alone with these crazy thoughts.
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    Feeling Overwhelmed

    First of, your blog is your blog. It's a place to share what you're going through, your feelings, ect. There's no doing it wrong. Second, I 100% can relate to that. I LOVED drinking my water. I drank at least 6 bottles a day. I miss it a lot, but maybe its not the water that isn't agreeing with you maybe it's the amount you're consuming at one time? Like if you're drinking from a bottle/cup, you're probably taking too big of a swallow and that can cause the pain. Took me two days to figure that one out. lol
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    From the album: Before and After

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    How Much Did You Lose The First 2-4 Weeks?

    I was 229 the day I had surgery on June 4th. On Saturday June 9th I was 235. I gained 6 pounds. I lost weight at the rate of 1 to 1-1/2 pounds every other day for the first few weeks. I have lost 23 pounds since June 4th or 29 if you count the fact that I gained 6 pounds in the hospital. My weight loss is slowing down a little bit now. I lost 60 pounds pre-surgery though at the rate of about 10 a month and in the 2 week pre-op I lost less than most people and that was 10 pounds and I didn't cheat and I had 3 shakes a day for 14 days and only had a few sugar-free popsicles and like 2 sugar-free jellos....if that. Since I dieted the entire pre-approval time I had already lost my water weight. Good luck to you on your surgery in a few days. Sending you my thoughts and prayers.
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    Why Am I Afraid To Reach My Goal?

    yes you are not alone. maybe you're afraid of the pressure of maintaining when you get to goal, this way you are always working towards your goal. i know for me to shop on the regular side of the clothing store still freaks me out and i almost have a panic attack. i still cant make myself go into store that dont sell plus sized clothing as well as regular. i totally understand you.
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    Why Am I Afraid To Reach My Goal?

    I am curious to know the "WHY" you sabatoge yourself. I find myself not sabatoging myself but have a certain amount of fear about being "skinny". Maybe if I was closer to goal I would feel the need to. I am really not sure where my fear is coming from. Know this....you are not alone!
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    Buddies Apply Here!

    Good Luck to you....I to woke up with a great out look on it all....I told myself if i want to loose faster..I have to work harder...so I set my alarm for a hr early and I went for a good fast walk ( with out the kids) and I am going to work extra hard on portion control......OOO i use fitness pal and logged it out early in the night and told myself...I was done no going back and adding to it....fingers crossed it worked....God is Good !
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    From the album: Me before and after

    I am on the left hand side with my good pal T