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  1. What to do when food gets stuck? I ate this morning and it feels like its still there!! Stuck right in my chest area!! Should I go vomit!! I can't take this feeling!!! HELP!!!
  2. When You Mentally choose to Never Look back Where You Have Been It's Easier to Look forward to What You want to Become!! Look at The New profile Pic!!! I.m Hot!!!! In My Beyonce Voice!!!
  3. shrcumm

    Just Me!!

    I am Still a Work in Progress!! Lost almost 80 Pounds!
  4. shrcumm

    I'm Loving the New Me!!

    From the album: Just Me!!

  5. So Much has happen in my life since the Lap Band! I Look Great and Best of Them All, I am Getting Married November 9th 2013!! I can't wait to look great in my dress, and yes i just got a divorce not too long ago!! You see How Good God is!! Someone who did not love me used to call me Fat Garbage! But Now Someone Who does love me calls Me Gold and a Blessing!!! Smiling all the wall down the Chappel and to The Bank!!! Love All of You!!!
  6. Has anyone getting pregnant with the lap band? what was the experience like?? i'm getting Married Nov 9th and just making sure, I dont step into a moment that I am not ready for!!! Yikes
  7. In Order To Get Something Out of Something, You Have To Do Something, And If Nothing Is What You Got For Doing Nothing, Then You Deserve Nothing!!! Matthew 7:7 "Keep on asking, and you will receive what you ask for. Keep on seeking, and you will find. Keep on knocking, and the door will be opened to you. Keep God First!! Happy Friday!! Love All Of You!!! Stay Cool!!!!
  8. I Have been stuck for 2 Days Someone Please Help Me!!!! Any Suggestions??????
  9. shrcumm

    Just Stay Away!!!

    I Choose To Be Happy & Full Of Joy!! Just Do Me A Favor If You Plan To Be Miserable, Do It Alone Because I Wont Be Good Company!!! Ephesians 6:11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. Love All Of You!! Have a Blessed Day!!!! 7/9/2013
  10. Okay So I'm Going To Put It Out There So Not Another Person Ask Me About It!! I Was Never One To Place My Personal Business So I Will Proceed With Caution!! Yes I Lost A Tremendous Amount Of Weight!! No I Am Not Sick, I Just Decided To Loose Weight To See My Children Get Married & Grow Old, Me To Continue To Be In Better Health & Successful!! I Don't Need Your Advice Or Opinion On My Looks Because I Serve Sexy Daily! Big Or Small! So Before Opening Your Mouth Know That, I Am A Child Of God And I Am Not On This Earth To Serve You But I Serve My Heavenly Father!! Psalm 16:8 I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Love All Of You!!! Stay Cool!!!!
  11. shrcumm

    I am Still a Work in Progress!!

    From the album: Just Me!!

    I Lost a Total of 80 and Still Working at it!! I am a Work in Progress ! Keep God First and Everything else will Fall Into Place!! It Just Has To! Don't Give It a Choice!!! Make Him a Priority!!
  12. Be careful with Over Eating On Holidays for Tomorrow Will Be a Normal Day!! No Regrets!!
  13. I went to the doctors for a weight In, I lost 7 More Pounds, Feeling Great, New Boyfriend who treats me like Gold, I'm Sexy, My Family & Kids are Good & Healthy, Got a Promotion In The Work Place to An Office 15 Minutes From My Home!!!! Life Is Good!! Thank You God!! Your Grace Is Sufficient For Me!!!
  14. shrcumm

    Hair loss

    I had some Hair Loss but Took Biotin, and Collagen, & Vitamin E, That Should Do The Trick!!!
  15. Please Read!! If You Have a Credit Card, Car Note, Relationship, Love Interest, Weight Issue, or Struggling with Any Value In Your Life!! Please Know That!! If You Are Paying More In The Interest Then You Are For The Value of The Item or Person Then Maybe you need a Reality Check!! Because Paying More Attention on The Interest Means That You Will Never Really Own It or Make It Yours!!! It Will Always Belong To Someone Else!! Or Their Opinion Of You!!! Learn to See The Value in You, Because If You Don't Then Interest Is All You Will Get!! Now How Interesting Is That!!!! Love All Of You!!!! Happy Praise Sunday!!
  16. Hello My Lap Band Buddies, I have Been Gone For A Second But I am Back!!! Hope Everyone is Doing Well!! Just Wanted To Share a Little Laugh with you!! I Saw a Friend This week whom I have not seen in awhile, He Looks at Me and Says OMG, what happen to you? Are You or were you sick you lost so much weight!! I Looked at him and said why do you people assume that I was sick to loose weight? Why can't I Be Healthy and Loose Weight? Unbelievable!! I guess Assuming the worst is better then assuming the best!! I am at my Goal weight 180!!! from almost 300 and over in one year!! Happy!!!! Love All of You!! And Missed You!!!
  17. I felt the same at first but then I went from over 300 to 180 in 1 year and I am happy with the results and you will be also!! The feel will pass and when you wear the smaller clothing and looking and feeling healthy it will all come into place!!
  18. shrcumm

    Never Give Up!!

    Trust Me When I Tell You, There is A Big Difference In Well Doing and Doing Well!! You Can Be Doing Good and Not Be Doing Well, But The Lord Said Don't Get Weary In Doing Good For The Harvest You Sow You Will Reap!! Never Give Up!!! No Matter What!! And Try To Find Haters In The Process Because They Are Your Motivators!! Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Happy Monday, Love All of You!!!
  19. Please Know That How You Start Your Day is How Your Day Will End!! For Those Of You Who Are Having Problems In Any Area of Your Life Big Or Small; I Suggest You Pray For Someone Else, And Don't Even Let Them Know, That Way Your Prayers Get Notice Because Someone Might Be Praying For You!! Please Don't Post Negativity On The Lap Band Sight Because It May Not Be Working for You, But Scare Off Someone Who Really Needs The Help!! Have A Great Day, Love All of You!!!
  20. Many Times The Reason That we Are Not Loosing is Because You Have Stop Eating and Your Body has Nothing to Hold Onto But Stored Fat! In Order To Loose You Must Eat Correct, and The Right Foods, Low or No Sugar, and Work-our Regularly!! Thats The Only Way This is Going to Work!! Happy Band-Anniversary to Carolina Girl!!!! We Made One Year!!!!!!!! (Hugs)!!!!!!
  21. Ladies Please Know That You Are Like A Book, When A Man Looks At You, You Think That He Is Looking At The Cover (All Pretty, But He is Not)!!! He Is Looking At The Contents!!! What's Inside The Book!!! (Is It Readable And Why)! “A woman's heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.” Max Lucado Have A Great Day 6/5/2013, Love All of You!!!!
  22. I Would Like To Say Happy Birthday to my oldest son Ryan Cummings who turns the Big 19 Years Old today! You Have been my Inspiration for years! I Love You and Thank God for you Each and Every Day! Thank You for being my Gift and Allowing Me To Stay Young! It was you who taught me Strength! And For That I am a Hell of A Woman Today! Shine Today because you make me Shine! A proud Mom I Am!
  23. shrcumm

    Dating after weight loss

    I recently Starting Dating Also and I am A Power House, Still Some Issues, But My Self Esteem Grows Daily, My Anniversary Is 6/5/2013 of One Year and I Lost a Total of 95 Pounds! Lap Band Plication!!
  24. shrcumm

    Dating after weight loss

    I recently Starting Dating Also and I am A Power House, Still Some Issues, But My Self Esteem Grows Daily, My Anniversary Is 6/5/2013 of One Year and I Lost a Total of 95 Pounds! Lap Band Plication!!
  25. shrcumm

    Dating after weight loss

    I recently Starting Dating Also and I am A Power House, Still Some Issues, But My Self Esteem Grows Daily, My Anniversary Is 6/5/2013 of One Year and I Lost a Total of 95 Pounds! Lap Band Plication!!

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