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    I lost weight plenty of times before the band but always gained it back with extra. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results...I finally had to do something different and I did get different results.
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    Almost To 200Lbs

    So back in June I was at 296 now I'm down to 215. But seems like I've been stuck in the 215 area for the last 3 weeks. I just want to get under 200 lbs. I'm stuck in a rut
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    Hair Loss?

    Its been two years since I got the lap band. My hair was super long and thick before surgery and now it's thin and barely will grow past my shoulders! Any advice on how to get it to grow again? Thanks!
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    Great news! I have some NSV's to share 1. my replacement wedding band no longer fits, but I'm still holding out for the big one, so this will have to do for now 2. My BMI dropped from 42 to 39.5. I'm still Morbidly obese, but hey, at least its coming down! 3. My fasting blood sugar usually runs 100-110. It's been 89! 4. I kinda sorta in a way can see my waist now! Thats always exciting! 5. I have so much more energy!! It's 3 AM and I'm up and ready for the day. Insomnia you say? Maybe, but at least I'm energetic!! I've discovered a strength this week that I didn't know I had. I'm learning patience, perserverance, but most of all I'm learning to step outside of myself. I read Holly's blog (300 pounds gone, check it out, I love her writing) a couple of weeks ago, and she challenged her readers to help themselves by helping others. I may have paraphrased that all wrong, but that is the message I got out of it. Each of us is so caught up in the scale, the NSV's, our pain and suffering, that our focus is internal. I'm working on remembering to pull myself out of my own head and reach out to others. It's been fulfilling to give encouragement without expecting any in return This surgery is not only good for the physical aspect of ourselves, but also the mental and spiritual. Then again, it is what you make it. Have a great week everyone!!
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    See, the great thing about the band is this: if you can do all the right things to lose weight, you're likely going to succeed with the band. Why? Because it takes a while to get to restriction. I lost the majority of my weight while not in the green zone. I worked out, ate well and the weight moved. Like it did every single other time I dieted and exercised. But where I'd lose before, and then either get sick, or get busy, and fall off the 'wagon', with the lapband, falling off the wagon when you have restriction is pretty hard to do. It wasn't until my leak, and having zero restriction, that I've realised how much the band does for me. I am struggling now with hunger and working really hard NOT to gain. I hate how freakin' hard it is. The band made it easy. THAT'S why I have a band. That's why I want to keep my band. That's why I'm getting regular fills again now my leak is fixed. I want my hunger to go away, I want my band to help me maintain my weight without me obsessing about food and hunger like I have been this last few months. Because doing that forever, the obsessing, is not only tedious but is driving me mental. So yes you can lose the weight, but with the band I eat the equivelant of a 5 year old and never feel hungry when I'm in the green zone. That's how little I have to eat to be this thin. I know I personally couldn't do that for the rest of my life without the help of the band.
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    Good for you! I dont think anyone gives a fill to someone who is not eating regular food yet...
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    Question? Liquid Diet?

    There are a lot of different preop diets and many involve real food. The thing is you may be hungry but you arent starving! The better you can stick to what is recommended is the better you can do with the band...I hope no one ever told you it would be easy!
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    Tampa Bay anyone?

    Hi Rae! I live in Clearwater and Dr. Jessee is my surgen as well! I just love her! I was banded on 10/19/11 so this is all new to me! Feel free to drop me a line at anytime!
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    Just wondering...have any of you been banded by Dr. Tiffany Jessee in the Tampa, FL area? My husband and I went to her seminar and were pretty impressed with her. Just curious if anyone has any input on Dr. Jessee and her staff. Your input would be greatly appreciated!! Deb:smile2:

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